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2021-12-08 08:22:29 By : Mr. Scott Chen

Arrested: Thomas J. Goff, 35, 20 Lindsey Ave., Wellsburg, on November 23, prohibiting the possession of firearms and (verbally) assaulting an officer; Jeffrey L. Hutchinson, 61, 401 Front Lee Road, Follansbee, failed Appeared, November 23.

Arrested: Logan K. Field, 33, 21 Hillview Drive, Wellsburg, whose driver’s license was revoked for driving under the influence on November 25; Ciarra D. Majoris, 26, Wellsburg, publicly drunk on November 28.

Violence: A Toronto woman said that on Monday, when they were driving, her boyfriend elbowed her in the mouth and grabbed her hair while she tried to turn off the radio. She said that when they got home, he grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her dog. He left, she escaped through the back door, lest his family see her leaving, and then ran through the woods to a friend's house. The representatives said that the woman was crying and there was a cut on her lips. Although she was afraid that filing a lawsuit would "only make things worse", she finally agreed.

Minors: On Monday, a 17-year-old Mingo Junction youth faced charges of underage drinking, public drunkenness, unruly and underage tobacco possession for allegedly causing problems for family members. His guardian suggested that the teenager "drunk," "arguing about anything" with him, talked about the gang and claimed that he was a member of the gang, and said he let him leave because the other children were in the house. He said that the boy had never actually made any threats to him, but believed that he heard the slide of him operating the gun. The police and representatives of Mingo Junction responded and finally found the young man who came out of the woods. They said he smelled of alcohol, his speech was slurred, his eyes were dull and bloodshot, and they added that when they searched his weapons, he became restless and yelled racial slander and gang slang at the police officers.

Prowler: The caller reported that on Monday, outside the Wheeling-Pittsburgh Old Steel Plant in Yorkville, several people walked around the transformer with flashlights. The representatives did not find anyone in the property, but they stayed there for a while to prevent the intruder from returning.

Reservation: Deanna Marie Cline, 48, 201 Ohio St., Brilliant, failed to show up on Monday.

Guns: On Monday, a shooting occurred in the 1400 block of Maryland Avenue. The officer found a gun and multiple used cartridge cases on Carnegie Street on Maryland Avenue and said that two cars parked in the 1400 block of Maryland Avenue were hit. Casings were also found on the south sidewalk in the 1400 block.

Upset: On Saturday, a funeral was underway, and when the band started preparing for the Christmas parade, the members of the downtown church were upset. Church members and many witnesses insisted that the conflict was entirely verbal, but the band conductor and a student claimed that they were pushed by members of the church.

Discovery: On Saturday, during the parade, an iPhone was found between Fourth Street and Adams Street.

Argument: Two people in the 2000 block of Whitehaven Avenue were arguing over a car on Saturday. After the police arrived, the man decided to let the woman leave with the car and children.

Falling to the ground: On Saturday, a man near the train tracks in the 600th block of North Street told police that he was drunk and unable to stand or walk. According to the police, Jay R. Blair, 59, 414 N. Sixth St., Apt. 4. Was issued a drunken summons and was taken to West Trinity for treatment.

Previous pain: On Monday, a resident of Highland Avenue told the police during a welfare inspection that she believed the caller was her predecessor and that he did so as a form of harassment. She told them that she thought he had also sent someone to smash her two windows.

Question: On Monday, the police received three calls involving a resident of Euclid Avenue and his wife. The man wanted her to leave his property, but she told the police that she lived in the residence and her clothes and personal belongings were still inside. In this case, the officials told them that the complaint was of a civil nature and was not under their control. About 45 minutes later, the man came to the station because of the protection order he said he had obtained in June, but it was not recorded in the municipal police station and could not be found through the ordinary court of appeal. A few hours later, the woman called to tell the police that she was locked out of the house. He said she lives in a separate house he rented from a private owner. The police stated that because their statements were contradictory and the two “continuously quarreled while the police tried to talk to them,” it was impossible to understand the truth. The woman was told that the police could not force him to let her into the residence without knowing whether she actually lived there, and suggested that it was a civil issue.

Annoying: On Sunday, people were knocking from door to door in the 300 block of Scenic Drive. Residents told the police that these people caused interference and left rubbish on the sidewalk.

Reservation: Brittany Petrella, 63 years old, Brenda Circle, Wintersville, possessing drug paraphernalia, a burst tube with chor boy, and an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court on Sunday; Franklin Bonar Jr., 44, 1517 Foster Place , Steubenville, substitute certificate, Sunday; Brittany Little, 31, 323 N. Fork Road, Weirton, obstructing official duties, Monday; Otis Allen, 44, 503 McDowell Ave., Steubenville, criminal trespass, Monday. The police said that Allen violated a lifetime ban by crossing the Kroger parking lot.

Pink slip: On Monday, a vehicle parked in the 900th block of N Fifth Street issued a pink warning ticket. The registration of the vehicle has expired. Officials said that the vehicle had “apparently not been moved for several months”.

Quote: Kwame Ofori, 64 years old, from Columbus, was marked as a lane violation. The police received a report that a vehicle traveling north from Mingo Junction crossed two lanes of National Highway 7, but said the driver passed all on-site sobriety tests and there was no smell of alcohol, and told them that he was not taking drugs; Lacy Lee Dokes, 50, 3339 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, parking sign violation.

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