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Alex Cox of Mount Airy keeps an eye on the clock during the game against South Stokes.

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In this 145-pound game, Mount Airy's Avery Poindexter (above) controlled his opponent.

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Defending 1A state champion Connor Medvar nailed the shoulder of Noah Mitchell of South Stokes to the mat.

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Edwin Agabo of Mount Airy had the upper hand against South Stokes.

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Mount Airy defeated South Stokes 78-6 to start the competition for the Northwest 1A League Championship.

The home game on December 1 is Mount Airy's first duo match of the season. Prior to this, the Granite Bears participated in the Dekota Smith Invitational on November 20 and the Danny Linkler Memorial Invitational on November 27.

The defending Northwest 1A Division Champion Mount Airy passed through the South Stokes team that ranked second in the division last season. The Bears won 13 of 14 games; 12 of the victories came from the fall, and the remaining games were abandoned.

South Stokes' only victory came from Nathan Grogan, who won the NW1A 120-pound conference championship last season.

The results of the complete competition are as follows:

106: Jamie Hearl (MAHS) defeats Gabriel Neugent (SSHS) through the fall

113: Hope Horan (MAHS) defeats Joseph Neugent (SSHS) Fall

120: Jack Martin (MAHS) defeats Jack Sack (SSHS) in the fall

126: Nathan Grogan (SSHS) defeats Brisson George (MAHS) in the fall

132: Alex Cox (MAHS) defeats Isaac Nelson (SSHS) in the fall

138: John Martin (MAHS) defeats Gage Shaffer (SSHS) in the fall

145: Avery Poindexter (MAHS) over Joshua Rice (SSHS) in the fall

152: Franklin Bennett (MAHS) defeats Justin Joyce (SSHS) in the fall

160: Connor Medeva (MAHS) defeats Noah Mitchell (SSHS) in the fall

170: Traven Thompson (MAHS) defeats Austin Evans (SSHS) in the fall

182: Luke Leonard (MAHS) defeats Cohen Jennings (SSHS) in the fall

195: Edwin Agabo (MAHS) Flying over Carson Hall (SSHS) in autumn

220: Saint Lennon (MAHS) flew over Moises Jaramillo (SSHS) in autumn

285: Spencer Baldwin (MAHS) passed confiscation

Mount Airy will return to the duo competition on Friday, December 13. The Bears will host West Wilkes and NW1A member North Stokes.

The rider in the sky on the stage of Mount Airi

Live nativity combined with food drive

Reece McDuffie of Mount Airy recently signed his NCAA National Letter of Intent and will continue his academic and athletic career at Tennessee Tech.

McDuffie signed with the Golden Eagles to participate in a first-level baseball game.

"I feel good," McDuffie said. "I'm excited."

Signing his NLI is the reward of years of hard work.

"It must be a dream," McDuffie said. "It has always been like this, because I have been playing for a while, and my dad and my grandparents really encouraged me to play."

Both his father and uncle played college baseball in Wingate. Instead of following in the footsteps of his family, Reece chose to attend Tennessee Institute of Technology so that he could major in mechanical engineering.

McDuffie thanked his friends, family, teachers and coaches for their support and guidance over the years. Two of his most influential mentors are Kirk Goodson and Danny Shaeffer.

Goodson played first-class baseball for Virginia Tech and coached high school baseball for more than two decades. He currently runs Backward K Academy in King.

"He really helped me develop my pitching skills, which is exactly the purpose of my college," McDuffie said.

Shafer was selected by the Boston Red Sox in the 1981 Major League Baseball Draft. He spent eight seasons in the major leagues and then served as manager or catch coordinator for the Cardinals, Astros and Rays. Shafer

"The baseball knowledge he has is unmatched by anyone else," McDuffie said. "It is very valuable to be able to build a relationship with him and be able to talk about things like college and baseball."

Baseball has always been McDuffie's main focus. He started from the kick-off and continued to improve in the ranks of coaching courts, minor leagues and corps balls. Eventually, he entered high school and became a member of the school Bears during his freshman year. That year, Mount Airy advanced to the third round of the 1A State Playoffs after winning two upset games.

The Bears return next season with lofty goals, including chasing the division championship and entering the playoffs again. Mount Airy started the season with a score of 4-0, the best start in more than a decade. Some players even joked that this is Mount Airy's best team since World War II.

The Bears did not have a chance to support this claim, because this season was postponed due to COVID-19 and was eventually cancelled.

"I really hate that COVID screwed us up that year," McDuffie said. "That was our year."

Mount Airy can make a short schedule for the 2020-21 season. The Bears are a young team with no senior players, but they can grow as a whole and build for the future. McDuffie was appointed to the Northwest 1A All-League team after leading the team to wins in mounds, strikeouts, hits, RBIs and home runs.

"I think this year will be much better, because we will have more team chemistry," McDuffie said. "So we won't belittle players when they make mistakes."

McDuffie said he is looking forward to college, but he still has some things to do before he is ready to retire his Mount Airy jersey.

"Obviously, we have been talking about winning the division championship, which hasn't happened for how long God knows, but we all think we may go deep into the states this year," McDuffie said. "I don't know when we last played the playoffs at home, so this is a huge goal. I think the team we have is very likely.

"I look forward to having fun in this process and hope to win."

Sparta-A few weeks after winning the state championship ring, Mount Airy senior Franklin Bennett won the 100th game of his career, adding another impressive item to his resume Achievement.

Bennett scored his 100th victory at the Danny Link Memorial Invitational.

Bennett competed on a 152-pound bracket and won his 100th victory in the first game of his game. Bennett defeated Thomasville's Erice Torres in 48 seconds, who was a state qualifier in Division 2A last season.

Bennett continued to win 152 brackets in an advantageous manner, and his game did not exceed the first stage. With 8 seconds left in the first quarter of the semifinal, he defeated Alleghany's Koda Blyth by a fall, and then pushed East Wilkes' Dylan Ramage into the championship in 1:06 seconds.

Franklin and Mount Airy participated in the state qualifiers twice, and both reached the podium. As a sophomore for the 2019-20 season, Bennett remained undefeated and won 145 state championships during his first state championship.

In the 2020-21 season, Bennett reached the 145 semi-finals before losing to the final state championship. He also gave up the consolation final and finished fourth.

Bennett is also two Northwest 1A League champions and two regional champions.

Bennett finished with a score of 32-8 in his freshman year, 43-6 in his sophomore year, 22-3 in his junior year, and 6-1 in his senior year.

East Surrey failed on Friday in the process of seeking a fourth Western Conference Championship.

Lost to the No. 1 Shelby Golden Lions 45-13, and the Cardinals' season ended 13-1. East Surrey won the 2A Western Region runner-up in the first season after being promoted from 1A.

Cardinals coach Trent Lowman called the 2021-22 season a crazy journey and a story he will never forget.

"We led 13-0 until we met a team that was likely to win the state championship," Loman said. "As coaches, we know that the third round of this year's 2A playoffs will be where you play against a Tarboro-level team. We played Monroe and no one gave us a chance. We won that game and then played Maiden. She was the first team of MaxPreps and we won that game. Then we met Shelby who was the real No. 1 team. They are another animal. They have always been."

Shelby (14-1) qualified for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Championship for the seventh time in nine years. The Golden Lions hope to win the 18th state championship in school history.

Shelby is one of the most popular people who came out of the 2A West after failing to win in the subdivided 2A playoffs this spring, if not the undisputed favorite. Despite winning consecutive regional championships in the subdivided 1AA playoffs, East Surrey did not appear on the same topic at the beginning of the 2021-22 season.

"We are a young team," Loman said. "You know, our three-year starter, Benji Gosnell, left before the start of the season. All the conversation is about how'East Surry's will find out what real football is in 2A. These guys believe they can interact with anything. People line up and compete together, and this is what they do.

"East Surrey's record in 2021 is 22-3. I lost to Tabolo, Ritzville and Shelby. I will accept it."

The Cardinals have a 48-7 record in the past four seasons. During that time, East Surrey lost only to the team that did not win the state championship that season (when the game was in progress).

"For four years, next week's state final is the only game we haven't participated in," Loman said. "There are not many people who can say that. So yes, I am sad. These people feel defeated tonight, but tears of joy are more important than anything for what they do. Watching these guys grow up for four years , And for them, every possible game in their career is only one game away, which is really amazing.

"These seniors are the group I started here," Loman continued. "Especially Sam (Whit) has been on the varsity team for four years, and Benji will be another. Many people like Trey Armstrong have participated in all state championships with us."

After the first 12 minutes of the game, East Surrey participated in the state championship for the fourth time and did not exceed the possibility. Although both teams appeared in the red zone, the score was still 0-0 when entering the second quarter.

The Cardinals’ offense was introduced to Malaki Hamrick, and Shelby’s four-star edge rusher plunged into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the opening game. Hamrick picked up a sack and forced the East Surrey punt.

The combination of passing and rushing allowed the Golden Lions to rush into the red zone in less than three minutes. Quarterback Daylin Lee led an uncrowded offense into the Cardinals territory, but did not concede the ball, but control of the Lions allowed Shelby to move 14 yards back. Lee completed a big pass on the first fall, but threw an incomplete pass on the second fall. The Eastern Conference's Kyle Zinn won fourth and fourth-place tackles due to a loss, and another stop by the Cardinals turned the ball over.

Armstrong allowed East Surrey's attack to proceed with a speed of 43 yards. When facing the fourth batting, QB Folger Boaz found Armstrong for 18 yards. Cards reached the Golden Lion 18-yard line, but decided to try to score at the fourth and longer positions. Stephen Brantley tried 27 yards and the ball widened to the left.

Shelby found himself in a third and long-term situation the next time he drove. On their own 34-yard line, Lee connects with Demetrius Thompson to get a 20-yard gain. Lee completed 17 of the 23 passes for 182 yards, and Thompson was his favorite goal, with 6 receiving passes for 62 yards.

After the first big pitch, Shelby moved the chain three times in the next three games, reaching the Cardinals 3-yard line at the end of the first quarter. Drew Holyfield inserted a 3-yard run at the beginning of the second quarter to rewrite the score to 7-0.

East Surrey started from the 26-yard line after being penalized on the kick-off return. Shelby forced a turnover, Jaden Pierce steals and scores because the Eastern Conference's nightmare has just begun in the second quarter.

The Cardinals abandoned the kick after the three-pointer was out, and then the Lions made two transitions on the third fall, a touchdown again and the subsequent two-point transition. Another three-pointer out saw the East Punt again, but the kick was tilted and started Shelby on Cardinal 35.

Bricen Kee's sprint allowed Lee to pass a 31-yard touchdown to Luke Williams with 5:28 left in the half. Shelby leads 29-0.

The next three Cardinal drives ended with two interceptions and one punt. The East recorded only two first declines in the second quarter. Shelby added another touchdown and a field goal at halftime to lead 39-0.

"As coaches, we feel that we will either win this game or something bad will happen, which may become very bad," Loman said. "When you play against a team like this, these are the only two options. We did a good job in the first quarter: we stopped them, we moved the ball, and at the end of the quarter it was 0-0. The momentum is in the first quarter. We started rolling in the second game and we never stopped. When you play against such a good team, you better stop it, otherwise it will roll until halftime."

East Surrey tried a side kick at the beginning of the second half but failed to recover. Shelby used a short field to complete the final touchdown at 9:20. A failed PAT left the score at 45-0.

Down, but not out, East Surrey's offense occupied the field. The Cardinals passed the ball in the low post of Shelby Territory, but got the ball back when Leighton Allen provoked Holyfield. The Cardinals moved along the Polly Allen Stadium and boarded the board when the third quarter time expired. It was Brantley who brought an 18-yard pass from Boas. After PAT failed, the score was 45-6.

After Brett Clayton was fired for the fourth time, the Cardinals continued to fight and forced the Golden Lions to play. East passed the ball to 66 yards and scored in Anderson Badgett's 35-yard run. Brantley's PAT finally ended with a score of 45-13.

East Surrey finished Shelby's 393 yards with a total of 323 yards.

Before exiting the game after the opening of the second half, Lee threw all of Shelby's 182 yard passes. The Lions rushed the ball 35 times for 207 yards, led by Bricen Kee's 103 yards. All six touchdowns for the Golden Lions were scored by different players.

Boas completed 26 passes for 182 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. Allen led 105 yards with 9 catches, followed by Armstrong and Colby Johnson, who received twice each for a total of 48 yards, Luke Brown received 11 yards, and Brantley was the only one. One catch is an 18-yard touchdown.

Badgett rushed 6 times, rushed for 55 yards and scored a touchdown. Armstrong passed the ball for 53 yards 8 times, Clayton passed the ball 3 times for 22 yards, Boaz rushed for 5 yards 6 times, Johnson rushed twice for 4 yards, and Zinn passed once for 4 yards.

East Surrey has won at least 13 games for the fifth time in school history. The Cardinals remained unbeaten in the regular season for the third consecutive year and won the Foothills 2A League Championship. The Cardinals scored +27.71 points and recorded 3 outs.

"These guys have performed incredible this year," Loman said. "Whether it’s for a rookie to be a linebacker, Luke Brown – who didn’t play until this year – start with wide receivers throughout the year, or Luke Bowman didn’t start playing until last year, and then he was in the season. Played a huge role in the playoffs.

"I am proud of all these young people. Although this may not be the end of the storybook, it is a cool story and it's really fun to participate in it."

11:56 SHS 7-0 – Drew Hollifield 3 yard TD, Jack Berkowitz PAT

11:35 SHS 14-0-Jaden Pierce fumbles to recover 10 yards for TD, Jack Berkowitz PAT

6:50 SHS 22-0-Adams Marquis 6 yard rushing TD, Adams Marquis 2 points conversion rushing

4:45 SHS 29-0 – Daylin Lee passes to Luke Williams for 31-yard TD reception, Jack Berkowitz PAT

3:44 SHS 36-0 – Bricen Kee 49-yard rushing TD, Jack Berkowitz PAT

0:00 SHS 39-0 – Jack Berkowitz scores a 27-yard field goal

9:20 SHS 45-0 – Tristan Tate 13-yard TD, bad PAT

0:00 ESHS 45-6 – Folger Boaz passes to Stephen Brantley for 18 yards TD catch, bad PAT

7:25 ESHS 45-13 – Anderson Badgett 35-yard TD, Stephen Brantley PAT

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Even after the Lady Knights volleyball season ended, Surrey community freshman Michelle Thao continued to refine her resume.

Michelle Thao graduated from Fred T. Foard High School, has won the honor of the first team in the whole region, and was named the Player of the Year in the Western Division of District 10 and the Player of the Year in District 10.

On December 1, Thao received her highest honor to date, when she was awarded the National Honor Award by the National Junior College Athletic Association. Surry Community participates in NJCAA's second division competition.

"This is a great achievement for Michelle," Surrey volleyball coach Kyler Geely said. "This is another award to further prove how great her freshman season was in helping our team succeed. There are many great players in the country, so she was named one of the top players in the country, and it’s for her. The true proof of the level."

Thao won the second place in District 10 with 344 kills and also won the second place with 3.74 kills in each group. She ranked seventh in the region with an average field goal percentage of 0.292, fourth with 370 kick-offs, and fifth with 4.02 kick-offs per group. Thao also ranked second with a total score of 4.4 points per set, and ranked 11th with a 42-point serve ace.

At the end of the season, she ranked 24th in NJCAA II volleyball with 3.74 kills per set and 28th with 4.4 points per set.

Thao helped lead Lady Knights to the 10th District Western Conference Championship with a total record of 25-4. For most of this season, Surrey ranked first in the NJCAA national opinion survey.

Thao was also named the best offensive player of the NJCAA Level 2 Volleyball Week from September 20th to 26th.

Ai Lishan defeated the Surrey Central Team 64-55 on November 30, maintaining an 8-year winning streak.

The Bears and the Golden Eagles alternated in a non-conference showdown on Tuesday to swing momentum. The lead only changed hands twice, but each of the first three quarters equalized at least once. When the two teams entered the fourth quarter, there was only a three-point difference. The only double-digit lead appeared in the fourth quarter and lasted only 15 seconds.

Defending the Northwest Territories 1A Player of the Year Brooks Sidesmore led all scorers with 23 points, 21 of which came from the first three quarters. This is the highest scoring performance since Seizmore scored 26 points in the Frank Spencer Classic against North Surrey in 2019.

Under the leadership of young core players, Surry Central completed the school's first season with a 6-6 record last season, and at least 0.500 since the 2011-12 season. The 2012-13 season was also the last time the Eagles beat the Bears. when. Mount Airy has now won the last 15 games against Surry Central.

The Golden Eagles (1-1) saw a full contribution, with 10 of the 15 players on the roster scoring at least 2 points. Adam Hege led with 11 points, Dakota Mills, Josh Pardue and Jacob Mitchell each had 8 points.

The Bears performed as if they had just participated in the 2020-21 1A Western Conference Finals the day before. With an assist from Zeb Stroup, Seizmore made the first of four three-pointers, and then Tyler Mason added another three-pointer. Despite the lack of some key contributors to the regional Asian army last season, Mount Airy was able to set the tone with its iconic defense.

Josh Pardue's four free throws were the only goal scored by the central team in the first 6 minutes and 27 seconds. Before Avery Wilmos scored the Eagles' first field goal, the score was 12-4. The Bears' Caleb Reid scored to extend the lead to 8 points, but then Hege made a three-pointer to tie the score to 5 at the end of the quarter.

Ayden Wilmoth (Ayden Wilmoth) made a three-pointer in just 11 seconds after an intermission. Haig made two free throws to tie the score to 14. The center missed a free throw, and Mount Airy took a 19-16 lead.

The Bears got into foul trouble in the first half, committing their 10th team foul with 5:19 remaining in the game. The foul allowed Tripp McMillan to go to the free throw line and hit 2 points. After the defense stopped, Mills made a three-pointer to give the center a 21-19 lead, and then Mitchell's elbow jumper extended the lead to four points.

In the last four minutes of the half, Mount Airy paused and beat Surry Central 14-4. The Eagles get double bonuses, but they are difficult to use. He made 14 of 28 free throws from the center.

Four different Eagles started the second half with a score of 9-3, tying the score to 36 points. In another momentum shift, Mount Airy followed closely, with the scores of Sizemore, Mason, Devyn Joyce and Mario, tied the carnival with a score of 8-0. After Hege hit a three-pointer at the buzzer, the center narrowed the gap to three-pointers at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

After a running back and forth game, Ai Lishan only allowed the central team to score more than two points without a single revenge. Central scored only 12 points in the fourth quarter.

The Eagles’ mistakes were costly for the Eagles, as the Bears trailed Mason by 7 points in the fourth quarter with a 59-48 lead. Mason made two free throws in 3 minutes and 48 seconds, leading by more than 9 points for the first time.

15 seconds later, when Brady Edmonds scored inside, the double-digit gap disappeared. Mills made two free throws with 2:39 left in the game, and then Padu made an easy layup with 1:35 remaining in the game, rewriting the score to 59-53. This is as close to a comeback as the Bears made a free throw to maintain a 9-point victory.

These teams do not have to wait for the rematch. The Bears will travel to Dobson on December 7 for the second round of Central Mountain Airy.

After Tuesday's victory, Mount Airy defeated 4A Ronald Reagan in a 56-53 reversal with a score of 2-0.

SCHS: Adam Hege 11, Dakota Mills 8, Josh Pardue 8, Jacob Mitchell 8, Ayden Wilmoth 5, Avery Wilmoth 5, Tripp McMillen 4, Kade Norman 2, Christian Robinson 2, Brady Edmonds 2

MAHS: Brooks Sizemore 23, Tyler Mason 16, Caleb Reid 9, Devyn Joyce 6, Zeb Stroup 4, Mario Revels 3, Carson Hill 2, Reece Deaton 1

The basketball season has only just passed a few weeks, but the Surrey Central team only provided a strong reason for this year's comeback in the second game.

Central beat Mount Airy 16-2 in the fourth quarter and won Tuesday's game 45-39. The Hawks' comeback victory was only their third away victory over the Granite Bears since 2015.

After leading six times in the first quarter, Mount Airy led 12-11 until the 2:03 mark of the fourth quarter. The sharp Bears made 3 of 5 three-pointers in the first quarter. Sophia Stafford scored 2 points and Eddie Phipps scored 1 point. Meanwhile, the Hawks only attempted one three-pointer in the first half.

After falling 9-11, Phipps gave the Bears the lead with a score of 1 and 1, which triggered a 13-0 game for the Bears. Morgan Mayfield found Alisha Crabaugh in the baseline cut, and then Phips knocked down a three-pointer with Graymore's assist, ending the first quarter. At the beginning of the second quarter, Moore hit his own three-pointer, and Mayfield made a steal and layup with 6:17 left in the half to extend the lead to 22-11.

Mount Airy faced foul troubles for most of the first half and lost a single healthy forward. The center realized this and started attacking the basket in most possessions. Although the Hawks did not make a field goal throughout the second quarter, the team did get 10 free throws.

Ashley Santamaria shot 5 of 6 from the free throw line in this section, while Arial Holt and Jaylyn Templeton each shot 1 of. The lead was cut to 22-18 before the Bears ended halftime with four consecutive victories.

The Granite Bears extended their lead to 33-18 after the start of back-to-back shots in the second half. Mayfield scored on the offensive rebound, Phips hit her second three-pointer in the game, then stole the subsequent inbound ball and scored two more points.

Mia McMillan came out of the Hawks timeout and made 1 of 2 free throws. Phipps scored in the low post to counterattack, but due to McMillan's three-pointers and two free throws and Santa Maria's free throws, the central team counterattacked with a score of 6-0.

Phipps made a layup with 2:33 left in the third quarter, which was Mount Airy's last field goal of the game. The Bears had eight team fouls at the end of the third quarter, and Phips, Moore and Kelly Hollingsworth each had three fouls. The Bears had to play cautiously, with only eight players available.

The Bears led 37-25 with 2:33 remaining in the third quarter, but led 20-2 with 10:33 remaining. The center can come back by defending takeout and scoring at the other end.

After 8 points at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Central's Santamaria steals and passes to Arial Holt near the midfield. Then Holt finds McMillen at the basket and scores two points easily. Templeton stole the ball before returning to the timeline, then passed it to Santa Maria and made a three-pointer. With 4:36 left in the game, Frosto made a mistake and narrowed his lead to 37-36.

When Moore hit 2 points from the free throw line in 4 minutes and 15 seconds, Mount Airy scored only two points this quarter. The Eagles finally took the lead after scoring back-to-back offensive rebounds.

The Bears tried to pass the ball to the inside with a score of 40-39, but the Eagles did not allow it. The center forced errors and slowed down the game to reduce time. Mount Airy eventually forced a midfielder to play in less than a minute, but failed to make a shot. With 32 seconds left in the game, Macmillan's steal led to Templeton's score.

The Bears tried to tie the score with a three-pointer without a mark. Holt was fouled with 16.1 seconds left and made 1 of 2 shots, making the game two points. Mount Airy's Crabaugh rebounded for the second free throw and passed the ball to Mayfield, but McMillan again steals and scores a layup to seal the victory 45-39.

Surry Central won 2-0 and will host Alleghany (0-2) on December 3rd.

Losing to the Hawks was Mount Airy's season opener. The next night, the Lady Bears lost a close battle 51-48 on their way to 4A Reagan, and finally fell behind 0-2.

Mount Airy's next match is scheduled for a rematch against Surry Central on December 7.

SCHS: Mia McMillen 21, Ashley Santamaria 9, Arial Holt 6, Jaylyn Templeton 5, Brittany Frausto 4

MAHS: Addie Phipps 19, Morgan Mayfield 7, Sofia Stafford 6, Grey Moore 3, Alissa Clabo 2

Surry Central hosted a foursome on November 23 and hosted the wrestling season for the other three schools.

The Hawks ushered in East Surrey, Elgin and West Davidson to participate in the night of the round robin game. The results involving Surry Central and East Surry are as follows:

Surrey Central Definition. East Surrey 57-22

106: Xavier Salazar (SC) vs. Reid Lynch (ES) (Fall 2:25)

113: Aiden Norman (SC) passed confiscation

120: Landon Pack (SC) vs. Jordan Dezarn (ES) (Autumn 0:32)

126: Chad Chilton (ES) defeats Adrian Garcia (SC) (MD 13-5)

132: Alex Kington (SC) vs. Eirion Moore (ES) (Fall 1:49)

138: Sterling Moore (ES) vs. Miguel Gonzalez (SC) (Fall 1:22)

145: Jacob Price (SC) defeats Troy Haywood (ES) (0:34 in the fall)

152: Jeremiah Price (SC) vs. Charlie Cummings (ES) (Autumn 0:41)

160: Spencer Leclair (SC) over Corbin East (ES) (Autumn 1:37)

170: Karson Crouse (SC) over Braden Snow (ES) (Fall 3:01)

182: Corbin East (ES) vs. Cole Butcher (SC) (Fall 3:27)

195: Corby Cruz (SC) defeated Domenico Coppola (ES) (December 3-2)

220: Enoch Lopez (SC) passed confiscation

285: Kevin Blakeney (ES) defeats Ryan Monroe (SC) (0:56 in the fall)

Surrey Central Definition. Elgin 64-18

106: Xavier Salazar (SC) passed confiscation

113: Aiden Norman (SC) passed confiscation

120: Langdon Bag (SC) vs. David Rojas (Elgin) (Fall 1:45)

126: Manuel Salas (Elgin) defeats Adrian Garcia (South Carolina) (Fall 4:53)

132: Alex Kington (SC) vs. Jack Wright (Elgin) (Fall 2:26)

138: Alejandro Lopez (Elgin) defeats Miguel Gonzalez (SC) (Fall 4:27)

145: Jacob Price (SC) vs. Ethan Van Horn (Elgin) (Fall 1:18)

152: Jeremiah Price (SC) defeats Connor Rigel (Elgin) (TF 17-0)

160: Spencer Leclerc (SC) passed confiscation

170: Carson Klaus (SC) defeats Adrian Rodriguez (Elgin) (TF 19-4)

182: Cole Butcher (SC) defeats James Steele (Elgin) (Fall 1:44)

195: Colby Cruise (SC) vs. Jaden Martin (Elgin) (Fall 1:06)

220: Enoch Lopez (SC) defeats Owen Reid (Elgin) (0:43 in the fall)

285: William Santos (Elgin) defeats Ryan Monroe (South Carolina) (Fall)

East Surrey def. West Davidson 45-30

106: Reid Lynch (SC) passed confiscation

113: Abraham Taha (WD) passed confiscation

120: Knari Bailey (WD) vs. Jordan Dezarn (ES) (Autumn 0:19)

126: Chad Chilton (ES) vs. Alex Hamm (WD) (Fall 1:39)

132: Eirion Moore (ES) vs. Dennis Marble (WD) (0:12 in the fall)

138: Avery Hodgson (WD) Sterling Moore (ES) (Fall 2:46)

145: Troy Haywood (ES) vs. Grayson Potts (WD) (December 13-10)

152: Grant Gayton (WD) defeats Charlie Cummings (ES) (Fall 3:52)

160: Corbin East (ES) passed confiscation

170: Braden Snow (ES) vs. Isaac Moore (WD) (0:28 in the fall)

182: Lucas East (ES) passed confiscation

195: Domenico Coppola (ES) beat Lorenzo Pena (WD) (Fall 1:26)

285: Kaiidem Dunbar (WD) vs. Charlie Summers (ES) (Fall 5:11)

Surrey Central Definition. West Davidson 66-16

106: Xavier Salazar (SC) passed confiscation

113: Abraham Taha (WD) defeats Aiden Norman (SC) (MD 9-1)

120: Landon Pack (SC) defeats Knari Bailey (WD) (Fall 2:48)

126: Adrian Garcia (SC) vs. Alex Hamm (WD) (Fall 1:48)

132: Alex Kington (SC) vs. Dennis Marble (WD) (0:27 in the fall)

138: Avery Hodgson (WD) vs. Miguel Gonzalez (SC) (Fall 1:00)

145: Jacob Price (SC) defeats Grant Gayton (WD) (0:36 in the fall)

152: Jeremiah Price (SC) passed confiscation

160: Spencer Leclerc (SC) passed confiscation

170: Karson Crouse (SC) vs. Isaac Moore (WD) (Fall 2:24)

182: Cole Butcher (SC) passed confiscation

195: Enoch Lopez (SC) vs. Lorenzo Pena (WD) (Autumn 0:29)

220: Ryan Monroe (SC) passed confiscation

285: Cade Dunbar (WD) passed confiscation

Elgin definition. East Surrey 42-33

106: Reid Lynch (ES) passed confiscation

120 David Rojas (Elgin) vs. Jordan Dezan (ES) (Fall 1:47)

126: Manuel Salas (Elgin) vs. Chad Chilton (ES) (Fall 0:49)

132: Eirion Moore (ES) vs. Jake Wright (Elkin) (Fall 1:11)

138: Alejandro Lopez (Elgin) defeats Sterling Moore (ES) (Fall 3:05)

145: Ethan Van Horn (Elgin) defeats Troy Haywood (ES) (Fall 2:42)

152: Connor Rigel (Elgin) defeats Charlie Cummings (ES) (Fall 3:25)

160: Corbin East (ES) passed confiscation

170: Adrian Rodriguez (Elkin) over Braden Snow (ES) (Fall 1:55)

182: Lucas East (ES) vs. James Steele (Elgin) (Fall 2:47)

195: Domenico Coppola (ES) defeats Jaden Martin (Elgin) (Fall 1:29)

220: Elkin passes confiscation

285: Kevin Blakeney (ES) defeats William Santos (Elgin) (December 6-4)

East Surry and Shelby are two regulars in the regional finals, and they will compete for the first time this week.

The Cardinals won the 1AA Western Conference Championships in 2018, 2019 and the spring of 2021. The Golden Lions have reached the 2A/2AA Western Regional Finals in eight of the past nine seasons-including seven consecutive appearances from 2013-2019-and won in 2013-2016, 2018 and 2019.

Shelby is an unprecedentedly great project, not just in North Carolina. Before the 2021-22 season, "Football Friday Night" reported that Shelby's 828 victories ranked 14th among all high schools in the country. Only two other schools in North Carolina have achieved 700 victories, namely Reidsville and Mount Airy.

The Cardinals prepared for them in the game against the No. 1 seed in the 2A West. South Piedmont 1A/2A league champion Shelby has won the past 27 home playoff games, and the most recent one ended a 32-game winning streak of three-time defending 2A state champion Reedsville. In other words, East Surrey has broken some legendary winning streaks in the past few seasons.

The only team to beat Shelby this season is South Pointe of South Carolina. It is the fifth-ranked team in Palm State and entered the AAAA state championship.

The winners of Shelby-East Surry will face the winners of the Eastern Conference Finals. They will be ranked first in Princeton (13-0) and 10th Wallace-Rose Hill (12) in the 2A State Championship. -2) Start a contest between.

Record: 13-0 overall, 6-0 FH2A conference (champion)

Key regular season victory: 56-22 @ North Surry, 40-14 @ Forbush, 47-0 against Surry Central

Victory over 0.500 teams: 7

Playoff score: 30-6 against No. 31 Newton-Conover, 37-20 against No. 15 Forbush, 10-9 against No. 7 Monroe, 36-35 against No. 3 girl

Record: 13-1 overall, 6-0 SPAC meeting (champion)

Key regular season victory: 37-14 @ Kings Mountain, 38-28 against Crest, 16-14 against Burns

Key loss: 51-37 against South Pointe (SC)

Winning teams over 0.500: 9

Playoff scores: 55-3 against No. 32 Irving, 42-20 against No. 17 Polk County, 64-15 against No. 24 East Gaston, 31-14 against No. 4 Reidzville

QB Folger Boaz (JR) – 3,293 yard passes, 212-of-298 completed, 0.711 completion percentage, 28 pass touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 141 passes, 6.8 yards per pass, 23 rushes Touchdowns, 4,247 yards total

RB Trey Armstrong (SR)-134 passes for 789 yards, 60.7 YPG rushes, 5.9 yards per pass, 15 rushes TD, 45 receptions for 646 yards, 7 receptions TD, total yards 1,435

WR Layton Allen (SR)-74 catches for 1,189 yards, 91.5 YPG catches, 16.1 yards per catch, 12 catches TD

WR Luke Brown (JR) – 23 catches for 541 yards, 45.1 YPG catches, 23.5 yards per catch, 4 TD catches

WR Colby Johnson (JR)-34 catches for 405 yards, 33.8 YPG catches, 11.9 yards per catch, 2 catches TD, 7 catches for 46 yards, 1 rush TD

QB Daylin Lee (JR) – 3,203 yard passes, 181-of-283, 0.640 completion percentage, 39 pass touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 71 rushes for 39 yards, 2 dash touchdowns

RB Jalon Petty (SR) – 111 passes for 701 yards, 53.9 YPG rushes, 6.3 yards per pass, 9 rushes TD, 6 catches for 74 yards

RB Bricen Kee (SOPH)-96 rushes for 626 yards, 44.7 YPG rushes, 6.3 yards per rush, 9 rushes for TD

WR Izay Bridges (SOPH)-57 catches for 1,044 yards, 74.6 YPG catches, 18.3 yards per catch, 12 catches TD

WR Jakeith Hamilton (JR)-41 catches for 823 yards, 63.3 YPG catches, 20.1 yards per catch, 10 TDs

WR Demetrius Thompson (SR) – 45 catches for 577 yards, 41.2 YPG catches, 12.8 yards per catch, 9 catches TD

WR Luke Williams (SR) – 32 catches for 597 yards, 42.6 YPG catches, 18.7 yards per catch, 8 catches TD

Average lost interest rate: 7.7

TD turnovers: 4

Number of interceptions returned for TD: 0

DE Brett Clayton (JR)-110 single tackles, 146 total tackles, 11.2 tackles per game, 23.0 tackles lost, 9.0 sacks, 5 QB fast breaks, 1 flat ball block , 1 turnover, 1 pass to defend

DE Joseph Grezmak (SR)-52 single tackles, 74 total tackles, 6.2 tackles per game, 14.0 lost tackles, 4.0 sacks, 1 QB fast break, 4 recovery from turnovers, 2 turnovers are TD recovery, 1 punt block, 1 fumble, 1 pass to defend

LB Joshua Parker (JR) – 66 single steals, 83 total steals, 6.4 steals per game, 9.0 steals failed, 1.0 sacks, 2 turnovers, 1 pass defense

LB Hatcher Hamm (FR)-69 single tackles, 86 total tackles, 7.2 tackles per game, 9.0 lost tackles, 2.0 sacks, 1 turnover, 1 interception

SS Kyle Zinn (JR)-78 single tackles, 91 total tackles, 13.0 TFL, 1.0 sacks, 1 QB fast break, 3 interceptions, 2 passes to defend

CB Luke Bowman (SR) – 5 interceptions, 75 yard interceptions, 2 passes to defend, 1 error to return TD, 1 error, 2 blocked shots, 29 solo tackles, 34 total Tackles, 4 tackles failed

Average lost interest rate: 11.1

QB Hurry up every game: Not applicable

TD turnovers: 2

Intercepts returned for TD: 4

LB Malaki Hamrick (SR)-60 single tackles, 111 total tackles, 8.5 tackles per game, 35.0 tackles lost, 16.5 sacks, 104 sacks, 2 turnovers

DL Santana Hopper (SR)-32 single tackles, 69 total tackles, 6.3 tackles per game, 32.0 tackles lost, 12.0 sacks, 76 sack yards, 3 kicks blocked , 1 turnover, 1 recovery from mistake, 1 pass to defend

LB Samuel Baldree (SR)-28 single steals, 75 total steals, 5.4 steals per game, 4.0 steals failed, 0.5 sacks, 2 turnovers, 2 pass defenses, 1 interception

DL Demario Allen (SR)-12 single tackles, 35 total tackles, 2.7 tackles per game, 17.0 tackles lost, 7.5 sacks, 34 sacks lost, 4 missed pursuits Back, 2 mistakes and return TD, 1 mistake, 1 punt

CB Nathan Hopper (SR)-4 interceptions, 1 interception to pass back TD, 2 pass defenses, 1 shot interception, 19 single tackles, 44 total tackles, 3.0 tackles lost, 1.0 Sack

DB Camden McGill (SOPH)* – 4 interceptions, 3 interceptions for TD, 2 pass defenses, 9 solo tackles, 15 total tackles

Stephen Brantley (JR)-70 PAT 58 times, 8 field goal attempts 4 times, 30 kickoffs for 1,773 yards and 7 return strokes, 13 kicks for 538 yards

Trey Armstrong (SR) – 1 TD return, 310 yards return

Kyle Zinn (JR) – 2 kick-offs to return to TD with 177 back yards

Luke Bowman (SR) – 157 return codes

Jack Berkowitz (JR)-86 PATs, 80 shots, 7 field goal percentages, 21 shots for 646 yards, 106 kick-offs, 5,535 yards, 15 return shots

Izay Bridges (SOPH) – TD 3 kick-offs with 416 yards

Marquis of Adams (SR)-1 punt return to TD, 390 yards return

The North Surrey and East Surrey swimming teams faced off on Monday, the second meeting between schools in the past two weeks.

When the two teams met for the first time at Amfield Civic Center on November 17, the boys and girls in East Surrey defeated the teams from North Surrey and Forbush. The Cardinals Boys team also won Monday's game, but this time the women's game went to Lady Greyhounds.

Monday's meeting was hosted by North Surrey at the Reeves Community Center. In the senior night competition held on Monday, the Greyhounds honored six senior student athletes: Kalei Mauldin, Matthew Holder, Alexander Kaufhold, Alec Singleton, Cassidy Hull and Marissa Casstevens.

In individual competitions, the swimmers scored 14 points for first place, 11 points for second place, 10 points for third place, 9 points for fourth place, 8 points for fifth place, 6 points for seventh place and 4 points for eighth place. For the relay team, these amounts have doubled.

Lady Greyhounds gave swimmers first place in 7 out of 11 games. Cassidy Hull, Baley Hawks and Kara Bryant all won three first places. All three girls participated in the 400-yard freestyle relay with teammate Kalei Mauldin. Then, Cassidy Hull, the Eagles and Kobe each won two individual events.

Cassidy Hull won the 200 freestyle championship with 2:15.50 and the 500 freestyle championship with 6:18.54. The Eagles won 50 freestyles in 33.70 seconds, led East Surry's Riley Yard by 0.03 seconds, and won 100 freestyles with a time of 1:18.41. Bryant defeated Abigail Carlo in the East with 2:27.69 in a 200-person medley, and then defeated Cardinal Claire Hull with 1:03.25 to win 100 butterflies.

East Surrey's 200 medley relay team consisting of Carlo, Yard, Hayley Joyce and Claire Hull defeated North's Bryant, Eagles and Gwen in 2:16.82 by more than 3 seconds. Bode and Cassidy Hull, won Lady Cards' first victory

Yard teamed up with Kamryn Talton, Elise Marion and Savannah Raths to win her second victory of the day, winning 200 freestyle relays with a score of 2:20.37.

Joyce and Claire Hull had two individual victories for Lady Cards. Joyce won 100 backstrokes with 1:10.49 and Hull won 100 breaststrokes with 1:20.14.

The boys in East Surrey won first place in 6 of 11 games. North Surry led in four games and Wilkes Central won one. The only victory for the Wilkes Central team was David Olsen's 200m freestyle, which ended with 2:19.00.

Andrew Needham has won first place four times in East Surry. On the individual side, Needham won 200 individual medleys with a score of 2:38.28 and 100 places with a score of 1:00.31.

Needham is a member of two East Surrey relay teams who brought home the gold medal. The first is the 200 medley relay of Derek Freeman, Colby Goens and Will Legg. Cards won the game with 2:05.44, less than 3 seconds faster than North Surry's relay team.

The second relay team consists of Needham, Goins, Van Kipi and Jonathan Parker. The team won 200 free relays with a score of 1:50.49.

Goins added two individual victories: the first is the 500 freestyle time of 5:54.63, and the second is the 100 breaststroke time of 1:12.62.

On Monday, Jackson Graves of North Surry won two of Hounds' three individual victories. The sophomore won 100 backstrokes with a time of 1:08.59 and 50 freestyles with a time of 27.40.

Another personal victory came from Alec Singleton in 100 freestyles. Singleton's time of 59.82 is the only time that is less than a minute. North Surrey actually occupies 1-5 positions out of 100 free.

In the end, the 400 free relay team composed of Matthew Holder, Alexander Kaufhold, Connor Molding and Jordan Inman won with a time of 4:34.36.

You can find the complete satisfaction result on

Bella Aparicio of North Surry will continue her academic and athletic career at Queen Charlotte University.

The Greyhound senior recently signed her NCAA National Letter of Intent and will play softball for the Royals.

"I'm really excited because my softball career can go further," Aparicio said. "I like softball; if I can, I will play it every day. I am really happy to go to a great school and be surrounded by softball for the next four years."

Queens participates in the NCAA second-level league and is a member of the South Atlantic League. Bella said that in the early days of her recruitment process, Queens had a lot of attraction to her, which led her to devote herself to this school in the fall of her junior year.

One of the main aspects is the college softball coach.

"She's just a ball of light, I love her," Aparicio said of Queens coach Stacy Schram.

Aparicio has been in sports all his life, but didn't start playing softball until he was 13 years old. Before starting softball in middle school, she played football and swimming.

"I was terrible at the beginning," she said. "My father and I go to work in the field every day because everything I want to be is good. I just didn't stop, I came here. This is just a trip."

Aparicio said that her entire family is very supportive of her dreams and goals. Her father Rick made sure she remembered to thank him, especially.

In addition to her family, Bella also mentioned that North Surrey coach Beth Hodges has made a huge contribution to her success.

"She really gave me a college level mentality. If I really want to be at that level, I can reach that level," Aparicio said. "So, she really just gave me motivation, she always made me full of confidence in myself, and she never gave up on me. I really admire her."

When Aparisio was a freshman, Hodges became the head coach of the University of North Surrey. Bella played part of the season in JV before being called up to the school team. Bella continued to be the starting midfielder for the Greyhounds that year. Hodges said that Aparicio is critical to North Surrey's advancement at the end of the 2019 season.

Aparicio returned as a starter in 2020, but only lasted four games this season, and was subsequently shelved and eventually cancelled due to COVID-19.

Bella was able to shine in his junior year and was even named the 2A offensive player of the year in Western Piedmont. In 13 games, Aparicio led North Surrey with 19 hits (including 15 singles, 3 doubles and a home run), and scored a team-high 16 hits with an on-base percentage of 0.578. The critical strike rate is 0.658.

"Beth Hodges gave me many opportunities to shine and become the best person I could be," Aparicio said.

Aparicio said that she looks forward to achieving good results with her team, and said that it was also cool to win the Player of the Year in her final season of high school.

"I am lucky to be surrounded by a very good softball environment because it is very important," she said. "Especially building relationships with people on softball fields. I and everyone I play with in North Surrey are best friends. It's always fun."

Bella is the second North Surrey softball senior to sign NLI this school year. She joined teammate Marissa Castevens, who signed with Milligan University in October.

In addition to his success in softball, Aparicio has also won full conference honors in three other sports: golf, indoor track and field and outdoor track and field.

Aviator Hill-North Carolina State University is not the only football team to make an incredible turnaround on Friday night.

East Surrey had two touchdowns in the final 7 minutes and 25 seconds of the game and secured the victory with a late interception, thus overcoming a 14-point lagging behind Maiden. The comeback in the fourth quarter allowed the Cardinals to win 36-35 in the fourth round of the 2A State Playoffs, which allowed East Surrey to return to the Final Four for the fourth consecutive year.

"I told them this might be the best victory I have ever participated in," East Surrey coach Trent Lowman said.

The fourth-year cardinal coach said that the victory over Maiden was as important as East Surrey's defeat of Tabolo in the 2019 1AA State Championship and the away defeat of the defending 2A State Champion Reedsville.

"But how do you rank these three," he said.

Despite being the No. 2 seed in Western Division 2A, East Surrey was rated as a 6-point inferior by Simmons Ratings against Maiden. The Cardinals (13-0) were also selected to lose the third round against Monroe, but they also won the game by one point.

Loman said that the Cardinals never thought that their season would end in November.

"These kids, I tell you, they believe they can beat anyone in front of far they have done it," Loman said. "A few of us have participated in two or three rugby state championship games, and some have participated in the baseball state championship games. They have been there and will come back at all costs. Then we have others who don’t have much championship experience, they are very dedicated For the team they will be working on."

"Their trust in each other and the support for us as a coaching staff is something I have never seen before. This is a true testament to the great work done by this community and their parents."

East Surrey continued his excellent defensive performance against the Blue Devils (13-1) by forcing four turnovers. In the first 13 games of the Devils, virgin quarterback Ben Gibbs made only 4 interceptions, but was intercepted 3 times by East Surrey: Luke Bowman twice and Folge Boas once.

Bowman also blocked a PAT and forced him to recover and return for a 48-yard touchdown. East Surrey has now been intercepted at least once in every of the past eight games and has made multiple turnovers in 8 of the 13 games this season.

After the Cardinals lost most of their defensive starters last season, Loman praised defensive coordinator Randy Marion and all defensive coaches for their work this year.

"Our defensive players didn't get the honor they really deserve," Loman said. "Defensive success comes from the development of the players and the preparation of the coaches to prepare the players to play. Coach Marion is the best coach I have ever seen. He gave many players experience in the game at the beginning of the season, so they have Confidence will play and make a difference later this year."

Kyle Zinn leads East Surrey with 15 total steals, including 1.0. Brett Clayton added 10 tackles, followed by Hatcher Hamm with 9, Joseph Grezmak with 7 and Kole Pruitt with 6.

The Cardinal's offense ended with a total of 352 yards and only turned the ball once. Boas completed 17 of the 24 passes, passed all 210 yards in the East, and also passed the team's only touchdown pass to Trey Armstrong. Boas also dribbled the ball 25 times, completing 105 yards and two touchdowns.

Armstrong is the only player other than Boaz to get positive rushing yards. The senior charged 11 times for 40 yards and scored touchdowns. Armstrong is also the leading receiver, with 7 catches, 67 times and 1 TD. Leighton Allen received 5 times for 57 yards, Luke Brown 1 time for 35 yards, Stephen Brantley received 3 times for 33 yards, and Colby Johnson received 18 yards.

The Cardinals received the opening ball and quickly added points on the board. When the card traveled 83 yards at 3:04, Dong rushed 5 times and passed 3 times. Boas scored a touchdown and Brantley hit the first of his four PATs to give the East a 7-0 lead.

The girl’s fatal passing offense remained below 180 yards for the sixth time this season, as QB Ethan Rhodes completed 178 yards in 9 of 19 completions. Rhode only maintained single-digit finishes for the fourth time this season, but the Devils did manage to extend their record of consecutive passing touchdowns. Rhodes found Alec Hall for a 32-yard TD catch just 92 seconds after the East touchdown.

The Cardinals played in their next offense, but got the ball back in Bowman's first interception. This directly led to Boas's second rushing touchdown late in the first quarter.

East Surrey kept the lead until Rhodes rushed with a 1-yard TD with 3:46 left in the second quarter. The penalty against East Surrey brought Maiden closer to the goal line, so Rhodes pulled the score to 15-14.

Two minutes later, Ben Gibbs sprinted 30 times, sprinted for 150 yards, and scored the first of two rushing touchdowns. PAT was stopped by Bowman and chased the score 21-14. This is East Surrey's first halftime turnover of the season.

When Maiden scored to open the second half, the home team's situation got worse. The Cardinals charged towards the Blue Devils 33, but dropped the ball to the ground.

Bowman took off a virgin receiver and sent the turnover 48 yards back to the end zone to help the Cardinals get back on track. The card kicked off to the Blue Devils, but Bowman again picked Rod. Rhodes has a completion percentage of 0.474 in 9 of 19 passes. Before Friday's game, Rhodes had been intercepted multiple times in only two of the three seasons.

East Surrey had a chance to tie the score, but turned the ball over with 2:24 left in the third quarter. Before Rhodes threw his second pass for a touchdown, the girl held the ball for close to five minutes of play.

East Surrey desperately needs to add points on the board for the next drive. The card team entered the Blue Devils territory, but faced the 4th and 9th with the 39th ball. Boas connected with Brown for 35 yards. Boas scored his second rushing touchdown after two games.

Cards initially tried to kick PAT a point, but a flag called Maiden moved eastward and changed the game plan. Boas inserted a 2-point conversion to make it a 35-29 game.

The Blue Devils seemed to have run out of time, but after only 10 yards, they had to return to the East with 3:49 left. The cards alternated between running and passing, and it took only five times to reach the red zone. Boas ran for 7 yards in the first and goal of the 10th hole, then Armstrong rushed to complete the tie-in touchdown. Brantley locked PAT and gave the Eastern Conference a lead for the first time since the second quarter.

Maiden had 2 minutes and 10 seconds left, was 7 points behind and started with 20 points of his own. Rhodes stepped back to pass the ball and was picked by Boaz in the first game. Starting from the 45-yard line of the Blue Devils, the moving chain was just enough to exhaust Maiden's remaining timeout. The Cardinals entered the winning formation to run out of time and advance to the 2A Western Regional Championship.

"One of my opponents in life is a virgin," said Loman, who coached and played football at Bandis High School. "That was one of the best virgin teams I have ever seen. They are well-trained. They have several coaches. They are high school level head coaches or coaches in Power 5 schools."

East Surrey now holds the Surrey County record of single-season playoff wins in Division 2A since 1972, which can be traced back to the availability of brackets for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. Mount Airy was the only other county team to reach the 2A regional finals, winning three playoff games in 1987.

East Surrey must now walk into the lions den at Shelby High School. Shelby (13-1) was the No. 1 team in the Western Conference 2A, defeating Retzville 31-14 in the fourth round.

"Not many people enter Shelby and win, but we have a team, and like I said, they believe they can beat anyone," Loman said. "We have an attitude; we just need to execute our game plan and are willing to adjust when the situation requires. I think we have done a very good job in this regard, especially in the playoffs."

The Western Region Championships will be held at Shelby High School on Friday, December 3.

8:56 ESHS 7-0 – Folger Boaz passes to Trey Armstrong for a 16-yard TD catch, Stephen Brantley PAT

7:24 MHS 7-7 – Ethan Rhodes passes to Alec Hall 32 yards TD reception, Carson Foard PAT

1:04 ESHS 14-7 – Folger Boaz 1 yard TD, Stephen Brantley PAT

3:46 MHS 14-15 – Ethan Rhodes 1 yard sprint for TD, Ethan Rhodes 2 points conversion sprint

1:36 MHS 14-21 – Ben Gibbs rushes for TD with 3 yards, PAT is blocked by Luke Bowman

10:30 MHS 14-28 – Ben Gibbs 1 yard TD, Carson Foard PAT

5:48 ESHS 21-28 – Luke Bowman (Luke Bowman) made a power error, recovered and ran for TD, Stephen Brantley (Stephen Brantley PAT) ran 48 yards

9:44 MHS 21-35 – Ethan Rhodes passes to Jacob Sigmon for 30 yards TD catch, Carson Foard PAT

7:25 ESHS 29-35 – Folger Boaz 1-yard TD sprint, Folger Boaz 2-point conversion sprint

2:10 ESHS 36-35 – Trey Armstrong 3 yard TD, Stephen Brantley PAT

With the Granite Bears defeating Mitchell Mountaineers 21-14, Mount Airy's dominance ended on Friday.

Mitchell became the first team in the entire season to score in Mount Airy in the first quarter. He started with seven players on base. The Climbers added another point in the second quarter and kept the lead until the fourth quarter.

The Bears lost a point in the first 22:10 of the second half by making mistakes and a series of penalty kicks. Mount Airy finally ended the game in the fourth quarter, but couldn't stop Mitchell from scoring a touchdown with 1:50 remaining in the game. The Granite Bears desperately scored again, even hitting the Climbers' 13-yard line all the way, but the final whistle sounded and the home team had not had time to find the end zone.

"I am proud of our team," Mount Airy coach JK Adkins said. "I think we played well... I mean, I think we played well enough to win, but there are many reasons why we didn’t do it. It’s not because we’re not tough, and it’s not because we don’t play hard. . I think we have done very well on both of these things."

Considering the importance that both teams attach to running competitions, offensive assets are few and far apart. The nearly constant operating clock amplifies the impact of each error because there is not much opportunity for revenge. This also makes the penalty cost even higher. On Friday, Ai Lishan was marked 11 times.

Mount Airy rushed for 166 yards and Mitchell rushed for 197 yards. The two teams completed only two in three-quarters of six pass attempts; Bear quarterback Ian Gallimore was linked with Zeb Stroup to gain a 32-yard gain in the second quarter, and Mountaineer QB Ty Turbyfill Completed his only game, completing an 86-yard touchdown.

Due to his performance against the Bears (13-1), Turbyfill has over 3,000 yards in total and over 2,000 rushing yards this season. The teenager rushed the ball 33 times, sprinted for 170 yards, and had two touchdowns. The other two climbers jointly recorded 9 rushes for 27 yards.

Gallimore passed the ball for 207 yards, of which 175 yards came from the fourth quarter. Zeb Stroup completed a career-high 157 yard catch.

The Climbers (12-2) won the coin toss and chose to accept the kick-off. The away team entered the scoreboard with 7 games of 60 yards and finally scored with Turbyfill for the first time. The Bears' quick three-pointer passed the ball to Mitchell, who had a chance to score two points, but the timely tackle of Lisdeton and the call of the Climbers kept Mount Airy's offense back on the court.

Tyler Mason and Josh Penn alternated to move the chain at the end of the first quarter. Mount Airy entered the red zone at the beginning of the second quarter, but did not receive any gains in the back-to-back game. Zeb Stroup sprinted directly for 4 yards on the third drop, establishing fourth and 6 yards on the 8-yard line. Gallimore wanted to pass the ball to Peyton Fontville, but he didn't make enough shots in the end zone.

The Bears defense quickly forced the three-pointer to fall behind by controlling the movement. This forced Turbyfill to pass the ball for the first time, and QB completed a short mid-range pitch to Ethan Willis. Willis took the ball all the way to the penalty area, extending the lead to 14-0.

Mount Airy boarded the board on the next drive. Gallimore passed the third and long distance and found Zeb Stroup for a 32-yard gain. The game moved Mount Airy to a penalty near the midfield, but it didn't matter because Mason ran for 49 yards in the next game. Walker Stroup split the posts to make it a 14-7 game.

Mason led the Bears with 126 yards in 12 dribbles. Penn pushed for 66 yards 9 times, Zeb Stroup pushed 7 yards 2 times, Gallimore rushed 9 times and lost 16 yards. The team had -17 yards rushing, recovering a bad moment.

The next red zone appearance of any team is at the beginning of the second half. Mount Airy kicked off and started with his own 40 yards. Mason gained a 40-yard advantage, placed the Bears in Mountaineer territory, then ran from Stroup, Mason and Gallimore to place the team in the red zone.

Payne was stopped one yard away from the end zone to establish the first and goal. Mount Airy didn't score, but made the first error by conceding the ball.

The two teams went back and forth with the ball in control to end the third quarter and start the fourth. Mitchell started at the 1 yard line and ran enough to prevent safety before he had to kick the ball. After a three-pointer, Mount Airy kicked back to the 1 yard line, and then Mitchell kicked the ball to start the fourth quarter. Mount Airy's Caden Joyce participated in the punt, giving the Bears an excellent starting position on Mitchell 40.

Zeb Stroup scored a 40-yard touchdown in the first game, but was recalled due to a free throw against the Bears. Then, another penalty was added to the home team to get Mount Airy back to his half. Gallimore was selected from beyond the three-point line in the Bears' second turnover.

Mount Airy's defense included Mitchell's ground game in the second half. In the entire third quarter and more than half of the fourth quarter (6:19), Mitchell only got one first. This was not the result of a penalty kick against Mount Airy. In the second half, the Climbers only played two games over 5 yards.

After taking off Gallimore, Mitchell flipped the ball to two yards behind the starting line.

It looks like the Bears’ offensive bad luck will continue after the team is marked as a back-to-back game before giving up the dismissal. In the third and 24th quarters, Gallimore connected with Stroup and passed the ball for 78 yards. When Stroop ran to the end zone, the home fans moaned when a flag was thrown, but the flag was waved and a touchdown was scored. Walker Stroup hit PAT with 5:41 left to tie the score 14-14.

Good returns and a penalty kick against the Bears allowed Mitchell to start the game at Mount Airy. Turbyfill ran for 7 yards and then 26 yards, which was the climber's two longest races since the second quarter. The Bears were asked to take another penalty kick, and Mitchell hit the 5-yard line with 3:35 remaining in the game.

The granite wall defense of Mount Airy prevented Turbyfill from falling in the first, second, and third time. At the fourth and target on the 1-yard line, Turbyfill skipped a bunch and was dragged back behind the melee line. The Mount Airy player celebrated the stop, but the goal line official signaled for a touchdown. Mitchell PAT is very good, with a score of 1:50 to divide the score 21-14.

The Bears fought back and started with their 20 yards. Gallimore quickly moved the Bears another 20 yards to complete the pass to Logan Dowell. When the chain was moved, the Mount Airy quarterback passed the ball again, this time by Walkerstroop. With 1:21 left in the game, Stroop passed the ball to 60 yards. However, the Bears were marked for the fifth time in the fourth quarter to bring the ball back.

An incomplete pass made it the second and longer, then a slap on Gallimore's head meant it was the third and longer. The game was extended after Gallimore passed the ball to Zeb Stroup for 47 yards, who went out of bounds with 28 seconds left in the game.

Gallimore had to scramble to run to the sideline, and when he fell down for the first time, nothing was gained. Now the clock reads 19 seconds. An incomplete pass has only 10 seconds left on the board, and it drops for the third time. Gallimore completed a pass to Mario Revis in the middle, and Revis was knocked down with only one second left in the game. The clock stopped moving the chain, but started before the chain crew even approached the new mark. Before the time expires, the Bears never had a chance to try to soar.

Mount Airy ended the season with a total score of 13-1. The Bears won the Northwest 1A League Championship with a perfect 6-0 record, ended the regular season with a 10-0 record, and set the school's closed season record with 9 games. Mount Airy only lost 46 points this year, while the score was 680.

The Bears are led by 13 seniors this season.

"This is a difficult group to say goodbye," Adkins said. "They were my first four-year group. When I accepted this job, they were freshmen. They did a lot of right things and laid a good foundation for our development in the next few years."

8:32 MITCH 0-7 – Ty Turbyfill 24-yard rushing TD, Ben Wessinger PAT

8:16 MITCH 0-14 – Ty Turbyfill passes to Ethan Willis for 86 yards TD reception, Ben Wessinger PAT

5:02 MAHS 7-14 – Tyler Mason 49-yard rushing TD, Walker Stroup PAT

5:47 MAHS 14-14 – Ian Gallimore passes to Zeb Stroup 78 yard TD catch, Walker Stroup PAT

1:50 MITCH 14-21 – Ty Turbyfill 1-yard rushing TD, Ben Wessinger PAT

The East Surrey Cardinals thanked for entering the Elite Eight for the fifth time in multiple seasons.

East Surrey, the champion of the Foothills 2A conference, will fight the visiting girl high school Blue Devils and the champion of the Catawba Valley Athletic Conference.

East Surry and Maiden have only met twice before. Like last week's opponent Monroe, the two games against Maiden in the East were played in the 1AA state playoffs, and both were back-to-back seasons. The Blue Devils defeated the Cardinals 2-0.

The first game between East Surry and Maiden was played under conditions very similar to this year's game. In 2002, the No. 2 Cardinals played at home against the No. 3 Devils in the Elite Eight of the 1AA state playoffs. The girl won the game 31-6.

In the second year, East Surrey was the No. 7 seed, and the Maiden was the No. 10 seed. The Blue Devils once again won 21-12.

Maiden and East Surrey have only one opponent in common this season: Newton Conover. Maiden defeated Newton Conover 25-7 in the regular season finals, and then in the first round of the 2A state playoffs a week later, the card team defeated the Red Devils 30-6.

The Maiden-East Surry winner will face No. 1 Shelby (12-1) and No. 4 Reidsville (12-0) in the 2A Western Conference Finals.

Record: 12-0 overall, 6-0 FH2A meeting (champion)

Key regular season victory: 56-22 @ North Surry, 40-14 @ Forbush, 47-0 against Surry Central

MaxPreps plan intensity: -2.9

Victory over 0.500 teams: 6

Playoff score: 30-6 against No. 31 Newton-Conover, 37-20 against No. 15 Forbush, 10-9 against No. 7 Monroe

Record: 13-0 overall, 7-0 CVAC conference (champion)

Key regular season victory: 47-0 vs. Watauga, 20-14 @ West Lincoln, 62-13 @ Bunker Hill

Victory over 0.500 teams: 6

Playoff score: 37-7 against No. 30 Mount Pleasant, 47-0 against No. 14 West Lincoln, 32-20 against No. 6 Salisbury

QB Folger Boaz (JR) – 3,083 passes, 195-of-274, 0.712 completion percentage, 27 pass touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 116 passes, 849 yards, 21 dash touchdowns, 3,932 yards

RB Trey Armstrong (SR) – 123 passes for 749 yards, 62.4 YPG rushes, 6.1 yards per pass, 14 rush TDs, 38 catches for 579 yards, 6 catches TD, total yards 1,328

WR Layton Allen (SR)-69 catches for 1,119 yards, 93.3 YPG catches, 16.2 yards per catch, 12 catches TD

WR Luke Brown (JR) – 22 catches for 501 yards, 45.5 YPG catches, 22.8 yards per catch, 4 TD catches

WR Colby Johnson (JR)-33 catches for 387 yards, 35.2 YPG catches, 11.7 yards per catch, 2 catches TD, 6 passes 49 yards, 1 rush TD

QB Ethan Rhodes (SR) – 2,618 passes, 148-of-221 completed, 0.670 completion percentage, 40 pass touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 61 sprints for 102 yards, 8 sprint touchdowns

RB Ben Gibbs (JR) – 205 passes for 1,552 yards, 119.4 YPG rushes, 7.6 yards per pass, 13 rush TDs, 11 receptions for 206 yards, 2 receptions TD

RB Jalen Robinson (JR)-36 rushes for 184 yards, 14.6 YPG rushes, 6.2 yards per rush, 5 rushes for TD

WR Christopher Culliver (JR)-60 catches for 1,215 yards, 93.5 YPG catches, 20.3 yards per catch, 23 catches TD, 7 catches for 68 yards, 1 rush TD

WR Alec Hall (JR)-33 catches for 502 yards, 38.6 YPG catches, 15.2 yards per catch, 8 catches TD

WR Jacob Sigmon (JR) – 30 catches for 528 yards, 40.6 YPG catches, 17.3 yards per catch, 5 catches TD

Average lost interest rate: 8.25

TD turnovers: 3

Number of interceptions returned for TD: 0

DE Brett Clayton (JR) – 102 single tackles, 136 total tackles, 11.3 tackles per game, 23.0 tackles lost, 9.0 sacks, 5 QB fast breaks, 1 punt interception , 1 forced error, 1 pass to defend

DE Joseph Grezmak (SR)-49 single tackles, 67 total tackles, 6.q tackles per game, 14.0 lost tackles, 4.0 sacks, 1 QB fast break, 4 steals, 2 steals reverted to TD, 1 flat pool block, 1 forced turnover, 1 pass to defend

DL Daniel Villasenor (JR) – 42 single tackles, 51 total tackles, 4.3 tackles per game, 2.0 tackles lost, 6.0 sacks, 3 QB steals, 1 recovery for TD Mistake

LB Joshua Parker (JR) – 62 single tackles, 78 total tackles, 6.5 tackles per game, 9.0 tackles lost, 1.0 sacks, 1 forced turnover, 1 pass defense

MLB Hatcher Hamm (FR) – 62 single tackles, 77 total tackles, 7.0 tackles per game, 9.0 losing tackles, 2.0 sacks, 1 forced turnover, 1 interception

SS Kyle Zinn (JR) – 65 single tackles, 76 total tackles, 12.0 TFL, 1.0 bag, 1 QB fast break, 3 interceptions, 2 passes to defend

Average lost interest rate: 1.9

TD turnovers: 2

Intercepts returned for TD: 1

*Some Virgin defensive data may be incomplete. The included statistics are copied directly from MaxPreps.

LB Aaron Lefevers (SR)-16 single tackles, 34 total tackles, 4.3 tackles per game, 3.0 tackles lost, 2 interceptions, 1 interception and return TD, 73 yard interceptions, 1 Pass defense

LB Alec Hall (JR)-12 single tackles, 27 total tackles, 2.1 tackles per game, 4.0 tackles lost, 3.0 sacks, 2 interceptions, 3 defensive passes, 1 1 turnover was restored to TD, 1 shot was blocked

DE Jackson Hensley (JR) – 15 single tackles, 32 total tackles, 3.2 tackles per game, 3.0 losing tackles, 1.0 sacks, 3 QB quick breaks

DE Dru McClough (SR) – 12 single tackles, 24 total tackles, 2.7 tackles per game, 4.0 tackles lost, 2.0 sacks, 1 interception

SS Ben Gibbs (JR)-7 single tackles, 10 total tackles, 1 interception, 2 steals, 1 steal for TD

Stephen Brantley (JR)-66 PATs, 54 times, 8 field goal attempts, 4 times, 30 kickoffs for 1,773 yards and 7 return strokes, 10 times for 396 yards

Trey Armstrong (SR) – 1 TD return, 310 yards return

Kyle Zinn (JR) – 2 kick-offs to return to TD with 177 back yards

Luke Bowman (SR) – 157 return codes

Carson Foard (JR) – 49-of-58 PATs, 0-of-1 field goal percentage, 9 points for 269 yards, no kickoff data available

Christopher Culliver (JR) – 1 kick-off to return to TD, 1 punt to return to TD, 209 return yards

The Airy Mountain Granite Bears officially returned to the Elite Eight on Friday after a three-year absence.

The Bears have dominated their opponents one after another this season to achieve this. When Mitchell, the champion of the Northwest Highlands 1A/2A conference, ushers in the 1A/2A championship of the Northwest Highlands, the champion of the Northwest 1A conference will face the biggest test so far.

The last time the Granite Bears and the Climbers faced off was in 2015. Mitchell defeated the Bears in the Sweet 16 and then won the Western Conference Championship. Before 2015, the only matches between the two teams were the 2A state playoffs in 1986 and 1988. Mitchell also won these two games.

The only common opponent between the two schools this season is Drouen High School. Mount Airy defeated Draughn 56-6 on August 28, and Mitchell defeated Draughn 62-14 on October 1.

The winner of Friday's game will face No. 4 Robbinsville (9-3) and No. 9 Murphy (9-4) in the Western Conference Finals.

The last time Mount Airy appeared in a regional championship was in 2017. The Bears defeated Murphy to enter the 1AA state championship game. The last time Mitchell participated in a regional championship was in 2019. In that game, the Climbers were defeated by the final 1AA state champion East Surrey.

Record: 13-0 overall, 6-0 NW1A meeting (champion)

Key regular season victories: Surrey Center 62-0, Delaunay 56-6, Starmount 43-0

MaxPreps plan intensity: -18.2

Winning teams over 0.500: 4

Playoff score: 75-0 against No. 31 Union Academy, 48-0 against No. 15 East Wilkes, 44-7 against No. 7 Star Mountain

Record: 11-2 overall, 6-0 NW1A meeting (champion)

Key regular season victory: 47-7 vs. Erwin, 34-23 @ Watauga, 33-0 @ Mountain Heritage

Key loss: 15-12 @ Norman Lake, 26-14 @ Andrews

MaxPreps plan intensity: -10.8

Winning teams over 0.500: 4

Playoff score: 49-10 vs. No. 30 South Davidson, 49-14 vs. No. 14 Swain Co., 38-21 vs. No. 6 Thomasville

QB Ian Gallimore (SOPH) – 1,471 yard passes, 96 completed 65 completed, 0.677 completed percentage, 22 pass touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 59 passes for 382 yards, 9 sprint touchdowns, 1,852 yards

RB Tyler Mason (SOPH)-92 passes for 1,244 yards, 95.7 YPG rushes, 13.5 yards per pass, 19 rush TDs, 10 catches for 100 yards, 1 catch TD

RB Caleb Reid (SOPH)-56 passes for 666 yards, 51.2 YPG rushes, 11.9 yards per pass, 8 rushes TD, 3 catches for 21 yards

RB Josh Penn* (SR) – 46 passes for 505 yards, 56.1 YPG rush, 10.9 yards per pass, 8 rush TDs, 5 catches for 145 yards, 2 catches TD

WR Zeb Stroup (SR)-18 catches for 582 yards, 44.7 YPG catches, 32.3 yards per catch, 8 catches TD

WR Mario Revels (SOPH)-13 catches for 248 yards, 19.1 YPG catches, 20.7 yards per catch, 3 catches TD, 1 29 yard pass, 1 rush TD

QB Ty Turbyfill (JR)-1,059 passes, 115 completed 67 passes, 0.583 completion rate, 14 pass touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 214 passes for 1,916 yards, 35 sprint touchdowns, 2,975 yards

RB Carter Hoyle (SR) – 114 rushes for 915 yards, 76.3 YPG rushes, 8.0 yards per rush, 7 rush TDs, 5 catches for 41 yards

RB Chase Duncan (SOPH)-65 rushes for 455 yards, 35.0 YPG rushes, 7.0 yards per rush, 6 rushes for TD

RB Marley McCourry (SOPH)-45 rushes for 379 yards, 42.1 YPG rushes, 8.4 yards per rush, 5 rushes for TD

RB/WR Gage Young (JR) – 48 catches for 305 yards, 23.5 YPG rushes, 6.4 yards per catch, 4 rushes for TD, 11 catches for 221 yards, 17.0 YPG catches, per catch 20.1 yards, 6 catches TD

WR Dalton Hollifield (JR) – 25 catches for 420 yards, 35.0 YPG catches, 16.8 yards per catch, 3 TD catches

Total score: 25 (3 TD, 2 FG)

Average lost interest rate: 9.8

TD turnovers: 2

Intercepts returned for TD: 4

LB Reece Deaton (SR) – 93 single tackles, 132 total tackles, 10.2 tackles per game, 28.0 tackles lost, 3.0 sacks, 6 missed catches, 2 defensive passes , Blocked 1 time

LB Nic Isom (SR)-73 single steals, 119 total steals, 9.2 steals per game, 26.0 steals failed, 12.0 sacks, 15 QB quick breaks, 4 forced turnovers, 1 interception, 1 Pass defense

DE Deric Dandy* (SOPH)-41 single tackles, 60 total tackles, 6.7 tackles per game, 18.0 missed tackles, 9.0 sacks, 2 QB fast breaks, 1 punt Blocking, 1 forced error, 1 forced safety

DB Zeb Stroup (SR)-4 interceptions, 7 passes to defend, 2 turnovers to return to TD, 35 single tackles, 94 total tackles, 4.0 TFL, 1.0 bag

DB Walker Stroup (SR)-4 interceptions, 13 defensive passes, 1 sixth position, 1 forced turnover, 12 solo tackles, 44 total tackles

Loss per game: 3.5

QB Hurry up every game: Not applicable

Number of TD turnovers: 0

Intercepts returned for TD: 3

*Note: Single tackles not listed on MaxPreps

DL Xander Gardner (SR)-A total of 60 tackles, 5.0 tackles per game, 3.0 tackles failed

LB Gage Young (SR)-44 steals, 3.4 steals per game, 1.0 steals failed, 5 interceptions, 1 interception to pass back TD, 125 yard interceptions, 1 pass defense

LB Gabe Brandt (SR) – 120 steals total, 9.2 steals per game, 11.0 failed steals, 1.0 sacks, 2 interceptions, 1 interception to pass back TD, 8 passes to defend, 1 blocked

LB Enrique Huaroco (JR)-99 total steals, 7.6 steals per game, 4.0 steals failed, 2 forced steals, 1 steal recovered

DB Chase Duncan (SOPH)-67 tackles in total, 5.2 tackles per game, 4.0 tackles lost, 4 passes to defend, 1 error recovered

DB Dalton Hollifield (JR)-2 interceptions, 3 pass defenses, 3 missed recoveries, 39 total steals, 3.3 steals per game, 1.0 failed steals,

Dylan Tilley (SR)-71 kick-offs with 20 touchbacks, 21 PATs with 13 times, 1 for 0 shots

Walker Stroup (SOPH) – 45-of-53 PATs, 0-of-1 field goal percentage, 10 putts for 383 yards

Taylor Mason (SOPH)-376 yards back to TD, 3 punts

Mario Carnival (SOPH) – 124 return codes

Zeb Stroup (SR) – 1 TD kick-off with 125 back yards

Ben Wessinger (SR) – 59 PAT 55 times, 3 field goal percentages, 93 kick-offs for 4,368 yards, 15 return strokes, 7 197-yard kicks

Dalton Hollifield (JR) – 147 return yards

Chase Duncan (SOPH) – 103 return codes

Since most of the fall sports have been completed, the news is commending local student athletes who have received full conference honors for their respective sports.

East Surry, North Surry and Surry Central all participated in the Foothills 2A Conference (FH2A), Millennium Charter Academy participated in the Northwest Piedmont 1A Conference (NWPC), and Mount Airy participated in the Northwest 1A Conference (NW1A).

North Surry – Callie Allen (FH2A Conference Champion)

Surrey Center-Ruby Cortez-Rosa, Yella Muñoz, Abigail Hernandez, Rani Fitzgerald

East Surrey as a team finished fourth in the FH2A Championship, and Goins led the team with ninth. The Cardinals participated in the 2A Midwest Regional Championship as a team and finished eighth with the following players representing the school: Goins, Joanna Parker, Kamryn Talton, Morgan Bryant and Lilly Brinkley. Goins finished eighth in the regional competition and qualified for the 2A State Championship.

There was only one girl in the millennium this season, but she made up for it by becoming the first MCA runner to qualify for the 1A state championship. Hoerter finished fourth in the NWPC Championship, and then finished 19th in the 1A Midwest Regional Championship to qualify for the State Championship. She is ranked 98th among the 132 players in the state championships.

Mount Airy does not have enough runners to compete as a team. Arnder finished 10th in the Conference Championship and qualified for the 1A Western Regional Championship.

North Surrey as a team finished third in the FH2A Championship. Allen won first place in the women's competition. The Greyhounds participated in the 2A Midwest Regional Championship as a team. The following runners represented the school: Allen, Weatherly Reeves, Isabel Delfin, Nedia Cabrera and Anna Whitaker. The Hounds finished sixth as a team, and Allen and Reeves continued to participate in the 2A State Championship.

Having entered the top 10 four times, Surry Central won the FH2A championship as a team. Jason Bryant and Kevin Pack were named FH2A Coach of the Year. The Lady Eagles led Munoz in third place and became the runner-up in the 2A Midwest. They formed a team with the following players: Munoz, Cortes-Rosa, Hernandez, Fitzgerald, Andrea Gonzalez and Ella Priddy. These girls helped the Surrey Center win sixth place as a team in the state championship.

Surry Central – Ignacio Morales (FH2A League Champion), Brownlee Massarigos, Sebastian Sanchez

Ally Mountain-Carden Ratcliffe, Declan Conner

East Surrey as a team finished fourth in the FH2A Championship, and Motsinger ranked second overall. The Cardinals participated in the 2A Midwest Regional Championship as a team and finished fifth with the following players representing the school: Motsinger, Charles Talton, Dylan Myers, Nicholas Boggs and Brandon Denton. Motsinger finished fourth in the regional competition and qualified for the 2A State Championship.

Millennium finished third as a team in the NWPC Championship and qualified for the 1A Midwest Regional Championship. The following runners represented Millennium at the regional championships: Calvin Devore, Hartley Devore, Ford Holmes, Nicholas Johnson, Eric Sorrell and Lane Reese.

Mount Airy does not have enough runners to compete as a team. Ratcliffe and Connor finished in the top six in the NW1A Conference Championship and qualified for the 1A Western Regional Championship.

North Surrey finished fifth as a team in the FH2A Championship. Pell, Miguel Vega and Stephen Mojica have all qualified for the 2A Midwest Regional Championship, but only Vega and Mojica will participate in the competition.

As a team, Surry Central won second place in the FH2A Championship, led by Morales to first place, and the other two Eagles Mazariegos and Sanchez entered the top 10. Morales finished second in the 2A Midwest Regional Championship and helped Central get fourth. The Surrey Central team as a team qualified for the 2A State Championship. The following players helped the team get 11th place: Morales Les, Mazarigos, Sanchez, Charlie Hernandez, Alexis Pedraza and Isaac Elle.

Since most of the fall sports have been completed, the news is commending local student athletes who have received full conference honors for their respective sports.

East Surry, North Surry and Surry Central all participated in the Foothills 2A Conference (FH2A), Millennium Charter Academy participated in the Northwest Piedmont 1A Conference (NWPC), and Mount Airy participated in the Northwest 1A Conference (NW1A).

Millennium Charter-No team sent this fall

Mount Airy – Morgan Hiatt, Sydney Seagraves

North Surrey-Trista Beryl, Marisa Castevens, Bella Aparicio, Gwen Bod

Surrey Center-no team sent this fall

East Surrey won third place as a team in the FH2A Conference Championship. Claire Hardy got the highest score in Lady Cards, followed by Faith Braithwaite and Sophie Hutchens.

Mount Airy and South Stokes won the NW1A conference championship in September. Hiatt is the top golfer for the Bears in this event, followed by Seagraves and Avery Pace. Hiatt qualified for the 1A/2A Central Region Championship.

North Surry won the FH2A conference championship in the regular season and conference championships. Berrier is the medal winner of the conference championship, and Jonathan Sutphin was named the FH2A Coach of the Year. Berrier and Casstevens qualified for the 1A/2A Central Region Championship. Berrier finished 13th in the regional competition and continued to participate in the state championship.

Since most of the fall sports have been completed, the news is commending local student athletes who have received full conference honors for their respective sports.

East Surry, North Surry and Surry Central all participated in the Foothills 2A Conference (FH2A), Millennium Charter Academy participated in the Northwest Piedmont 1A Conference (NWPC), and Mount Airy participated in the Northwest 1A Conference (NW1A).

East Surrey – Tara Martin (FH2A Player of the Year), Evelyn Rudy Sully, Rosie Craven

Millennium Charter-No team sent this fall

Mount Airy – Carrie Marion (NW1A Player of the Year), Ella Brant, Audrey Marion, Kancie Tate, Charlotte Hauser

North Surrey-Whitley Haig, Katie Butler

Surry Central – Rachel Carter, Alan Bryant | Carly Robertson

East Surrey won the divisional game with a total score of 12-4 and a total score of 12-0. The Cardinals remained unbeaten in the divisional games, won the FH2A double team championship, and then entered the second round of the 2A state playoffs. Personally, the Martin/Rudy Sully combination won the FH2A doubles championship, the Midwest doubles runner-up, and entered the state doubles semifinals. Craven qualified for the regional championship singles, and Alison Hook was named FH2A Coach of the Year.

Mount Airy ended the meeting with a total score of 22-0 and a total score of 12-0. Granite Bears won the NW1A duo championship with an unbeaten result, and then went on to win the Western Region Championship and the 1A State Championship in the duo competition. Brandt was named the MVP of the Two-Team State Championship. Luke Graham was named NW1A Coach of the Year.

Brant/Carrie Marion won the NW1A Division Championship, the Western Conference Championship and the 1A Tag Team State Championship respectively. Tate won the NW1A singles championship and Audrey Marion was runner-up. Tate finished third in the Western Regional Singles Championship and entered the semifinals of the State Singles Championship. Hauser/Morris reached the semifinals of the NW1A League Championship, finished third in the Doubles Regional Championship, and reached the semifinals of the Doubles State Championship.

North Surrey ended the meeting with a total score of 7-9 and a total score of 4-8. The Greyhounds rank fifth in the FH2A standings. Butler/Hague personally entered the semi-finals of the FH2A Doubles Championship and qualified for the Midwest Doubles Championship.

Surry Central ended the meeting with a total score of 9-4 and a total score of 9-3. The Golden Eagles tied for second in the FH2A standings and entered the first round of the 2A state playoffs. Carter/Kobe were runner-up in the FH2A Doubles Championship, fourth in the Midwest Doubles Championship, and qualified for the State Doubles Championship. Carter/Kobe was defeated in the state championship by the final champions: Hendersonville's Eliza Perry and Ramsey Ross.

Since most of the fall sports have been completed, the news is commending local student athletes who have received full conference honors for their respective sports.

East Surry, North Surry and Surry Central all participated in the Foothills 2A Conference (FH2A), Millennium Charter Academy participated in the Northwest Piedmont 1A Conference (NWPC), and Mount Airy participated in the Northwest 1A Conference (NW1A).

All conference honor awards will be included (HM) after the selected name.

East Surrey – Jacob Lowe, Jesus Estrada, Nick Lowery, Juan Caro (HM), Logan Fagg (HM)

Millennium Charter-Julian Price, Zane Puckett (HM), Brody Krakenberg (HM)

Mount Airy – Elkin Lopez (NW1A Player of the Year), Noah Hart, Sergio Garcia, Carson Hill, Edwin Ramirez, Angel Osorno, Matthew Chapman (HM), Carter Bray (HM)

North Surrey – Dallas Raya, Jair Gonzalez, Edwin Villegas, Emiliano Calderon (HM), Hector Hernandez

Surry Central – Jordy Avila, Johnny Garcia (FH2A Defensive Player of the Year), Eliazar Gonzalez, Daniel Juarez, Chris Nava (HM), Luke Creed (HM)

East Surrey ended the game with a total score of 7-11 and a total score of 5-7. The Cardinals ranked fourth in the FH2A standings and entered the first round of the 2A state playoffs.

Mount Airy ended the meeting with a total score of 26-1 and a total score of 12-0. The Granite Bears won the NW1A conference championship and advanced to the Western Conference Finals before losing 1-0 to the eventual state champion Christ the King Catholic High School. Will Hurley was named NW1A Coach of the Year.

The Millennium completed the meeting with a total score of 4-14 and a total score of 0-10. The Lions rank sixth in the NWPC standings.

North Surrey ended the meeting with a total score of 7-10-1 and a score of 5-6-1. The Greyhounds ranked third in the FH2A standings and entered the first round of the 2A state playoffs.

Surry Central finished the meeting with a total score of 16-4-1 and a score of 10-2. The Golden Eagles ranked second in the FH2A standings and entered the second round of the 2A state playoffs.

Since most of the autumn sports have been completed, the news is commending local student athletes who have won the full conference honors for their respective sports.

East Surry, North Surry and Surry Central all participated in the Foothills 2A Conference (FH2A), Millennium Charter Academy participated in the Northwest Piedmont 1A Conference (NWPC), and Mount Airy participated in the Northwest 1A Conference (NW1A).

All conference honor awards will be included (HM) after the selected name.

East Surrey-Bella Hutchins, Kelly Bruner, Samalin Kipple, Hannah Johnston, Kate Parkes (UK), Meri Parker Boas (UK) )

Millennium Charter – Clara Minix, Madison Marshall (HM), Abigail Hodges (HM)

Ally Hill-Kelly Hollingsworth, Morgan Mayfield (Defensive Player of the Year), Paxton Rees (UK), Amelia Radford (UK),

North Surrey-Bella Jones, Ania Joyce

Surrey Center-Mia Macmillan, Caitlin Patterson, Jaline Templeton, Lenny Smith (UK), Marissa McCann (UK)

East Surrey won the divisional game with a total score of 26-2 and a total score of 12-0. The Cardinals won the FH2A regular season, conference championship and 2021-22 2A Western Region runner-up. Their only 2A loss was against the eventual state champion Southwest Randolph. Kylie Bruner was named FH2A Championship Most Valuable Player, and Katelyn Markle was named FH2A Coach of the Year.

The Millennium completed the meeting with a total score of 12-14 and a total score of 6-6. The Lions ranked fourth in the NWPC standings and entered the 1A state playoffs for the first time in school history. The Lions also hosted their first divisional tournament, which was the first time they ever won a divisional tournament.

Mount Airy ended the meeting with a total score of 18-9 and a total score of 9-3. The Granite Bears tied for second in the NW1A regular season standings and won the school's first divisional championship in 29 years. Mount Airy entered the second round of the 1A State Playoffs. Sofia Stafford was named the most outstanding player in the NW1A Championship.

North Surry ended the meeting with a total score of 6-17 and a total score of 5-7. The Greyhounds rank fourth in the FH2A standings.

Surry Central ended the meeting with a total score of 18-7 and a total score of 8-4. The Golden Eagles ranked third in the FH2A regular season standings and finished runner-up in the conference tournament. Central entered the second round of the 2A state playoffs.

The 1A state championship title certainly has a good ring.

On Friday, two Granite Bear wrestlers Franklin Bennett and Connor Medeva won the state championship ring in front of an audience in their hometown. The senior duo was recognized during the halftime of the Mount Airy playoff football game against Starmount.

Medwa brought home the 1A 152-pound state championship in June, and Bennett won the 1A 145-pound championship as a sophomore in February 2020. However, due to the pandemic, he has not been given a proper ring ceremony.

The common goal of wrestlers is not only to win the second state championship of the season, but they also hope-after two attempts-to finally win a ring in the same year. Their first championship title appeared in the mirror season.

Bennett and Medvar started practicing together during the offseason of their eighth grade. Their freshman seasons were very successful, but they were different. Bennett finished runner-up in the Northwest 1A Conference with a score of 26-6 in the 126th grade. He almost qualified for the state championship.

At the same time, Medeva, as a freshman at the Surrey Center, won the West Piedmont 2A Conference Championship in the 126th class. Medvar finished third in the 2A Midwest region and is eligible to participate in the state championships. As the only freshman, Medeva won third place in the state, laying a solid foundation for his high school career.

The two joined forces in their sophomore year; Medvar is now in the 138 level and Bennett is in the 145 level. Both won the conference and regional championships in their respective classes and thus entered the state championships. Bennett maintained a 37-6 record at the start of the game, while Medwa maintained a 36-1 record.

Both reached the semifinals, but it was here that their paths diverged. Bennett quickly won the promotion championship in the fall, where he defeated familiar opponents 4-3 and won his first state championship.

Medwa was defeated after suddenly entering the victory period in the semi-finals. Robbinsville's senior who defeated Medeva won the 138 state championship with a major decision.

Fast forward 14 months, and the 2020-21 season has just begun. Bennett watched the repetition, but Medvar had redemption in his heart. Bennett stayed in 145 years, Medeva surpassed him in 152 to participate in the competition.

The duo again won the NW1A and Western Regional Championships, thus qualifying for the state championships. Bennett entered with a 21-1 record and Medvar entered 24-0.

Medwa won his quarter-finals through a technical error. He won the championship with a 5-3 decision in the semi-finals, and won the championship with a 7-3 decision.

In almost the same way as Medwa in 2020, Bennett won his quarter-finals, but was defeated by his former opponent in the semifinals. The wrestler who defeated Bennett went on to win the 145 state championship.

Both Bennett (88-15) and Medvar (104-8) have been on the podium, and they both know how it feels to be close to their final goal. Using this experience, the Granite Bear duo plans to raise their arms at the same time to end their high school career.

The Millennium Charter Boys basketball team started the season strong by winning back-to-back close matches.

The Lions enter the 2021-22 season with an almost new look. MCA only returned 5 players last season, and 7 of the 12 players on the roster this season are junior players.

Although the team is still young, the Lions won two close matches in the second week of the season. This year's team has surpassed the team's total number of wins in the 2020-21 season, and entered the Thanksgiving holiday with a total record of 2-4.

The junior millennial students performed well in the season opener against Woodland Baptist Christians. Of the Lions’ 49 points, sophomore Aryan Hira and freshman Phillip Byrd scored 33 points in total. Sheila led the team with an 88% field goal percentage with 17 points, including a pair of three-pointers.

Junior Langdon Martin lost a rebound and was two points away from the double-double, while Tristan Shockley-one of the team's only two seniors-scored 6 points, 4 assists, and 4 rebounds. And 4 steals did everything. The Lions trailed 61-49 in the game.

The millennium lost 0-3 to Millers Creek Christian and College Prep & Leadership Academy, but it will soon rebound.

The Lions received Union Grove Christian on November 18 and won 43-39. This is the first loss of the league for Grove this season, and the team has never lost.

Sheila and Shockley both scored in double digits, Sheila led the team with 12 points, and Shockley trailed him with 10 points. Martin nearly missed a double-double once again, this time with 8 points and 14 rebounds. Bird scored 7 points and Ben Flinkham scored 6 points. In the game against Union Grove, Millennium's field goal percentage was a season-high 48%.

The next day, MCA hosted Surry Homeschool's Runnin' Patriots. In the 61-52 defeat of the Patriots, Shockley nearly triple-double. The senior scored 22 points with 47% field goal percentage, 9 steals and 7 assists, leading the team in three categories. He also added four rebounds.

Martin scored in double figures in the first game, scored 16 points on 8 of 9 shots, and led the team with 7 rebounds. Hira got 9 points, Flinchum got 8 points, Byrd got 4 points, and Justin Doggett got 2 points.

After the Thanksgiving holiday, the Millennium will continue to play three home games and continue the non-conference part of its schedule. The Lions will host North Stokes on November 30, Starmount on December 1, and Elgin on December 3.

It is often said that the top-ranked team can give everyone the best shot chance without any loss.

This is especially true when that team remains unbeaten and has not allowed touchdowns in the past two months.

Starmount came to Granite City on Friday, and the first half caused more problems for Mount Airy than any team in the entire season. The Rams made three turnovers and became the third team to score a touchdown against the Bears, and Mount Airy, who averaged 51.8 points in the game last Friday, scored only 7 points in two quarters.

Nevertheless, the young Granite Bears regrouped in the second half and defeated the Rams 37-0. Mount Airy, ranked second, won with a score of 44-7, entered the 1A Western Region semifinals, and advanced with a score of 13-0.

The Granite Bears have now won 13 games in six different seasons. The top five are coached by coach Kelly Hold (2007-2009, 2016-17) and coach JK Adkins this season.

Mount Airy relies heavily on its running competition and rushed the ball for the fourth time this season against Starmount for more than 300 yards. Taylor Mason led the Bears with eight advances for 167 yards and two touchdowns. The second-year rushing yards of 167 yards is the second highest in his career, second only to 193 yards running 13 times earlier this year.

Mason now has six games this season with at least 100 rushing yards. Nearly 50% of Mason's 167-yard rush came from an 80-yard touchdown in the first quarter. Walker Stroup knocked down PAT, giving Mount Airy a 7-0 lead.

The Bears controlled Starmount's offense well throughout Friday's game, but a costly first-half error caused the Rams to tie the score 7-7. Mount Airy made two interceptions in the first half and lost a turnover.

After the Rams forced a second quarter error, Starmount's Zack Dezern found the end zone with a sprint. Diego Zuniga's PAT equalized the score. Dezeen continued to sprint 23 times and became the focus of Starmount's offense. However, he ended the game with only a 64-yard sprint.

The team still did not score in the remaining time of the first half and entered the half with a score of 7-7.

With 5 minutes and 25 seconds left in the third quarter, Mount Airy finally found the end zone again. Reece Deaton punched in a 1-yard run and Walker Stroup hit PAT to give the Bears a 14-7 lead.

Things snowballed from there. Less than three minutes later, Mason scored a second touchdown in a 58-yard game. Mount Airy's rapid reign continued into the fourth quarter as Josh Penn scored a 9-yard touchdown with 10 minutes and 49 seconds left in the game.

Since the team did not have starting quarterback Luke Kimmer, Starmount only attempted 3 passes in Friday's game. Dezeen came off the bench in QB and was forced to pitch in the fourth quarter to lead 28-7.

Mount Airy punished the Rams with the No. 6 pick. Mario Revis intercepted Dezeen and sent him back to the end zone 51 yards away. This is the Bears' sixth defensive touchdown this year. With 5:26 left in the game, after Caleb Reid rushed for a touchdown, the defense of the Granite Wall gained more points by enforcing safety.

Starmount ended the game with only one game that was more than 10 yards away from the melee. In a total of 39 passes, the Rams did not gain or lose yards in 9 rushes.

Mount Airy quarterback Ian Gallimore completed Gallimore's 56-yard pass on 5-of-12 shots. Walker Stroup was the leading receiver with 3 catches for 22 yards, followed by Zeb Stroup 1 catch for 21 yards, and Revels 13 yards.

Gallimore also rushed 7 times for 27 yards. After Mason’s 167 yards, Reid followed with 67 yards and touchdowns, followed by Payne with 62 yards and touchdowns, Zebstrup with a carry of 21 yards, and Deaton with a carry of two. With 4 yards and a touchdown, Brisson George carried 4 yards twice. The Bears also had a terrible breakthrough, losing 21 yards.

Mount Airy will host No. 3 Mitchell (11-2) in the 1A Western Conference semifinals on November 26. The Bears and the Climbers have played three games before-all in the playoffs-and Mitchell has won all three games. The most recent meeting was in 2015*.

As the No. 1 seed of the No. 1A seed in the Western Conference loses in the Sweet 16, the winner of Mount Airy Mitchell will host the Western Conference Regional Championship on December 3 against fourth place Robbinsville (9-3). ) And ninth place winner Murphy (9-4).

*Correction: This article originally stated that the last time Mount Airy and Mitchell faced off in 1986, the first time the teams met was actually in the 1986 playoffs. They met again in the 1988 playoffs and the 2015 playoffs.

4:29 MAHS 7-0-Tyler Mason 80-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

9:08 STAR 7-7 – Zack Dezern 1 yard TD, Diego Zuniga PAT

5:25 MAHS 14-7 – Reece Deaton 1 yard rushing TD, Walker Stroup PAT

3:05 MAHS 21-7 – Tyler Mason 58-yard rushing TD, Walker Stroup PAT

10:49 MAHS 28-7 – Josh Penn 9-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

10:28 MAHS 35-7-Mario Revels intercepted 51 yards to replace TD, Walker Stroop PAT

5:26 MAHS 42-7 – Caleb Reid 30-yard rushing TD, Walker Stroup PAT

Pilot Hill-There was a defensive matchup on Friday night. The two teams averaged more than 44 points per game, but the total score was less than 20 points.

When the Monroe Red Hawks wanted to close the East Surrey Cardinals, both defenses were shining under the bright lights of David H. Diamont Stadium, and vice versa. The two teams fought for 48 minutes in the third round of the playoffs. In the end, it was the small town boy of Pilot Hill who celebrated the victory with a score of 10-9.

"You know, we sat in the coach's office all week talking about this game," East Surrey coach Trent Lowman said. "We were sitting there before the game and each of us said,'It will be very close, and it will score much lower than anyone thought,' and it is true."

Both East (12-0) and Monroe are very familiar with the depth of the playoffs and have won state championships in the past five years. The Cardinals won the 1AA Western Regional Championship in 2018, 2019, and the spring of 2021, and won the 1AA State Championship in 2019.

Monroe (8 wins and 2 losses) has participated in the Western Conference Championships four times since 2013. The Red Eagles won the 3A regional runner-up in the spring of 2021, the 2AA regional runner-up in 2016, and the 2AA regional championship in 2013 and 2015. Monroe won the 2AA state championship in 2015.

Friday's game marked Monroe's first loss to a team in Division 2A since December 9, 2016, when the Red Hawks lost the 2AA Western Conference Championship to the eventual champion Shelby. Friday's 9-point performance was also the Red Hawks' lowest score against a 2A team since 2016.

"Coach [Randy] Marion and our defensive team called the defense," Lowman said. "They (Monroe) have been giving people extra points all year, and our defense has let them down. They really did. There is a lot of discussion about them being the best 2A team in the state, we just stand with them Together. I am really proud of our players."

After the Red Hawks committed only four times in the first nine games of the season, East Surrey forced Monroe to make three turnovers. Trey Armstrong and Luke Brown each had an interception. Armstrong made a forced error and was recovered by teammate Joseph Grazmark. Monroe only scored 1 of 5 points in the fourth conversion.

Both of East Surrey's points were built by defensive takeaways.

The Cardinals' offense was effective throughout the first half, but stagnated when needed to score. The team separated in 12 games at 4:12 and ended with a shot wide, then forced an interception and returned to the Red Eagles after four games.

Monroe used this continuous error to start 5 games, and finally Hamoni Robinson completed a 41-yard touchdown pass to Bryce Davis. Luke Bowman blocked PAT and left 6-0.

The Cardinals kicked the ball on their next possession and then turned the ball over in the first series of the second quarter. After consecutive turnovers, Brown picked Robinson in the Red Hawks' first game. Brown will intercept more than 30 yards and return to Redhawk 25.

Armstrong ran twice to put the cards in the red zone, and then Boas got two big finishes, allowing East Surrey to board the board. Stephen Brantley's PAT gave the Eastern Conference a 7-6 lead into halftime.

After starting to trade property in the second half, Monroe played the longest game of the night. In 11 games, 5 minutes and 04 seconds, the Red Eagles reached the Cardinals' 13-yard line. Robinson made an incomplete pass for the second time before being fired for the first time. Brett Clayton led East Surrey with nine tackles and picked up the sacks.

After being blocked by PAT earlier, Monroe's Angel Valenzuela converted a 35-yard field goal to give the Red Eagles a 9-7 lead.

Monroe started in the fourth quarter of Cardinals and had a chance to rise by two points. Kyle Zinn reported the third attempt to establish fourth and fifth attempts, and with star running back Nate Crosby missing, Monroe chose to pitch again.

Robinson completed a pass to Shaleak Knotts, which was the first failed pass. When Knotts was a four-star recruit and received 21 offers for level I positions before heading to Maryland in August, when he turned to running, he was hit by Armstrong. The ball fell on the grass and was picked up by Grazmark.

Monroe's defense continued to cause problems for the Cardinals' passing offense in the second half, so Dong made adjustments. Boas and Armstrong led East Surrey in a sudden attack, in which Card only attempted four passes in the second half. The two played alternately for more than five minutes to reach the red zone.

Dong soon found himself in a similar situation to the first quarter, when it was fourth and second on the 15-yard line. After calling a timeout, Loman sent Brantley out to kick a 32-yard shot. The junior kicker missed his first attempt of the game at 31 yards; he was more than adequate, but played very far in the first quarter.

Brantley got redemption by kicking a line through the upright with 5 minutes and 50 seconds left in the game.

In deciding to kick and shoot instead of four and two points, Loman said: "You have to trust your players. We stopped them, but we still have two timeouts. I think even if we missed out, we will have a chance. Get the ball back. I believe in our players, I believe in our defense and offense, in case we miss it. You have to let the players play."

Brantley saved the game again in the subsequent kickoff. Knotts avoided Cardinal one by one, deep into the territory of East Surrey. Brantley was the last person to return as a kicker, and Knotts lost on the No. 17 Cardinals.

Zion Lindsay ran twice for the Red Eagles, but only got three yards. Robinson dropped the pass in the fourth drop, but his pass was incomplete. Valenzuela tried to shoot 31 yards, but failed.

East Surry only needs to move the chain a few times to time. Behind a ignited offensive line, Boas and Armstrong took the Cardinals from their own 20-yard line to the Red Eagles 12-yard line to time the game.

Monroe won 612 yards with a score of 60-29. Just 7 days later, his total yardage reached the season's lowest 208 yards. The Red Eagles rushed for 101 yards 20 times, and Robinson completed 22 passes and 10 yards for touchdowns.

East Surrey ended the game with a total of 292 yards. Boas completed 13 of 22 passes for 93 yards and Armstrong was the leading receiver, receiving 5 passes at 31 yards. Lleyton Allen received 4 times with 21 yards, Colby Johnson received twice with 21 yards, Brown received once with 13 yards, and Greezmark received once with 4 yards.

Boas led all rushers with 22 advances for 123 yards and touchdowns. Followed by Armstrong 14 passes for 68 yards, Zinn 2 passes for 8 yards, Johnson 1 pass for 4 yards, Allen 1 pass and lost 4 yards.

The victory in East Surrey allowed the Cardinals to enter the fourth round of the 2A State Playoffs. Since 1972, as early as the North Carolina High School Athletic Association announced the brackets on its website, only two Surrey County football teams have won three games in the Division 2A playoffs in a single season. The first was Mount Airy in 1987, and the second was East Surry this year.

"These guys are very tough, and they are very caring," Loman said.

East Surrey on the 2nd will face the third girl in the Western Region semifinals on November 26. The girl (13-0) is the champion of the Catawba Valley Sports Conference. The Blue Devils defeated No. 30 Mount Pleasant 37-7 in the first round, beat No. 14 West Lincoln 47-0 in the second round, and defeated No. 6 Salisbury 32-20 in the third round.

The winner of East Surry-Maiden will face No. 1 Shelby (12-1) and No. 4 Ritzville (12-0) in the 2A Western Regional Championships.

4:07 MHS 0-6 – Khamoni Robinson passes to Bryce Davis for a 43-yard TD catch, PAT is blocked by Luke Bowman

2:52 ESHS 7-6 – Folger Boaz 2-yard TD, Stephen Brantley PAT

4:28 MHS 7-9 – Angel Valenzuela 35-yard shot

5:46 ESHS 10-9 – Stephen Brantley scores a 32-yard field goal

For the second week in a row, Mount Airy welcomed a Northwest 1A opponent to Wallace Shelton Stadium to participate in the playoffs.

Last week it was East Wilkes (5-7). After beating the Cardinals 45-6 away in the regular season, Mount Airy defeated East Wilkes 48-0 in the second round of the 1A state playoffs and advanced 12-0 this season.

Granite Bears now find themselves fighting against the NW1A conference runner-up: Starmount Rams. Mount Airy will host Starmount on November 19th, and the winner will advance to the Western Conference semifinals.

Mount Airy and Starmount must be familiar with each other. According to Mount Airy football historian Doug McDaniel, in more than a century of Granite Bear football, only three teams have defeated Mount Airy at least 20 times: East Surry (20), Reidsville (24) and Starmount (25).

Granite Bears and Rams met for the first time in 1971 and will play at least one game per year until 2020. Mount Airy leads Starmount's historical series 28-25.

Friday's playoffs marked the fourth match between the two teams in the playoffs, and Starmount led Mount Airy 2-1 in the division. The Bears defeated the Rams 10-7 in 1985, then lost 24-7 in 1997 and 23-7 in 2004.

Record: 12-0 overall, 6-0 NW1A meeting (champion)

Key victory: Surry Central 62-0, Draughn 56-6, Starmount 43-0

MaxPreps plan intensity: -17.5

Victory over 0.500 teams: 3

Playoff score: 75-0 against 31st Union College, 48-0 against 15th East Wilkes

Record: 8-4 in the audience, 5-1 in the NW1A meeting (Runner-up)

Key victory: 21-10 against Davidson Community School, 18-8 against South Stokes, 27-20 against Andrews

Key losses: 37-0 against East Surrey, 42-30 against Southwest Randolph, 43-0 against Mount Airy

MaxPreps plan intensity: -8.6

Victory over 0.500 teams: 3

Playoff score: 65-8 against No. 26 South Stokes, 27-20 against No. 10 Andrews

QB Ian Gallimore (SOPH) – 1,414 passes, 85 completes and 60 completes, 0.706 completion percentage, 22 pass touchdowns, 3 interceptions, 52 passes for 315 yards, 9 sprint touchdowns, 1,729 yards

RB Tyler Mason (SOPH)-84 passes for 1,077 yards, 89.8 YPG rushes, 12.8 yards per pass, 17 rush TDs, 10 catches for 100 yards, 1 catch TD

RB Caleb Reid (SOPH)-51 passes for 599 yards, 59.9 YPG rushes, 11.7 yards per pass, 7 rush TDs, 3 catches for 21 yards

RB Josh Penn* (SR)-39 passes for 443 yards, 55.4 YPG rushes, 11.4 yards per pass, 7 rush TDs, 5 catches for 145 yards, 2 catches TD

WR Zeb Stroup (SR)-17 catches for 561 yards, 46.8 YPG catches, 33.0 yards per catch, 8 catches TD

WR Mario Revels (SOPH)-11 catches for 235 yards, 21.4 YPG catches, 21.4 yards per catch, 3 catches TD

QB Luke Kimmer (JR)-1,034 yard passes, 100-of-180 completed, 0.556 completion percentage, 6 pass touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 15 rushes-64 yards

RB Zach Dezern (JR) – 252 passes for 1,546 yards, 128.8 YPG rushes, 6.1 yards per pass, 20 rush TDs, 27 catches for 269 yards, 1 catch TD

RB Preston Williams (SOPH)-64 passes for 190 yards, 16.3 YPG rushes, 3.0 yards per pass, 3 rush TDs, 2 catches for 8 yards

WR Davion Coleman (SR) – 31 catches for 282 yards, 23.5 YPG catches, 9.1 yards per catch, 1 catch TD

WR Jalyn Adams (SR) – 9 catches for 211 yards, 17.6 YPG catches, 23.4 yards per catch, 2 catches TD

Total score: 18 (2 TD, 2 FG)

Average lost interest rate: 10.3

TD turnovers: 2

Intercepts returned for TD: 3

LB Reece Deaton (SR)-84 single tackles, 120 total tackles, 10.0 tackles per game, 28.0 lost tackles, 3.0 sacks, 6 steals, 1 forced steal, 2 Pass defense

LB Nic Isom (SR)-67 single steals, 111 total steals, 9.3 steals per game, 25.0 steals failed, 12.0 sacks, 15 QB quick breaks, 4 forced turnovers, 1 interception, 1 Pass defense

DE Deric Dandy* (SOPH) – 39 single tackles, 57 total tackles, 7.1 tackles per game, 17.0 lost tackles, 9.0 sacks, 2 QB fast breaks, 1 punt Blocking, 1 forced error, 1 forced safety

CB Zeb Stroup (SR)-4 interceptions, 6 passes to defend, 2 turnovers to return to TD, 29 single tackles, 81 total tackles, 1.0 bag

DB Walker Stroup (SR)-4 interceptions, 13 defensive passes, 1 sixth position, 1 forced turnover, 12 solo tackles, 43 total tackles

Each tackle: Not applicable

Responding to every loss: Not applicable

Number of sacks per game: Not applicable

QB Hurry up every game: Not applicable

Number of TD turnovers: 0

Intercepts returned for TD: 3

Starmount does not have a lot of defensive data records on MaxPreps. What is known:

– Xavier King, Jared Stokes and Mason Anthony each have a No. 6 pick

– Davion Coleman led the team with 7 interceptions, followed by Ryan Kimmer with 4 interceptions, King and Stokes with 2 interceptions, and the 6 Rams each with 1 interception

– Starmount’s recovery from nine errors came from nine different players

Dylan Tilley (SR)-71 kick-offs with 20 touchbacks, 21 PATs with 13 times, 1 for 0 shots

Walker Stroup (SOPH) – 39-of-47 PATs, 0-of-1 shooting, 9 punts for 342 yards

Taylor Mason (SOPH)-376 yards back to TD, 3 punts

Mario Carnival (SOPH) – 124 return codes

Zeb Stroup (SR) – 1 TD kick-off with 125 back yards

Diego Zuniga (SR) – 19 of 22 shots, 3 of 9 shots, 33 kickoffs for 1,609 yards, 5 return shots

Zach Armstrong (JR) – 35 kicks for 1100 yards and 3 kicks for 125 yards

Ryan Kimmer (JR) – 22 punts for 659 yards

Jalyn Adams (SR) – Return to TD with 1 kick-off, 186 yards

Davion Coleman (SR) – 268 return yards

In the first playoffs after reaching the 2A level, East Surrey found himself in a situation similar to that of the past few years.

The Cardinals will face Monroe in the third round of the state playoffs on Friday. In the past five seasons, East Surrey has entered the third round of the playoffs every year.

East, Foothills 2A conference champion, will fight against the visiting Monroe High School's Red Eagles, Rocky River 2A/3A conference champion.

East Surrey and Monroe have only played 3 times. These meetings are held in the 1AA state playoffs and are held in back-to-back seasons. The Red Eagles defeated the Cardinals 3-0.

The first encounter was in the first round of the 2010 playoffs. Monroe won 34-27. The two teams met again in the first round of 2011, and the Red Eagles won 50-6. Finally, Monroe and East Surrey met in the sweet top 16 of the 2012 playoffs. Monroe won that game 53-0 and ended the game as runner-up in the Western Region.

Friday's match will be the first match between the two teams at Pilot Hill.

Record: 11-0 overall, 6-0 FH2A conference (champion)

Key victory: 56-22 @ North Surry, 47-0 vs. Surry Central, 37-20 vs. Forbush

MaxPreps plan intensity: -5.7

Teams that beat more than 0.500: 5

Playoff score: 30-6 against No. 31 Newton-Conover, 37-20 against No. 15 Forbush

Record: 8-1 overall, 4-0 RR2A meeting (champion)

Key victory: 39-6 against Parkwood, 38-9 against Forest Hill, 60-29 against Robinson

Key loss: 37-6 at Marvin Ridge

Victory over 0.500 teams: 3

Playoff score: 57-13 against No. 26 Lincolnton, 60-29 against No. 10 Robinson

QB Folger Boaz (JR)-2,990 passes, 182-of-252, 0.722 completion percentage, 27 pass touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 94 passes, 726 yards, 20 sprint touchdowns, 3,716 yards

RB Trey Armstrong (SR)-109 passes for 681 yards, 61.9 YPG rushes, 6.2 yards per pass, 14 rushing TDs, 33 catches for 548 yards, 6 catches TD for 1,229 total yards

WR Layton Allen (SR)-65 catches for 1,093 yards, 99.4 YPG catches, 16.8 yards per catch, 12 catches TD

WR Luke Brown (JR) – 21 catches for 488 yards, 48.8 YPG catches, 23.2 yards per catch, 4 TD catches

WR Colby Johnson (JR) – 31 catches for 366 yards, 36.6 YPG catches, 11.8 yards per catch, 2 catch TDs, 5 45 yard passes, 1 rush TD

QB Khamoni Robinson (JR) – 2,114 passes, 176 completed 118 times, 0.670 completion rate, 29 pass touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 32 sprints for 196 yards, 2 sprint touchdowns

RB Nate Crosby (SOPH)-105 passes for 839 yards, 93.2 YPG rushes, 8.0 yards per pass, 9 rushes TD, 11 catches for 166 yards, 2 catches TD

RB Zach Melton (SOPH)-33 passes for 296 yards, 37.0 YPG rushes, 9.0 yards per pass, 7 rush TDs, 2 catches for 70 yards, 1 catch TD

WR Shaleak Knotts (SR)-31 catches for 611 yards, 67.9 YPG catches, 19.7 yards per catch, 11 catches TD

WR Elliott Reed (SR)-35 catches for 598 yards, 74.8 YPG catches, 17.1 yards per catch, 6 catches TD

WR Jaikhob Covington (SR) – 21 catches for 353 yards, 44.1 YPG catches, 16.8 yards per catch, 5 catches TD

Average lost interest rate: 8.8

TD turnovers: 3

Number of interceptions returned for TD: 0

DE Brett Clayton (JR)-93 single steals, 127 total steals, 11.5 steals per game, 22.0 steals failed, 8.0 sacks, 5 QB fast breaks, 1 punt block, 1 forced Turnover, 1 pass to defend

DE Joseph Grezmak (SR) – 47 single tackles, 65 total tackles, 6.5 tackles per game, 14.0 lost tackles, 4.0 sacks, 1 QB fast break, 3 recovery from turnovers, 2 turnovers returned to TD, 1 punt blocked, 1 forced to fumble, 1 pass to defend

DL Daniel Villasenor (JR) – 40 single tackles, 48 ​​total tackles, 4.4 tackles per game, 2.0 tackles lost, 6.0 sacks, 3 QB fast breaks, 1 turnover restored TD

LB Joshua Parker (JR)-60 single steals, 75 total steals, 6.8 steals per game, 9.0 steals failed, 1.0 sacks, 1 forced turnover, 1 pass defense

MLB Hatcher Hamm (FR)-55 single tackles, 70 total tackles, 7.0 tackles per game, 9.0 losing tackles, 2.0 sacks, 1 forced turnover, 1 interception

SS Kyle Zinn (JR) – 58 single tackles, 68 total tackles, 11.0 TFL, 1.0 tackles, 1 QB fast break, 3 interceptions

Average lost interest rate: 4.0

Number of TD turnovers: 0

Intercepts returned for TD: 4

DE Bryce Davis (JR)-33 single tackles, 44 total tackles, 5.5 tackles per game, 7.0 losing tackles, 5.0 sacks, 2 steals, 1 forced steal,

LB Cread Simpson (JR)-35 single tackles, 53 total tackles, 6.6 tackles per game, 6.0 tackles lost, 3.0 sacks, 1 recovery

LB Elijah Shaw (JR)-32 single tackles, 50 total tackles, 6.3 tackles per game, 4.0 tackles lost, 1.0 sacks, 1 recovery

LB Brojan Allen (SOPH)-24 single tackles, 32 total tackles, 3.6 tackles per game, 8.0 lost tackles, 7.0 sacks, 2 QB fast breaks

FS Shaleak Knotts (SR)-35 single tackles, 37 total tackles, 4 interceptions, 1 interception to return to TD, 166 yard interceptions

FS Elliott Reed (SR)-18 single tackles, 20 total tackles, 4 interceptions, 2 interceptions to pass back TD, 120 yard interceptions, 1 steal

Stephen Brantley (JR)-65 PAT 53 times, 6 field goal attempts 3 times, 30 kickoffs 1,773 yards and 7 return strokes, 7 275 yard punts

Trey Armstrong (SR) – 1 TD return, 310 yards return

Kyle Zinn (JR) – 2 kick-offs to return to TD with 177 back yards

Luke Bowman (SR) – 157 return codes

Angel Valenzuela (SR)-54 PAT 39 out of 5, 3 out of 5, 65 kickoffs for 3,432 yards, 11 return strokes

Jaikhob Covington (SR) – 13 times for 517 yards

Shaleak Knotts (SR)-Return 1 punt for a touchdown, return 161 yards

Huntersville-Mount Airy's wild trip this season ended on Tuesday.

In the 1A Western Regional Championships, the Granite Bears played 26-0 against Christ the King Catholic High School. The Bears' battle with the Crusaders is a rematch of the 2019 Regional Championship, and the final result is still the same.

After 77 minutes of exciting game, the Crusaders scored the first and only goal of the game. Christ the King led 1-0 in the remaining games and won the school's second Western Conference Championship ever.

"This is a fast-paced back and forth game. If you don't play for any team, it may be a wonderful game," Mount Airy coach Wil Hurley said. "My kids are doing a great job. Yes, I want to participate in the state championship, but I am really grateful and very proud of the players' performance. They really put it all on the court."

The Bears’ historic season ended in a similar way to the past: the playoffs were lost to private or charter schools competing in the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

In the past five seasons, Mount Airy Football has only lost nine games. In 2017, 2019, and now in 2021, the Bears only lost to private schools, and Mount Airy managed to enter the Western Conference Championships every season. The Granite Bears have not lost to a traditional public 1A school since October 2016, and have not lost the regular season since 2019.

Hurley said he was very proud of his team's effort in the game and participated in 80 minutes.

"I am very confident that when we come in, they (CTK) will think,'Oh, you all have to participate in PKs to beat Langtree Charter,' and they will only disappoint us," Hurley said. "I think it surprised them when we did as well as we did, and then they had to arrange their star players late in the game."

Center officials said early on that things were tense. The two teams were called for 19 fouls in the first half. Three Mount Airy players and two players from Christ the King received yellow cards.

The Crusaders (21-1) set the tone early when they passed the ball in the midfield. Center defensive center Dillon Kocher (Dillon Kocher) acts as the distributor, responsible for quick strikes on offense and returning to the defensive end. The Crusaders also have the strongest defense for the Bears throughout the season. Three of the four players from Kechel and CTK are on the back line, and are 6 feet or more tall. They are willing to put their bodies on the line to maintain Not conceded.

In the 12th minute, Mount Airy's first shot came from a through pass from Sergio Garcia to Elkin Lopez, even though the shot went into the side net. A few minutes later, Garcia made a cross and scored with a header before Airy Mountain could attempt a shot.

Mount Airy's Noah Hart, Matthew Chapman, Pablo Salmeron and Carter Bray also had a high defensive line, as the Bears wanted to record their 17th stop this season. After Chapman and Salmelon both got the cards in the first half, Hurley had to play some of his lineups' creativity on defense. Despite this, goalkeeper Edwin Ramirez kept the goal clean during the first 40 minutes of the game.

The first half was more of a sensory process for both teams, opening the door for immediate action in the second half. King Christ won the first corner of the night in less than 60 seconds in the second half. A foot bent towards the goal, but was saved by Ramirez near the end line. Two minutes later, Koch broke into the penalty area and allowed teammate Marcos Frias to score with a header. Frias was in the scoring position, but Ramirez jumped up just to grab the cross from the air.

CTK did not shoot until the 64th minute. At the same time, Mount Airy made 5 shots: Lopez himself shot 3 times, 2 shots missed, 1 save, Edwin Agabo made up 1 shot and was saved, Angel · Hernandez took a free kick from 30 yards just past the crossbar.

Ramirez continued to fight in the net and made a key save in the game. The goalkeeper missed a corner kick in the 64th minute and then took the ball away before the strike occurred.

A handling call was made to Mount Airy in the 74th minute. Koch lined up from 35 yards and shot down by Ramirez. The Crusaders' Luke Bowman got rid of his mark and made a follow-up shot on the rebound, but was also saved by Ramirez.

The Christ King's goal was scored with less than three minutes left in the game. Nik Seguin won possession along the left touchline and kicked a high arched cross into the middle of the field and outside the 18-yard penalty area. Alex Neal blocked the pass with his back to the goal, dribbled to his touchline, prepared with his right foot, and then shot low to the opposite goal post. The shot is out of reach for diving Ramirez.

Ai Lishan quickly entered the territory of the Crusaders in an attempt to force extra time. The best chance for the Bears came when King Christ was called for a foul a few yards from his 18-yard penalty zone. When the officials moved the wall of the Crusaders back 10 yards, there were less than 90 seconds left.

Lopez took a free kick, shot hard, and the goal was always less than one yard off the ground. The shot crossed the wall but was stopped by the CTK goalkeeper.

The Crusaders went deep into Mount Airy's defensive three-pointer to run out of time.

"When I come home after a loss, I usually sit down and think,'Well, maybe I will do this or that differently,' and speculate," Hurley said. "There is no second guess at this point. I think we threw everything away. This is not our night."

Losing is painful, especially for seniors, but Hurley hopes his players can look back on their success this season.

"This is really an extraordinary season," Hurley said. "The kids did a great job. This is what I told them there:'You are 26-0; you have set records throughout the year, but the problem is that you are more attentive than other teams, from top to bottom. They are. Just having a good time. And I did not abandon my other teams, but, in general, these kids have huge hearts.

"With so many hearts, you definitely want to win. With some hearts, you can overcome certain things."

This year's team has set the following school records: total wins and winning streak 26 games, regular season wins 22 games, 12 games in divisional games, 100% home win rate, 156 goals.

The Bears’ record of 156 goals this season is also ranked second in Surrey County’s history, only behind Surrey Central’s 160 goals in 2002. Mount Airy ranks sixth in the country with the number of goals scored.

Goalkeeper Edwin Ramirez has recorded 16 lockouts this season, which makes him eighth in NCHSAA history. The first player on the list, Caden Hill ('20), is also a granite bear.

Elkin Lopez tied the Mount Airy school record with 45 goals in a single season. Lopez tied Jeremy Chappell, who scored 45 goals in his senior year in 2015.

"What a great experience," Hurley said. "This is definitely a crazy journey."

In this month, when we habitually express our gratitude for the blessings of life, with the start of the 2021-22 series of state championships, we want to thank the world of high school sports and performing arts.

First, since the 2019 Fall Championships ended nearly two years ago, nearly 8 million high school sports participants and a similar number of performing arts course students will be able to start and complete the state championships within the normal time frame.

The pandemic suspended the 2020 Winter Championships, caused the 2020 Spring Championships to be cancelled, and caused chaos throughout the 2020-21 school year. Although there are still some mitigation measures in some areas, such as mask requirements, it seems that for the first time since 2018-19, the full cycle of the state championship is going as planned.

Secondly, the 50th Women's State Championship, which began shortly after the passage of Article 9 in June 1972, will have a higher significance.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association and the Nebraska School Activities Association will host the 50th State Women’s Volleyball Championship this weekend, and other organizations such as the Alabama High School Athletic Association and the Kansas High School Activities Association celebrated this milestone last year.

After the landmark Article 9 legislation was signed into law by President Richard Nixon on June 23, 1972, the participation of girls in high school sports soared, and state high school associations began to provide girls with new tournaments at a frantic rate. .

In 1972, there were more states (27) hosting women’s tennis tournaments than any other sport, followed by swimming (17), basketball (16), gymnastics (15), volleyball (14) and golf (14) ), there are only three states that offer athletics. Just two years later, track and field ranked first with 43 state championships, followed by tennis (42), basketball (31), gymnastics (30), volleyball (25) and golf (25).

By 1985, all states and the District of Columbia offered women's basketball and track and field championships, followed by tennis (49), cross-country (49), and volleyball (46); softball (38) and football (21) also began to have a national impact.

In fact, the growth of football is the most significant. In 1971, only 700 girls were playing high school football. Twenty-five years later, this number has climbed to nearly 210,000; with the 50th anniversary of Title IX approaching, there are now nearly 400,000 girls playing high school football, which ranks fourth in women’s high school sports-all thanks to 1972 This opportunity of the year.

Although there was no immediate impact, the passage of Article 9 also opened the door for girls to participate in some traditional boy sports-football and wrestling.

Girls first started playing on the boys’ football team in the mid-1980s and exceeded 2,000 in 2001; however, the number has plateaued over the past 20 years, with the latest national total of 2,404 participants. However, during this time, the development of women's flag football has surged.

As noted in the October issue of NFHS’s recent High School Today magazine, five states are currently sponsoring women’s flag football (Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Florida, and Nevada), Georgia, Florida And Nevada provides the state championship. The latest survey showed that 11,209 female rugby players participated. Thanks to the partnership between Nike and the National Football League, the interest in the project is expected to expand to other states, and the league will provide funding for state associations to start the pilot project.

The fastest-growing sport in the past five years - whether in terms of attendance or increasing state championships - has been women's wrestling. After girls can only choose to participate in boys' wrestling competitions for many years, in the past four years alone, 20 states have added separate tournaments for girls.

The first female players for the men’s team began to appear in the late 1980s, but it was not until 1998 that the Texas Intercollegiate became the first state association to have the opportunity to participate in women’s wrestling matches and individual state championships. . Hosted women’s wrestling championships, followed by the Hawaii Championships in 1999.

California (2011), Washington (2013), Massachusetts (2015) and Tennessee (2017) added state championships, pushing the total to six states before the explosion in the past four years. Even during the pandemic, six states (Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin) added women's wrestling championships last year, and now 26 states offer women's wrestling championships .

The number of participants jumped from 4,975 in 2005 to 7,351 in 2010 and 21,124 in 2018. In response to this increase, the NFHS Wrestling Rules Committee established the first separate weight scale for girls, which will take effect in 2023-24.

We salute all schools and state associations that continue to create new opportunities for girls to participate in high school sports and performing arts.

Jeremiah Price's 2021 will only get better.

On Monday, the Surrey Central junior announced a verbal pledge to participate in wrestling at North Carolina State University on Monday. The two-time North Carolina High School Athletic Association 2A state champion will start his third season in Central in the next few weeks.

Matscouts ranks Price as the 25th in weight class in the United States.

"I am extremely proud of Jeremiah," said Surry Central wrestling coach Stephen Priddy. "He has worked so hard to reach where he is today. The sky is his limit, and we can't wait to see him succeed at the next level at that time."

In his first two years, Price has become one of the top wrestlers in the history of Central Surrey and Surrey County. By winning a 2A 145-pound state championship during his freshman and sophomore year, Jeremiah became the third wrestler in county history to win multiple state championships. He joined North Surry's Justin Jones (2007, 2008), Mount Airy's Cameron Pack (2015, 2016), and Mount Airy's Jacob Hogue (2015, 2016, 2017).

Jeremiah ended his freshman season with a record of 56 wins and 1 loss, setting the county's single-season win record. His only loss that year was in the Holy Angels Invitational, when he decided to lose to Cape Fear's Dallas Wilson, ending Price's 27-game winning streak. Wilson continued to end the season 44-2 and won the 3A 145 championship.

After losing the game, Price won the next 29 games, no other wrestler can compare with him. This includes the 2A 145 championship, which he won with a 2-0 decision. After the season, he was appointed to HighSchoolOT's All-West Wrestling team, and was only one of three freshmen to receive the honor.

Prior to his sophomore season, Price won a sophomore national from the National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA). His last four games in the championship ended in overtime or unexpected victories.

In his sophomore year, Price was named the best in the state by HighSchoolOT after winning his second state championship and completing the shortened COVID season 20-0. Jeremiah won the following awards during the 2020-21 season: Western Piedmont 2A Athletic Conference 145-pound champion, 2A Midwestern 145-pound champion, 2A 145 state champion and WPAC Wrestler of the Year.

Price helped the Surrey Central team win the division championship for the third consecutive time.

"He really dedicated his life to wrestling and school," Pridi said after Price won the state championship for the second time. "His work ethic is unparalleled. He is never satisfied, and I think that's what makes him so good. He always finds something he can do better. He does this even after the state championship."

In October of this year, Price was named the National Wrestler Fall Classic after finishing third in the organization's National Wrestling Championship. He participated in the High School Classic and defeated the state runner-up in Florida, the two-time state champion in Virginia, and the state champion in Minnesota in the tournament.

Price was the only one to lose to Florida's three-time state champion in the game. He ranked 9th in the country and eventually won the game. This defeat only happened after the final tiebreaker.

The 2021-22 NCHSAA wrestling season will begin on November 23 at Surry Central. Price's current NCHSAA record is 76-1, and he is expected to win the 2A state championship for the third consecutive time.

On Friday, Mount Airy defeated East Wilkes 48-0 to enter the Sweet 16 of the 1A state playoffs.

The Granite Bears celebrated a new school record of 8 lockouts in a single season on November 5, and then expanded the record by keeping the East Wilkes at 12th place without a point. The 48-point loss is the East Wilkes' biggest loss this season, and it is only the second time that the 2021-22 Cardinals have not scored.

Mount Airy defeated East Wilkes in the second round of the playoffs, giving the No. 2 Bears a 12-0 lead. This is the ninth season of Granite Bears football in more than a century, in which the team has achieved 12 victories and is the second season of coach JK Adkins.

Friday was the second time the Bears played against the Wilkesshire Cardinals this season. During the regular season, Mount Airy went to Ronda and defeated East Wilkes 45-6. In that game, East Wilkes became the only team throughout the season to score in Mount Airy in the first quarter and allowed the Bears to score only 19 points in the first half. After halftime, the Bears regrouped and defeated the card team with a score of 26-0.

Since September 24, the only points Mount Airy has given up came from East Wilkes' two field goal percentages in that game. This time Mount Airy minimized errors to achieve a more uneven victory.

Mount Airy's offensive yards totaled 376 yards, a balance between 195 rushing yards and 181 passing yards. The Bears have five touchdowns on the ground and two in the air.

Both pass touchdowns saw quarterback Ian Gallimore contact Zeb Stroop: once for 51 yards, then for 26 yards. Zeb completed three catches for 90 yards. Gallimore completed his 181-yard pass, including 3 passes to Walker Stroup for 31 yards, 1 pass to Mario Revels for 34 yards, and 1 pass to Tyler Mason for 26 yards.

Walker Stroup also modified the 6-of-7 PAT for Mount Airy.

Mason led Mount Airy in ground games with 11 advances for 97 yards and 3 touchdowns. His 97-yard rush has allowed Mason to rush more than 1,000 yards this season. Mason's 20 rushing touchdowns this year are tied for second place in the Western Conference 1A in all categories and 21st in the state.

The Bears used six different players in the ground game. Mason led the team in advancement, yardage and touchdowns, and then Gary Moore ranked second in all three categories with 9 75 yards and 1 touchdown. Caleb Reid rushed for 27 yards and TD five times, Josh Penn rushed for 5 yards six times, and Brison George and Traven Thompson each lost one rush.

After Ronda gave up 183 yards to East Wilkes last month, the Granite Bears' defense limited the Cardinals' total yardage to 89 yards on Friday. Katz rushed the ball 33 times for 28 yards and completed 6 passes for 61 yards.

East Wilkes quarterback Briggs Gentry completed 14 passes for 61 yards and was drafted twice. Zeb and Walker Stroup each had one interception, bringing their season total to four.

Most of Gentry's yardage passes came from four passes to Brennan Arnd, who led the card team's receiving team with 64 yards. Brody Martin received the ball once for 2 yards, and Weston Brown lost 5 yards on a catch.

Easton Martin led the East Wilkes ground game with 40 yards and made six rounds. Then Martin sprinted for 23 yards in 16 times. Brown and Anthony Graham ran once each without gaining anything. The Gentleman had the remaining passes of the Cardinals, but lost 35 yards. Nic Isom, Payton Fonville, and Reece Deaton each fired Gentry, and Deaton and Josh Chavis each recovered the cardinal's mistakes.

Mount Airy will meet another Northwest 1A Conference opponent in the third round: Starmount. The seventh-ranked Rams (8-4) defeated No. 26 South Stanley 65-8 in the first round, and defeated No. 10 Andrews 27-20 in the second round.

The Bears defeated the Rams 43-0 on October 1. This was Starmount's only NW1A defeat. Since losing to Airy Mountain, Starmount's record is 5-0.

The winner of Mount Airy/Starmount will face No. 3 Mitchell (10-2) and No. 6 Thomasville (9-2) in the Western Conference semifinals.

7:30 MAHS 7-0 – Ian Gallimore passes to Zeb Stroup 51 yard TD catch, Walker Stroup PAT

4:21 MAHS 14-0 – Tyler Mason 12-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

3:25 MAHS 20-0 – Ian Gallimore passes to Zeb Stroup for a 26-yard TD catch, bad PAT

11:12 MAHS 27-0 – Ian Gallimore 16-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

5:44 MAHS 34-0-Tyler Mason 15-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

2:05 MAHS 41-0 – Tyler Mason 9-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

7:15 MAHS 48-0 – Caleb Reid 5-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

PILOT MOUNTAIN-On Friday, East Surrey defeated Forbush 37-20 and won the Sweet 16 entry.

The Cardinals and Falcons moved back and forth in the first half, and the two teams scored six goals in the first seven rounds. Forbush scored with a touchdown at the beginning of the second half, but then East Surrey left the Falcons' offense without a point for the rest of the game. Forbush's last four offenses included a punt, an interception, and two turnovers.

This is a clash of offensive styles, because East Surrey ranks among the top 10 in the state in all categories with a passing speed of nearly 250 yards per game, facing Forbush's main charge offense. Forbush is one of only 10 teams in the state that have sprinted at least 470 times into the second round. The Falcons averaged less than 300 yards per game in 11 games.

East Surrey (11-0) has a total passing yards of 478 yards and Forbush's 364 yards. The cards passed for 358 yards and rushed for 120 yards, while the Falcons rushed for 305 yards and passed for 59 yards.

A week later, his passing distance was less than 175 yards, and Cardinals quarterback Folger Boaz broke a season-high 358 yards against Forbush. The junior completed 20 of 29 passes, half of which went to Layton Allen. Allen leads all receivers with a career-high 10 catches of 165 yards and touchdowns.

Another pass touchdown from Boas came at the beginning of the game. The Cardinals advanced 72 yards in nine games and ended the game with a 21-yard pass from Boas to Tre Armstrong. Stephen Brantley's PAT leads 7-0.

The Falcons (8-4) hope to build last week's 523-yard rushing performance to help Forbush win his first playoff victory since 2004. Derek Matthews and Luke Bennett alternated Forbush's first offense until Matthews broke through a 47-yard touchdown run. East Surrey maintained the lead after missing PAT.

As the game entered the second quarter, the team exchanged touchdowns again. Neither team switched points, so the Eastern Conference led 13-12.

Forbush seemed to control the Eastern pass in the next offense, and the Falcons even fired Boas for the first time. Joe Hennings and Ayden Gardner knocked down QB with a 3-yard defeat to build a third and 18th, but East switched in a 43-yard pass from Boaz to Luke Brown. East Surrey failed to find the end zone after Brown received the ball, but Brantley did convert a 29-yard field goal.

Forbush had a chance to lead with a touchdown, but had to give up the kick for the first time. Matthews was dragged down by Gavin Atkins in the east just after entering the cardinal territory, and then QB Andrew Hutchins was fired by Kyle Zinn because he lost 11 yards. With 18 seconds left in the half, the Cardinals used Boas to score a touchdown pass to Brown.

Forbush kicked off in the second half and insisted on his strategy. Matthews and Bennett took turns sprinting and finally found the finish zone in 10 games, 4:58. Matthews tried to pass the ball for a 2-point conversion, but was saved by Luke Bowman in the east to chase the score to 23-18.

The Falcons have another chance to take the lead after forcing a three-pointer out. Brantley placed a 59-yard punt on the Falcons' 5-yard line, but the duo of Matthews and Bennett brought Forbush near the midfield. However, Armstrong's tackle and Brett Clayton's pass led Forbush to return to the East.

After five games, Boas shot a 5-yard touchdown to extend the lead to 30-18.

Matthews started the fourth quarter with his longest sprint of the night. The senior passed the defender, scored 70 yards and entered the red zone. He continued to carry until Forbush was on the Cardinals 5 yard line, and then Nathan Hampton brought the Falcons to the 1 yard line.

Matthews got the ball in the 4th and first position, but was blocked by the Cardinal's defense. Forbush may not have a touchdown, but with 7:32 remaining in the game, it was able to force the safety team to reduce the lead to 30-20.

The Falcons used a 31-yard pass from Hutchins to Matthews to switch to fourth in their next offense. After two games, Hutchins passed the ball again, but was selected by Zinn. When Boas hit Allen for a 74-yard touchdown with 3:20 left in the game, East Surrey took advantage of the error.

Hutchins was determined to continue his swing, and after only attempting four passes throughout the game, he returned to every attack in the next attack. The quarterback was fired twice: once by Clayton, who led the Cardinals with 20 total steals, then Hatcher Hamm, who had 17 total steals and one losing steal.

Hamm's dismissal of Hutchins forced an error in less than a minute. After sprinting from Eli Beck, East Surry entered the winning formation and officially eliminated Forbush from the 2A state playoffs.

Matthews led Forbush with 27 advances for 183 yards and two touchdowns. Bennett added 16 pushes for 147 yards and touchdowns, and Hampton once pushed for 4 yards. The Falcons lost a total of 29 yards on three Cardinals sacks.

The Cardinals’ 120-yard rushing includes: Boaz’s 68 yards and 2 touchdowns, Armstrong’s 14 39 yards, Zinn’s 2 9 yards and Baker’s 1 2 yards.

Allen led the Cardinals receiver with 10 catches for 165 yards and one touchdown, followed by Brown with 3 catches for 85 yards and one touchdown, Armstrong with 4 catches for 68 yards and one touchdown. Rantley lost 47 yards with two catches, and Colby Johnson lost 7 yards with one catch.

No. 2 East Surrey advances to the third round of the playoffs and will face No. 7 Monroe (8-1) on November 19. Monroe defeated No. 26 Lincoln 57-13 in the first round, and Robinson ranked 10th 60-29 in the second round.

After losing the season opener to 4A Marvin Ridge, Monroe won eight consecutive games.

8:43 ESHS 7-0 – Folger Boaz passes to Trey Armstrong for a 21-yard TD catch, Stephen Brantley PAT

6:33 FHS 7-6-Derek Matthews rushes for 47 yards TD, bad PAT

3:03 ESHS 13-6 – Folger Boaz 6-yard TD, bad PAT

11:55 FHS 13-12-Derek Matthews 1 yard rushing TD, 2 points conversion is not good

7:11 ESHS 16-12 – Stephen Brantley scores a 29-yard field goal

0:18 ESHS 23-12 – Folger Boaz passes to Luke Brown for 33 yards TD catch, Stephen Brantley PAT

7:02 FHS 23-18-Luke Bennett 7-yard TD, 2 points conversion is not good

0:53 ESHS 30-18 – Folger Boaz 5-yard TD, Stephen Brantley PAT

7:32 FHS 30-20-Baylee Ramey Mandatory Security

3:20 ESHS 37-20 – Folger Boaz passes to Layton Allen for 74 yards TD catch, Stephen Brantley PAT

In the football match on Thursday, only a few seconds, the entire Wallace Shelton Stadium was completely silent.

The high-energy playoff game between Mount Airy and Langtree Charter is definitely a fierce game. The two teams left everything on the court in two 40-minute halves, two 10-minute overtime, two 5-minute golden goal periods, and the final penalty shootout.

The Granite Bears led 4-3 in the penalty shootout, and Langtree's Aaron Galbreath was the fifth and last player to play for the visiting Lions close to this goal. As soon as Galbraith touched the ball, the noisy crowd immediately calmed down.

However, the silence was short-lived, as the crowd erupted after the ball bounced back from Edwin Ramirez's glove to Galbraith. The game officially ended and Mount Airy returned to the semi-finals.

On Thursday, the No. 1 Bears defeated Rontree Charter 1-1 (4-3 PK) to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Ai Lishan is now the first time in the school's history to score 26-0 and will participate in the fourth regional final since 2015.

"Man, I'm exhausted," Bears coach Wil Hurley said after the victory. "It was exciting and really beneficial for the children. It was a very hard battle and they went all out."

Since taking over as head coach, Hurley has participated in the regional semifinals five times. Mount Airy lost in the regional semifinals in 2013, but won in 2015, 2017, 2019 and now 2021. However, this year's school team has only two members who have participated in the in-depth playoffs, and only one player is the starter 2019 team.

This year's lineup is dominated by juniors and freshmen. Only one senior tried to compete with Mount Airy, and the five freshmen either started for the Bears or played a long time.

"I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I think our performance has not reached the level we can play," Hurley said. "This is a very emotional game. You put a lot of pressure on some of your freshmen. Goodness, I have two freshmen in the shootout."

Ramirez, Mount Airy's junior goalkeeper, participated in his first penalty shootout as the starting goalkeeper on Thursday.

"Edwin played a great game tonight. He really, really did it," Hurley said. "He wants it very much. I have to brag about him first; this is his game. Yes, they might score a goal on him, but he still tried his best."

Mount Airy's young team faced something they hadn't encountered in the entire season on Thursday night: a halftime deficit. In the 26th minute, Langtry took a penalty kick, leading 1-0. Landon Metzler was fouled in the 18-yard penalty area of ​​Mount Airy for a PK, and Jaxon Hinds finished the game.

The Bears had only four shots in the first half, while the Lions scored six. Mount Airy had an early chance, Angel Osorno and Vicente Gomez shot across the crossbar in the opening 10 minutes. Langtree's defense ensured that the Bears' leading scorer, Elkin Lopez, scored two and three points every time he touched the ball.

Mount Airy was fined 12 fouls in the first half. Two players, Noah Hart and Said Savidra, were given a yellow card. This added to the frustration of the Bears because the team didn't score in the first half.

"They were a little frustrated and I said,'Look, we don't do that. We need to support each other here. We need to find a way to win and do this. There is no responsibility at this point. We just need to do this, '" Hurley said. "I just talked about how we can move on without worrying about the past."

The energetic Bears looked completely different in the second half. Langtry made only 2 shots in the 40th minute, both of which were saved by Ramirez. The goalkeeper also intercepted the ball near the 18-yard line.

In the 44th minute, Hart made a breakthrough with the ball from the left and crossed to Osorno on the 18th line. Osorno blocked the pass for the first time with the ball, and the score was equalized with his left foot.

Just two minutes later, Sergio Garcia was fouled in the penalty area of ​​the Lions. The rookie Osorno had the opportunity to get Elishan ahead, but put PK too far on the left.

Ally Hill put pressure on Langtry's defense throughout the half. The Lions tried to throw a counterattack at the Bears on the right sideline, but was stopped by Pablo Salmelon. Ai Lishan ended the game with nine shots in the second half.

In the first 10 minutes of overtime, neither team tried to shoot. Langtree has two in the second quarter, one is saved, the other is outside the frame, and Mount Airy also has two. The Bears' second shot came with only 30 seconds left. Garcia ran to the left and fired a shot, hitting the near post.

Then, the team entered a five-minute golden goal period. The two 10-minute overtime matches will have nothing to do with any team's goals, but scores during the golden goal period will immediately end the game.

During the golden goal, neither team found the net, but the total number of cards did increase to nine. Both teams have left everything on the court, hoping to advance.

"I know they must be worn," Hurley said.

PK time is up, each team sent five players to shoot at the opposing goalkeeper. Garcia scored first for Mount Airy by taking a low shot on his right, and then Rantry's Hydes did the same.

The Lions goalkeeper guessed right on Gomez's PK, but the Granite Bears freshman put the shot within reach. Martin Silia tied the score to 2-2 by scoring for Langtree Charter.

Osorno gained salvation through the next PK score. Hurley said that even if he missed the PK in the second half, he fully believed in Osorno. Vaughn Siemers scored a goal for the visiting team and chased the score to 3-3.

Carson Hill of Mount Airy got close to his shot, but his shot just went over the crossbar. Langtree's Logan Story had a chance to take the lead, but did the same thing on his shots and tied the score to 3-3.

Lopez was the last kick of the Bears. The teenager sent a low but powerful shot to his right, and the goalkeeper had no chance.

The burden of the world fell on Galbraith and Ramirez. If Galbraith conducts a PK, the team will enter a sudden death PK. However, this did not happen because Ramirez jumped to his right and saved the shot, thus saving Mount Airy's season.

Mount Airy successfully overcame a 1-0 halftime disadvantage and won the game in PK. The Granite Bears fans rushed into the court and surrounded Ramirez to celebrate.

Hurley praised the Bears' resilience in the game.

"This is what you have to do; you have to leave it all there," he said. "Hope it will help us a lot on Tuesday. I'm glad they can be there."

1A The top two seeds of the Western Conference will meet in the Western Conference Finals on November 16. The second ranked Mount Airy (26-0) went to the first ranked Christian King Catholic High School (20-1) in the rematch of the 2019 Western Regional Finals. CTK won 1-0.

The winner of that game will face the winner of the 1A State Championship Eastern Regional Finals of the first Voyager Academy (16-1-3) and Rosewood second place (21-0-2).

Mount Airy native Jackson Ferris officially signed his NCAA National Letter of Intent on Wednesday to play baseball at the University of Mississippi.

Ferris attended Mount Airy High School. He was in the first and second grades of high school and is currently studying at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. The left-handed pitcher initially promised to play baseball at North Carolina State University in his freshman year, but changed his promise to Ole Miss in his junior year.

2021 is a landmark year for Ferris. In the spring, he helped IMG Academy to finish the season 23-2 on the mound with a score of 0.55 and 86 strikeouts in 50.2 innings with a score of 8-0. MaxPreps ranked this team No. 1 in Florida and No. 3 in the country.

Ferris was appointed to the MaxPreps National Team, MaxPreps National Youth Team, Prep Baseball Report High School Statewide Team, and is one of the 10 finalists of the MaxPreps National Player of the Year.

Throughout the summer, Ferris participated in the high school all-American game. The game hosted by Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball was held on Friday, July 9th, at the Colorado Rockies Coors Field in Denver. The game kicked off the All-Star Week celebrations and was broadcast live on

Ferris later participated in the World Wood Bat Association 17U National Championship and Perfect Game National Showcase and other events, and was selected as the Under Armour All-American.

Perfect Game lists Jackson as the No. 6 pick in the 2022 MLB Draft. He is the number one left-handed pitcher and the second overall pitcher.

East Bend-North Surrey's momentum stopped on Saturday as the Greyhounds defeated Forbush 55-7.

Both teams have entered the first round of the playoffs, hoping to end the 17-year drought, because neither school has won the playoffs since 2004.

When the Falcons and Greyhounds faced off in the regular season, North led 20-17 at the end of the half, and then Forbush won 45-27 with a big score in the second half. After that game, North Surrey reversed the season, won the next four games, and tied with Forbusch and Surrey Central for second place in the Foothills 2A conference.

The rematch was North’s salvation, but Forbush proved to be too much for the second time.

"I am proud of what we did this year; not proud of its ending," Greyhound coach Patrick Taylor said. "Salute to the four predecessors (Anthony Brown, Ryan Simmons, Trevor Isaac, Bryson Wilson) and a group of coaches who led this football team. The 5-5 approach to the end of the season. Many kids are growing and making great progress throughout the season. This is one of the measures you are trying to take. You keep going."

North Surrey had the opportunity to establish a lead early in the game, but only found the end zone once. After turning the ball three times in the first quarter, Forbush scored every remaining attack in the game.

Taylor said: "We have four senior students having fun with a lot of junior students, and a lot of junior students play for these four senior students." "When you form a team, this is what you want. I pay tribute to those predecessors, each of them is united no matter what, and fights against all kinds of adversity."

Forbush's ground game achieved its best performance of the season, scoring 523 yards and 6 touchdowns. The Falcons only entered the playoffs with 400 yards or more in three games. Although there were 12 different Falcons charging in the game, Forbes' predecessors Luke Bennett and Derek Matthews took on most of the responsibility. The duo made 41 passes for 322 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Matthews scored at the beginning of the game, but PAT did not perform well. North had a three-pointer and Forbush ran for 95 yards, but fumbled within the 10-yard line of the Hounds. Kam McBride recovered the mistake for North Surry.

North Surrey made another three-pointer out, but recovered from the error when the punt returned to get close to midfield. Quarterback James McCreary led the Hounds into Forbush territory, then found Jahreece Lynch for a 37-yard gain and placed North Surry on the 1-yard line. Jack Simmons inserted a touchdown, and Lynch ran a two-point conversion to give North Surrey a lead 8-6.

When the Greyhounds missed again, things continued to swing like North Surrey, this time at the kick-off. The Hounds quickly faced the fourth game and stopped not far from the line to turn the ball over.

Forbush's next possession entered the second quarter and ended with Bennett's rushing touchdown. Matthews got a 2-point conversion, giving the Falcons a 14-8 lead.

North Surrey played the longest game in the next game. In the third and fourth quarters, McCreary completed a short pass to Jack Simmons, and Simmons took off 57 yards. Anthony Brown was tackled after losing the first ball, and then North turned the ball over after three incomplete passes.

As the second quarter progressed, the situation in North Surrey got worse. Forbush ran 92 yards in 14 games that lasted 5 minutes and 57 seconds, and finally scored with two minutes left in the half. The Greyhounds needed to score and were arranged to contact Jack Simmons again in another McCreary, this time with a 54-yard gain. However, McCreary was picked by Chase Smithman within 5 yards and returned to the 29th line.

After nearly six minutes of driving, Forbush's next drive lasted only 49 seconds. It also ended with a touchdown and a 2-point conversion, and ended 28-8 at halftime.

North Surrey had two three-pointers out in the third quarter, and Forbush scored in the next two offenses, leading 42-8 early in the fourth quarter. The Falcons, up 34 points, then resumed a side kick and added another touchdown.

The Greyhounds lost for the first time in the second half of the second half, but they also ended up with a turnover. Forbush scored on the final hit of the night and won 55-8.

McCreary completed 182 yards of 11 of 25 shots that night with 1 interception. Jack Simmons is the leading receiver with two catches for 111 yards, followed by Lynch with 38 yards for 3 times, Taran Vernon with 8 yards for 3 times, and Isaac Webb with 9 yards for 1 time. Ryan Simmons and Trevor Isaac each received the ball once for 8 yards.

Jake Simmons also led the greyhound team on the ground with 72 yards rushing and touchdowns. Anthony Brown was unprofitable twice.

Forbush improved to 8-3 and will head to East Surrey (10-0) for the second round on November 12.

Taylor said that Forbush's performance on Saturday was impressive in itself, and he also praised the team's ability to stand up and participate in the game after losing a student on Friday. Due to the tragedy, the game was postponed to Saturday.

Taylor said: "In the worst situation they are in... After the incident, we continue to keep this community in our thoughts and prayers." "And don't take anything from Forbush. They played. Working hard, next week will be a wonderful game between them and East Surrey."

9:41 FHS 6-0-Derek Matthews rushes for 38 yards TD, bad PAT

2:49 NSHS 6-8-Jack Simmons rushes for TD with 1 yard, Jaris Lynch converts for rush with 2 points

10:48 FHS 14-8 – Luke Bennett 13-yard rushing TD, Derek Matthews 2-point conversion rushing

2:10 FHS 20-8 – Nathan Hampton’s 8-yard TD, bad PAT

0:22 FHS 28-8-Andrew Hutchins passes to Joe Hennings for a 14-yard touchdown catch, Derek Matthews 2-point conversion sprint

6:16 FHS 36-8-Derek Matthews 5 yards rushing TD, Luke Bennett 2 points conversion rushing

11:14 FHS 42-8-Derek Matthews 12-yard TD, bad PAT

8:21 FHS 49-8 – Baylee Ramey 14-yard TD, David Guadarrama PAT

1:26 FHS 55-8 – Regan Ramey 4 yards TD, bad PAT

North Surry senior Marissa Casstevens recently signed her national letter of intent to play college softball for Milligan University.

According to the university’s website, Milligan is a Christian-centered private liberal arts university located in Johnson City, Tennessee.

"It feels very good," Castevens said after signing the dotted line. "I'm really happy to play. When I went through all this and looked for things to do in the university, it was not my original plan, but then I changed my mind and it felt really great to sign with the university."

Casstevens said that she initially planned to pursue a career in the medical field and knew she couldn't play softball like that. However, things changed and the opportunity to play college softball opened up.

"I just decided to change my career path and what I wanted to do in life, so softball came back to play."

When asked about her new career path, Casstevens replied that she was not sure what she wanted to do. She only knows that the medical field is not. However, it worked, because she didn't want to stop playing anyway.

"I'm not ready to give up this sport after graduating from high school, so it feels really good to be able to play at that level of college," Castevens said.

Marissa started playing softball at the age of four. During that time, she participated in the leisure league, participated in the travel team-currently a member of Bandits 18U-and played for the junior and high school teams.

Castevens made his mark in the 2020-21 softball season, helping the team achieve an 8-4 record in the Western Piedmont 2A League.

On the plate, Casstevens had 9 hits — including 6 singles and 3 doubles — and scored twice, with an average batting rate of 0.290, an on-base rate of 0.333, and a heavy hit rate of 0.387.

In addition to softball, Casstevens also plays golf for North Surrey. She helped the Greyhounds win the foothills 2A league regular season and league championship championships, and also qualified for the Midwest 1A/2A regional competition.

Castevens said she also plans to swim in the upcoming season, but she said softball is her first sport and she is looking forward to her senior season.

When asked what she is most looking forward to in spring softball, Castevens said: "Playing with the team, with the girls. That team, all of us together, is just something special to me. Stuff. I really look forward to playing with them again."

Castevens thanked her parents, family and friends for helping her get this far. She also thanked coach Beth Hodges and her Greyhound teammates.

PILOT MOUNTAIN-East Surrey overcame a difficult start with 23 unanswered points in the 2A state playoffs.

The Cardinals won the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference 1A in their first playoffs after being promoted to Zone 2A, and held the No. 31 Newton-Conover on Friday. The sporty Red Devils were forced to make a mistake in the first half, restored the dull punt and blocked the Cardinals' field goal.

The shooting percentage in the last second of the second quarter gave the Eastern Conference a 10-6 lead at halftime. With the lowest scoring in the first half of the season, the team defeated Newton Conover in the second half with a score of 20-0.

East Surrey's defense scored two touchdowns, forced 5 turnovers and controlled Newton Conover's (3-7) total offensive yards to 73 yards. The Red Devils completed 20 passes and 32 rushes for 65 yards, a total of 8 yards from the melee.

Daniel Villasenor scored the card team's first point in the game and fumbled for recovery from the end zone 31 yards. Joseph Grazmark stripped Newton Conover's quarterback in the second half and ran for a 25-yard touchdown.

Joshua Parker also has an East Surrey fumbled to recover. Kyle Zinn and Colby Johnson each had an interception and combined for a 91-yard return pass.

Zinn led the team with 11 total steals, followed by Hatcher Hamm 10 times, Parker 9 times, Brett Clayton 8 times, Grazmark 7 times and Verasono 6 times.

Zinn and Parker each recorded the team's four highest tackles to show their losses. Grezmak and Clayton each have two, and Villasenor and Luke Bowman each have one. Clayton has two sacks, Parker has one, and Villaseno has two QB fast breaks.

Since September 25, the Cardinals' defense has only given up 3 touchdowns, not in the past three games.

Against Newton Conover, East Surrey had 344 yards of offense and two touchdowns.

Quarterback Folger Boas completed 22 passes and 13 passes for 168 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Trey Armstrong and Johnson each received the ball four times. Armstrong received the ball for 56 yards and Johnson received the ball for 31 yards. Layton Allen received 3 60-yard passes, including a 34-yard touchdown.

Luke Brown and Stephen Brantley each received the ball once: Brantley 12 yards, Brown 9 yards.

Armstrong rushed for 100 yards in the third game of the season, rushing for 110 yards 15 times. Boas added 13 passes for 58 yards and a rushing touchdown.

Zinn and Eli Beck combined for five 8-yard passes.

Brantley made 3 of 4 PAT shots and 1 of 2 from the field.

The Cardinals' next opponent is Forbush's familiar opponent. On October 15, East Surrey defeated Forbush 40-14 in East Bend.

Forbush won the top seed among the three Foothills 2A conference teams tied for second place (Forbush, Central, and North Surrey) and played against North Surrey in the first round at home. According to MaxPreps, the Falcons won the game 55-8, which is the school's first playoff victory in at least 15 years.

2:14 NCHS 0-3 – 30-yard shot from Jason Brawley

8:51 ESHS 7-3 – Daniel Villasenor fumbles back a 31-yard touchdown, Stephen Brantley PAT

1:50 NCHS 7-6 – Jason Brawley 25-yard shot

0:00 ESHS 10-6 – Stephen Brantley’s 32-yard shot

5:53 ESHS 17-6 – Folger Boaz 4-yard TD, Stephen Brantley PAT

2:43 ESHS 24-6 – Joseph Grezmak fumbles back the ball for a 25-yard touchdown, Stephen Brantley PAT

4:45 ESHS 30-0 – Folger Boaz passes to Layton Allen for a 34-yard TD catch, bad PAT

KERNERSVILLE-Millennium Charter Academy, North Surry, East Surry and Surry Central High Schools all sent representatives to participate in Saturday's Cross Country State Championship.

The conference is held at the Ivey Redmon Sports Center and is divided by department. The 1A/3A division runs in the morning, and the 2A/4A division competes in the afternoon.

Only three Surrey County student athletes participated in the 1A Championship, and all three participated in the women's competition.

Ruby Hoerter of Millennium finished 19th in the 1A Midwest region, thus qualifying for the 1A State Championship. She is one of 132 girls eligible to participate in the state legislature, of which only 29 are freshmen.

Holt completed the No.99 5000m race in 25 minutes and 27 seconds.

The other Surrey County runners in the 1A Championship are all from Elgin. Sophomore Lagan Speer ranked 34th with a score of 22:27.14, and senior Ava Bledsoe ranked 37th with a score of 22:38.65.

Arizona Blankenship of Swain County won the state championship with a score of 19:06.19.

Surry Central, North Surry and East Surry added 10 players to the 2A Women's State Championship.

Surrey Center second-year student Yeira Munoz (Yeira Munoz) ranked 19th out of 133 contestants, ahead of Surrey County girls. Munoz's time is 21:09.20, behind her is North Surry senior Callie Allen. Allen ranked 21st with a score of 21:12.97.

Rubi Cortes-Rosa, a freshman at Central University of Surrey, ranked 25th with a score of 21:21.60. The next local player to finish is East Surrey freshman Addison Goins, who is ranked 40th with 21:55.64.

The top five players in Surry Central are: junior Abigail Hernandez (49th place) at 22:27.72, sophomore Andrea Gonzalez (62nd place) at 23:03.32 and 23:27.72 10.50 sophomore Rani Fitzgerald (No. 69). These five games allowed the Golden Eagles to score 158 points, enough to get sixth in the state.

The next thing to complete is North Surrey senior Weatherly Reeves. Reeves ranked 78th with a score of 23:29.92.

Surry Central sophomore Ella Priddy and junior Wendy Cantor defeated seven Hawks contestants in the game. Pridi ranked 89th with a score of 23:40.08, and Cantor ranked 120th with a score of 26:35.41.

Lucy Murray of Brevard won the state championship with a score of 19:26.50.

Six of the seven local boys participating in the 2A competition were from the Surrey Center. Due to the top five results, the Eagles rank 11th as a team.

Sophomore Ignacio Morales (Ignacio Morales) is Surrey County's top finisher, ranking 15th with 17:34.51. Morales got the highest score of all second-year students in the competition.

East Surry senior Cooper Motsinger ran in his new personal best time in the first two miles of the 3.1 mile race. However, Mosinger slowed down due to an ankle injury. He still finished the game with a release time of 23:43.85.

In contrast, Motsinger finished second in the Foothills 2A Conference Championship and was within 8 seconds of Morales.

Freshman Brangly Mazariegos ranked 70th with a score of 18:57.39, just behind Morales.

Senior Sebastian Sanchez ranked 92nd with a score of 19:27.31, followed by senior Charles Hernandez with a score of 19:39.06, ranking 125th as a freshman. Freshman Alexis Pedraza (Alexis Pedraza), with a score of 21:34.81, ranked second is senior student Charlie Hernandez (Charlie Hernandez). 128 Isaac Eller, freshman, 22:12.77.

Brevard's Knox Witherspoon won the state championship with a score of 16:17.70.

Wilmington-Surrey Community College volleyball team performed well in the recently announced District 10 district volleyball team.

Lady Knights has four districts selected: Anna Stevens, Colby Crater, Abigail Johnson and Michelle Thao. Thao was named the Player of the Year in the Western Division of Region 10 and the entire region.

"I am very proud of all our choices," said Surrey coach Keller Gilli. "This is a great reward for their hard work and commitment."

The Surrey community ended the season with a total score of 25-4. Surrey won the regular season championship in the Western Division of District 10, but lost in the semifinals of the Divisional Championship.

Thao graduated from Fred T. Foard High School and has performed well in Lady Knights this season.

All regional freshmen of the first team finished second in the region 10 in the three statistical categories. Thao recorded 344 kills, 3.74 kills per group and 4.4 points per group. Outside batsmen also ranked fourth in the region with 370 shots, fifth with 4.02 shots per group, seventh in batting rate with an average of 0.292, and 42 serve points, 11th.

"Michelle's freshman season was very good, and it is true that other teams are always at the top of their scout reports, and have to make a game plan to try to slow down," Geely said.

From September 20th to 26th, Thao was named the best offensive player of the second volleyball week of the National College Athletic Association (NJCAA).

Crater (Forbush HS) was named the first team in the region.

The second-year mid-range batsman led the 10th zone with a 0.479 field goal percentage and 81 total blocks. Crater ranked third with 0.95 blocks per group, 13th with 215 kills, and 15th with 2.53 kills per set. She also contributed 33 service ace this season.

"Kolby has always been one of the countries with the highest hit rates in the conference and in the entire country," Geely said.

Johnson (Surry Central HS) was named the first team in the region in his second season with Lady Knights.

Free men ranked third with 408 excavations in District 10, with an average of 4.25 excavations per group. Johnson also added 21 service ace for Lady Knights.

"Abigail has improved a lot from year one to year two, and has been our stable defender throughout the season," Geely said.

Stevens (Oak Grove HS) was selected to the second team in the district.

The freshman setter led the 10th district with 861 assists and averaged 9.06 assists per game, ranking second in the league. Stevens also ranked 13th in the 10th division with 40 ace services this season.

"Anna had a great freshman season, led the league in assists, and did a good job in our offense," Geely said.

On Monday, Mount Airy defeated a resilient Uwharrie Charter team to advance to the Elite Eight of the 1A State Playoffs.

The Bears made another explosive start, scoring their first goal before many fans settled down. Sergio Garcia scored only 34 seconds in the first half, but the Hawks equalized the score a few minutes later. Elgin Lopez scored twice in the first half, giving Airy the lead in the half.

Uwharrie Charter attacked early in the second half to reduce Mount Airy's lead to 3-2. Angel Osorno scored to give the Bears some breathing room 4-2, and then Mount Airy blocked Uwharrie because the Eagles failed to close the gap with only nine players left on the court.

"I think we performed very well tonight," Bears coach Wil Hurley said. "I just think we set the speed immediately with the 30-second goal. I have to give them (Uwharrie) credit; I don't think they will give up, they never have.

"I know that if we continue to play as we can, we can do it. I think it's a pretty good game overall."

Uwharrie Charter (12-4-1) was the first division champion Mount Airy encountered in the playoffs. The Eagles won the Piedmont Athletic 1A/2A conference with a 9-2-1 record.

Before Monday, Uwharrie had not scored more than three goals in a single game throughout the season, and only two teams had achieved this feat. Meanwhile, Mount Airy has scored 4 or more goals in 21 of the 25 games this season.

According to MaxPreps data, Mount Airy ranks second in the state with 153 goals this season and fifth in the country.

The first of these goals was Garcia's lightning strike. This was the first of the Bears' three goals in the first half and the first of eight shots in the first half.

The Eagles evened the score in the sixth minute of the penalty shootout. Jordan Harrison threw a throw-in from Mount Airy's defense, allowing teammate Brady Morse to pursue it. Carter Bray of the Bears grabbed the ball, but was called a foul in the penalty area and showed a yellow card. Goalkeeper Edwin Ramirez guessed the direction of Danny Palma's PK, but the shot was just enough.

Less than four minutes later, Lopez scored the first of his two goals. The Granite Bear juvenile cut to the right from outside the 18-yard penalty area and fired a laser beam at the goalkeeper.

Uwharrie Charter can handle the ball well in midfield, but it is difficult to penetrate Mount Airy's defense. As a result, the only shot by the Hawks in the first half—except for PK—was the lawnmower header saved by Ramirez.

Lopez, Garcia, Osorno and Adrian Rodriguez each had a chance to shoot for Mount Airy in the first half. It wasn't until the 36th minute that Lopez scored his second goal of the game. This came from Noahhart's assisted header, which Hurley called "beautiful."

Lopez's 45 goals this season are the most in Division 1A, ranking fourth among all NC divisions, and tied for 34th in the country.

Uwharrie Charter matched the first half's total field goal percentage in the first eight minutes of the second half. Carlos Palokun’s shot was saved by Ramirez in the 46th minute, but Joseph Fetemise recovered the goal in the 48th minute and rewritten the score to 3-2.

"I think they are too comfortable," Hurley said of the Bears giving up early goals in the second half in the past two games.

"The positive thing about the goal they scored in the second half is that I can take this as an example, you know. Say, "This is what happens when you come out like that. "

Hurley called the next few minutes "nervous" because the Bears avoided the Hawks' offense. In the 50th minute, when Osorno made a free kick from 35 yards into the Eagles goal, the coach calmed down.

"I'm really happy that we got that free kick," Hurley said. "It makes my breathing a little easier."

Soon after Osorno scored, Fitemisa received a yellow card. The senior would later pick up his second yellow card and get a red card. Palma of Uwharrie Charter also received two yellow cards, leaving the Eagles with only 8 players and one goalkeeper.

The Bears have a chance to expand their lead, but they cannot switch. Importantly, Mount Airy did not allow Uwharrie to score another goal, allowing the home team to win for the 25th consecutive time.

"I'm really proud of the children's performance," Hurley said. "I saw some things we can do, but these are easy to solve. I think we will have to communicate a bit more, the next game, the midfielder will have to work harder. In terms of scoring, I think we Already on the court."

Each round of the playoffs is increasing, but this is not surprising for Hurley and the Bears. By winning Monday's game, Mount Airy will enter the Elite Eight for the third time in the past five seasons.

1A There are only four teams left in the West. In the upper part of the bracket, the No. 1 Christian King Catholic High School (19-1) will hold the 4th Greystone Day (18-4). In the second half, No. 2 Mount Airy (25-0) will host No. 10 Langtree Charter (11-7-1). The game is scheduled for Thursday, November 11.

Langtry defeated the 23rd Thomasville 6-0, the 7th Corvian Community 6-2, and the 18th Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy 4-2 to enter the Elite Eight.

Burlington-All eyes are on Court 4 of the Burlington Tennis Center.

Mount Airy fans sat in the front row as Audrey Marion, who led 5-1 in the second set of singles matches, scored the final four points of the 2021-22 season. When the ball hit the sidewalk for the last time, the Granite Bear players rushed into the court and surrounded Marion.

Mount Airy just won the 1A double-team state championship in a convincing way. Coach Luke Graham stood by the fence and was thrilled after witnessing what he called a "dream come true."

Graham said: "At the end of that game, I was excited about the time we experienced throughout the season." "But most importantly, I was just proud of these girls and happy for them. This is really true. An amazing experience, also a huge achievement for this team."

Mount Airy swept the Chatham Charter Cavaliers 5-0 and won the Bears' first double team state championship since 2013. The singles results are:

Number one Carrie Marion (MA) def. Elphis Pilman 6-1, 6-1

The second ranked Ella Brandt (Massachusetts) def. Emery Eldridge 6-3, 6-0

Kancie Tate (Massachusetts) def ranked third. Ashlyn Hart 6-2, 6-4

No. 4 Audrey Marion (MA) def. Loreley Bird 6-2, 6-1

No. 5 Charlotte Hauser (Massachusetts) def. Rebecca Brookshire 6-4, 6-1

Lily Morris of Mount Airy led Emily Stecher 6-2, 5-4, and Audrey Marion achieved a decisive victory. Morris is very happy not to finish her game, but very happy to join her team to celebrate.

Mount Airy ended the season 22-0 in the duo match.

"As a graduate of Mount Airy High School, it's very special as a coach to return to where you competed as a student athlete," Graham said. "Throughout the season, their performance, coupled with the improvement of their development, skills and chemistry, kept emphasizing to me that hard work is irreplaceable.

"They sacrificed so much time, but I hope they can now appreciate what can be achieved by repetitive efforts towards a goal with the results they have achieved together today."

The Bears started the year with the goal of reaching the state championship, but they knew it would happen immediately. This needs work. If you don't put the time in August, you won't bring the hardware home in November.

Graham said: "I will hear people think you will win the state the possibility, but try to prevent this to a certain extent." "On the contrary, we focus on practice every day and complete one season of games at a time. It's so hard to win the state championship. You have to be talented, you have to stay healthy, you have to stay focused and motivated, and you may have to be a little lucky at some point. Let them achieve this goal throughout the season, to a large extent The above illustrates the character of our girl."

In Mount Airy's 22 double matches this season, Ms. Xiong has won 168 individual matches and only lost 9 games. Among the nine players: Six players played against high-level teams, and the two played against the state's second-ranked team in the Western Conference Finals, and only appeared in the regular season.

The Bears also won the Northwest 1A Championship, allowing players to win the singles and doubles regional championships, and-just a week before the double team finals-Brandt and Kelly Marion won the 1A state doubles championship.

Graham said: "It's great to win with this group of girls. It's unstoppable." "Our tennis community is very close, so I know or know most of them since they were kids. Observe their development. And growth, especially in recent years, has made journeys and achievements more meaningful and meaningful."

Of course, behind every successful team is a group of passionate fans who are willing to cheer for the team in the cold at 9:00 on Saturday morning.

“We have received great support from our family along the way, but today it’s great to see the support of the extended family, students, and faculty,” Graham said. "I and our team are very grateful for it, and I think this further illustrates how special our team has achieved."

Mount Airy will return all eight players from the championship roster.

North Surrey High School had to be creative when brainstorming to recognize its outstanding student athletes last school year.

When Amelia York qualified for the 2A State Championship cross-country in January 2021, Dr. Paige Badgett and the Greyhound team held an outdoor inspiring rally to honor York while adhering to the social distancing guidelines. This tradition became popular, and North Surrey continued to hold similar inspiring rallies for state championship qualifiers for sports such as swimming and golf.

On Friday, when North Surrey once again won the cross-country state qualifiers: Callie Allen and Weatherly Reeves, things went back to square one.

"I think it's great for North Surrey to host an inspiring rally for all their state championship-qualifying athletes," said cross-country coach Joey Slater. "For these student athletes, this is an opportunity to achieve their own achievements and feel the school's support for them."

The Greyhound Marching Band and cheerleaders performed for the students in an inspiring rally. The cheerleaders chanted: "Keep the rhythm! All the way! Don't stop until you win the state!"

When York was a member of the 2021 class and qualified for each state, she was the first male or female contestant from the North in 5 years. Slater said at an inspiring rally in York that he didn't even remember the last time the school sent a female player to participate in the state championship.

Now, the Greyhounds have dispatched three such runners in 11 months. York went back to school to support Reeves and Allen at an inspiring rally.

"As a coach, it feels great to see your plans for these athletes integrated and watch them improve their endurance and speed through all the hard work they put in," Slater said. "I am very excited for every young lady to win the state championship and North Surrey, because it shows that our off-road program is moving in the right direction."

Training for this off-road season started in the summer. Slater said that the men's and women's teams undergo rigorous training for 5-6 days a week during the preseason and after the start of the season. Training includes a combination of speed training, climbing training, interval running and long-distance running to prepare participants for the 5,000-meter run.

Reeves and Allen entered the state championship after a very different journey.

"For the past three years, Weatherly has been doing very well on the team," Slate said. "She has progressed from a midfielder of more than 26 minutes to No. 13 in the region and set a personal record in regional competitions. She is a hardworking person and a natural leader respected by other team members.

"This is Callie’s first year in cross-country competition. If I had her in the four years of coaching at North Surry, I would not have paid for it. I knew she was an excellent athlete because she played football, volleyball and Basketball, but I don’t know what kind of long-distance runner she can become. I think I am surprised, but at the same time not surprised what a good runner she is. She just touched the surface of her potential."

Allen won the foothills 2A conference championship with a 20:59.96 time of 5,000 meters. Reeves ranked 11th in the Divisional Championship with a score of 22:54.18.

In the 2A Midwest Regional Championship, Allen finished fourth with a score of 21:33.77, while Reeves ranked 13th with a new career best score of 22:49.71.

Both girls hope to have an outstanding performance in the state championship. With the support of the Greyhound community, all Allen and Reeves need to do is listen to Dr. Badgett's advice:

"Run fast, don't get lost."

Mount Airy defeated Union College by an overwhelming advantage and opened the 1A state football playoffs.

The Granite Bears defeated the League College Cardinals 75-0 this season, leading by 11-0. In 2021, the Bears were eliminated for the eighth time this season, breaking the 87-year school record. The record of seven outs in a season was first set in 1934 and tied in 1968.

The Bears nearly broke school records in halftime (63) and playoffs (79), but only a little bit. Friday's victory was also the 10th game in school history where Mount Airy scored at least 70 points.

Mount Airy saw full contribution in the team’s first playoff victory since 2018: eight players sprinted at least twice, no Bears players sprinted more than five times, and the team’s seven rushes Touchdowns were scored by six different players, and Ian Gallimore's two pass touchdowns each went to a different player.

The offense ended in 450 yards, including 357 yards rushing and 93 passing yards.

The rush-based offense exceeded 350 yards for the second time this season. The Bears also tied a season-high seven rushing touchdowns.

Tyler Mason is the only player to get two rushing touchdowns at Mount Airy: one for 52 yards and the other for 15 yards. Josh Penn, Ian Gallimore, Caleb Reid, Traven Thompson and Brison George each ran for a touchdown.

Thompson and George each had five offenses. Thompson rushed for 50 yards and George rushed for 15 yards. Payne rushed for 83 yards twice, Reid rushed for 63 yards twice, and Gary Moore rushed for 35 yards twice. Nas Lemon rushed for 42 yards 3 times and Logan Barker rushed for 3 yards 3 times.

Gary Moore made a perfect pass for 93 yards and made 4 of 4 shots. This is the third game in which Gallimore has completed 100% of his passes this season.

Mario Revels had two catches for 58 yards and a touchdown, Zeb Stroup had a 31 yard catch and a touchdown, and Walker Stroup had a catch for 4 yards. Walker Stroup also finished the game with 9 shots from 11 on PAT.

In addition to Mount Airy's nine offensive touchdowns, the Bears also converted two defensive touchdowns.

In the first game of the League Academy (0-11) in the first quarter, Walker Stroop made an interception and ran it 24 yards away. After the subsequent Mount Airy kick-off, the Cardinals played two consecutive games before attempting to pass the ball again. The pass was intercepted by Peyton Fontville, returning a 20-yard touchdown.

As if things weren't bad enough for Union Academy, the first game of the next game caused a mistake, which was recovered by Reece Deaton of Mount Airy. The Granite Bears scored 41 points in the next two games.

The league academy ends the game in red in the total yards. The Cardinals sprinted 28 times and lost 59 yards, but completed 6 passes and added 34 yards, bringing their total game yardage to -25.

There are only 32 teams left in the 1A state playoffs, and this number will be reduced by half within a week. The No. 2 Bears will host No. 15 East Wilkes on November 12. East Wilkes (5-6) defeated the 18th ranked North Stokes 24-0 in the first round of the playoffs.

Mount Airy defeated East Wilkes 45-6 in the regular season.

9:22 MAHS 7-0 – Ian Gallimore passes to Zeb Stroup 31 yard TD catch, Walker Stroup PAT

6:46 MAHS 14-0 – Josh Penn 81-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

3:27 MAHS 21-0 – Tyler Mason 52-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

3:16 MAHS 28-0-Walker Stroup intercepted and returned a 24-yard touchdown, Walker Stroup PAT

1:45 MAHS 34-0-Peyton Fangville intercepts and returns 20 yards for touchdowns, PAT is not good

0:47 MAHS 41-0 – Tyler Mason 15-yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

8:44 MAHS 48-0 – Ian Gallimore passes to Mario Revels for 48 yards TD catch, Walker Stroup PAT

6:50 MAHS 54-0 – Ian Gallimore 33-yard TD, bad PAT

5:02 MAHS 61-0 – Caleb Reid 52-yard rushing TD, Walker Stroup PAT

8:12 MAHS 68-0 – Traven Thompson 54-yard rushing TD, Walker Stroup PAT

8:12 MAHS 75-0 – Brison George 3 yard TD, Walker Stroup PAT

Mount Airy football historian Doug McDaniel contributed to this article

There is a reason Will Hurley keeps the Mount Airy football record book with a pencil instead of a permanent marker.

In the past ten years, Hurley’s men’s football team has continued to raise the bar by doing things that previously seemed impossible. When discussing the Bears’ plans, the word “historic” is often mentioned because the team has broken records over the years. One such record involves victories in a single season.

On November 6, 2013, Mount Airy defeated East Montgomery in the third round of the 1A State Playoffs and won the 22nd game of the season. This broke the total number of single-season victories in all previous Bears football seasons.

Four years later, on November 11, 2017, the Bears defeated Pine Lake Prep in the 1A Western Region semifinals, setting a historic 23rd victory. Two years later, Mount Airy beat Bishop McGuinness in the 1A Western Region semifinals in November, tying this success. January 15, 2019.

Now, after tying the single-season win record for nearly two years, this standard has been raised again. On November 4, 2021, Mount Airy defeated the Piedmont Community Charter 7-1, improving this season's record to 24-0. The Bears currently lead the state in this season's victory, and with this victory they advance to the sweet top 16 of the 1A state playoffs.

"Man, it feels great," Bears coach Wilhly said. "It's true. I'm just proud of the children. We have children so young for so many years, and it's hard for them to understand that you can't always do this."

As the 3rd-ranked Bears scored 6 first-half goals against the 14th-ranked Patriots, this record-breaking victory came in a dominant manner. In contrast, the Piedmont Community Charter only conceded 17 goals in 18 games (an average of 0.94) in Thursday's game, and only conceded more than two goals in a single game.

"For us, the first half was great," Hurley said. "We come out to smoke, we should do it. It's a good thing to be able to see."

In Mount Airy's last two games of the regular season and the first game of the playoffs, 69.2% of the Bears' goals came from the second half.

"I keep telling them'you can't wait until the second half because you will face a better team as you move forward,' so I am happy to see them respond and make this out of reach as soon as possible," Hurley Said.

On Thursday, Mount Airy shot 17 shots in the first 40 minutes of the game. The first time it appeared 35 seconds after the opening whistle: Elgin Lopez crossed from the right, Sergio Garcia at the far post opened wide, Garcia redirected with his head A shot that bounces off the pillar.

Before the Bears' first goal in the 7th minute, Lopez attempted two more shots. Garcia took a corner kick from the touchline of Mount Airy and was completed by Said Savidra.

Saavedra found himself in the crowded PCC (14-4-1) 18-yard box in the 12th minute. Xavidra did not force a shot, which may not be able to pass through the minefield of the defender, but passed the ball back to Noahhat. Hart floated a cross into the box and let Angel Osorno in.

Garcia got the second assist of the night with the Bears' third goal. After rushing to the corner flag, Garcia turned and passed Lopez in the high position on the 18th. Lopez scored with a toe shot in the 14th minute.

The Garcia-Osorno connection added Mount Airy’s fourth goal in the 23rd minute, and then Lopez assisted Osorno in the 28th minute to score the third goal of the game. ball. Then, in the 35th minute, Garcia slid across the goal and scored the sixth goal of the half.

Just when it seemed that no Bears or Patriots players could complete the pass, Granite Bears freshman Adrian Rodriguez slipped into his first goal. Rodriguez's goal ended the half with six goals.

Mount Airy's lightning start in the first half was not replicated to the start of the second half. Instead, the Piedmont Community Charter entered the scoreboard with a goal in the 45th minute. Following the Patriots' goal, Hurley yelled at his players and asked a question, "You guys are going to play now."

The Bears got back on track and allowed PCC to shoot two more goals in the second half. Both shots hit the target, but was saved by Edwin Ramirez of Mount Airy.

In the 65th minute, Rodriguez scored the fifth and final Granite Bears goal with Garcia's assist.

Most people in Division 1A completed the second round of the playoffs on Thursday. 15 of the sweet 16 teams have been confirmed, and the last team is scheduled to be decided on Friday afternoon.

Of the 17 1A teams still playing, 12 are charter schools or private schools. Mount Airy is one of two traditional public schools located in 1A West.

On November 8, No. 3 Mount Airy and No. 6 Uwharrie Charter played a sweet 16 game. Uwharrie (12-3-1) won the Piedmont Athletic 1A/2A conference and defeated the 27th ranked Avery County 5 to enter the third round-0 and 11 Carver 2-1.

"I keep telling them that there are only a few weeks left at most," Hurley said. "You have to persist and give what you have. These teams have nothing to lose. They will try to beat the undefeated teams, so hope we can continue. I know that as we progress, things will change It's harder."

Last weekend, Millennium Charter Academy and Mount Airy participated in the 1A Regional Cross Country Championships respectively.

Millennium participated in the NC High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) 1A Midwest Regional Tournament at the Ivey Redmon Sports Center in Kernersville, and Mount Airy participated in the NCHSAA 1A Western Regional Tournament at Kituwah Mound, Bryson.

MCA freshman Ruby Hoerter made history in the October 30th game. Hoerter ran 5,000 meters at 23:59.98, becoming the first millennial runner to qualify for the state championship. Among 89 contestants, she ranked 19th.

This year's 1A State Championship will be held in Ivey Redmon on Saturday, November 6. Hoerter is the only player of the two schools to qualify for the 1A State Championship.

In the millennium, six boys participated in the 1A competition in the Midwest. Senior Calvin Devore led the Lions with a 5K time of 19:43.05 and ranked 32nd among 94 players.

Behind Calvin is Hartley Devore's old classmate. Hartley finished 58th with a score of 21:15.53. The young Ford Holmes ranked 65th with 21:41.41, followed by the young Nicholas Johnson at 22:41.87 at the 72nd, the young Eric Sorell at 24:09.63 at the 78th, and the freshman Lion Reese at 25:10.76 at the 84th.

The Lions boys finished 11th in the team competition.

Mount Airy has three boys and one girl participating in the 1A Western Regional Tournament.

For boys, second grader Caden Ratcliff leads the Granite Bears with a score of 18:46.73. This is enough for the 33rd out of 121 contestants.

Behind Ratcliffe are freshmen Declan Conner and Alex Leiva. Connor finished 37th with a score of 18:56.38, and Leyva finished with a score of 113th with a score of 25:32.50.

Ali Arnder is the only Lady Granite Bear to participate in the regional competition. Arnder ranked 54th among 89 runners with a 5,000-meter time of 24:44.98.

Wilmington-Surrey Community College volleyball team's historic season ended on Saturday.

Surrey lost to Richard Brand College 3-2 in the semifinals of the Region 10 Championship. Lady Knights ended the season with a 25-4 overall record, and for most of the season, was ranked nationwide in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) second-level poll.

Surrey lost the first set to the female politician 25-23, then rebounded to win the second set 25-22. In the third set, Lady Knights led 2-1 with a score of 25-21.

Richard Brand fought back to win the fourth set 25-20 and forced the fifth set to be decisive. In the round-trip finals, the Women's Cavaliers defeated the Women's Cavaliers by a score of 17-15.

Camilla Garner (Southwest Guildford High School) leads Surrey with 23 kills, while Michel Shao (Fred T. Ford HS) added 13 kills. Setter Anna Stevens (Oak Grove HS) provided Lady Knights with a game-high 41 assists.

Thao leads Surrey with 23 kicks, Stevens has 14 kicks, Natalie Eaton (North Surrey HS) adds 13 kicks, and teammate Abigail Johnson (Surry Central HS) has 12 kicks. Tee off.

Colby Crater (Forbush HS) leads Lady Knights by two blocks.

Surrey ended the season with 25 victories recorded by the school and won the 10th District Western Division Championship.

Pilot Hill-East Surrey’s volleyball season ended on Tuesday, with the Cardinals trailing 3-2 in the 2A Western Conference Finals.

In the first season after being promoted to Division 2A, the Cardinals ranked No. 1 and Southwest Randolph clashed with No. 2 Southwest Randolph. The visiting Cougars are also in their first season in Division 2A after being relegated from 3A.

East Surrey was pushed to five sets for the second time in this season's back-and-forth thriller. The Cardinals won the first set 25-21, then lost the next two sets 26-28 and 20-25, and then won the fourth set 25-20.

Southwest Randolph won the decisive fifth set 15-12 to win the Western Conference Championship.

"I think we played a very good game," East Surrey coach Caitlin Markle said. "We let Randolph fight on Saturday and won their position [in the state championship]. I feel sorry for our predecessors, but I told them to stay awake because we had a good season. I I don’t want the results of this game to overshadow all their achievements this year."

East Surrey ended the season 26-2. The loss to Southwest Randolph (27-5) was the first time the Eastern Conference lost to a 2A team since being promoted to the division. The card team lost another defeat to 4A David.

The Cardinals’ incredible season includes: a 16-0 start, in which the Cards lost only seven sets, an undefeated 12-0 conference campaign won the foothills 2A conference regular season championship, and the school was eighth in a row. The champion of the conference championship, senior Kylie Bruner was named the FH2A Championship MVP, and Markle was named the FH2A Coach of the Year.

"This season is very interesting," Markel said. "I asked the girls at the beginning of the season what their goals were for the team and themselves. They said they wanted to win the conference and they did it. They said they played deep in the playoffs and did it. When you have a What else can you ask when a team is willing to go all out on the court?

"I'm very proud. Anytime Kacie or I ask them to make a change, whether in training or in a game, they will do it. This year we have a very special team. It's an honor to coach these girls and watch them She also grew up as a young woman off the court."

The Cardinals knew they were going to fight the Cougars. Randolph in the Southwest has spent most of the year competing with East Surry for MaxPreps's top spot in 2A West and has an impressive resume of his own.

The Cougars lost only two games to the 2A team in the regular season. Southwest Lendorf defeated West Stanley 3-0 in the third round of the playoffs, and then defeated McMichael 3-1 in the fourth round, thus contributing to these two losses (3-1 vs. McMichael, 3-1 Retaliated against West Stanley.

Southwest Lendorf scored 12 consecutive victories in one season this season and remained unbeaten in the Piedmont Athletic 1A/2A conference. The Cougars did lose to Uwharrie Charter in the conference tournament.

"We know they are a very combative defensive team, it is difficult for us to lose the ball," Markle said. "Despite such a good defense, we still threw the ball away when needed in the first and fourth set. We started to return in the fifth game, but some things did not go our way."

The Cardinals and Cougars are evenly matched outside the gate. The two teams were tied seven times in the first set, all seven times before any team reached 9 points. East Surrey led 9-8 and never gave up the lead.

Southwest Randolph narrowed the lead to 13-12 and was killed by senior perimeter batsman Peyton Shiflet. A service error made by Cougars returned the service to Cards, who tied it with a 6-1 score. The teams exchanged points for the rest of the game, but the East Run is a different maker because the card team won 25-21.

East Surrey's only lead in the second set was 1-0 and 4-3. Southwest Randolph tied with 6-6 and scored 5 points to make the score a 11-6 lead. In the East, Meri Parker Boas and Kate Parkes defeated 4 people in the Cougars game with 5 points, making the game a three-pointer. Kelly Bruner and Bella Hutchins also started offensive, reducing the lead to 14-13.

Due to Southwest Randolph's consecutive four points, the East could not lead again. The Cougars continued to win 25-19.

The third set broke East Surrey's heart. The lead only changed hands twice in the set: the first time was when the East scored three points in a row when the East was 1-0 behind, and the second time when Southwest Randolph scored four points back-to-back-back-to-back will be 24-point. The 21 deficit becomes a 25-24 lead.

The Cardinals went all out to maintain their lead. Once, Bruner almost fell into the stands to extend the assembly time. But that was not enough, as Southwest Randolph won the set 28-26.

East Surrey entered survival mode at a speed of two to one. As in the third set, the lead only changed hands twice in the fourth set. The Cardinals took the lead in scoring, the Cougars counterattacked to lead 2-1, and then Card regained the lead and took a 3-2 lead. East Surrey leads the rest of the game.

It is here that East Surrey's defensive performance shines the most. The front row did their best to prevent or interfere with the attacks from Shiflet and Josie Allred, who were active late in the game, while the back row went all out to keep the rally going. It is here that East's free man Samarin Kipple has some excavations that Markle calls "incredible".

The Cardinals cheered for the Cardinals in a fully charged stadium, which is in stark contrast to the 25 fans allowed per game last season.

"For those kids, sophomores and freshmen, they have never played in front of a crowd like this, and they don't collapse under pressure or fold easily like they are, it's amazing," Markel said. "The girls come forward and play as much as they want. It's not good for us, it's disappointing, but I'm not disappointed in them or their efforts at all."

The cardinal crowd reached its highest point late in the fourth set. East Surrey led 20-17 when the team had the longest rally of the game. After countless close calls, the Cardinals gave it up with a Hutchins kill that bounced off the Cougars' heads.

Hutchins set a new East Surrey school record in the game, which was 41 kills.

The fifth episode has as much drama as the first four episodes. There are 3 lead changes before any team reaches 6 points, and it is a one-point game until 8-7.

Shiflet also scored her team-high 34 kills, giving the Cougars a 9-7 lead. Hutchins responded with his own killing near the back right corner, but was called out by the line commentator. In the following game, Southwest Lendorf made an offensive error and hit the ball out of bounds in accordance with the line judge's instructions. When the Cardinals celebrated and started serving, the first referee pointed out that East Surrey had fouled and the points were awarded to Southwest Randolph.

The East managed to re-serve the ball to reduce the lead to 11-8, but Southwest Randolph scored three points in the next four points to lead 14-9. The Cardinals continued to fight and won the next three points. This is a 14-12 game, Allred recorded her 16th kill that night to seal the Cougars victory.

Markle said that the loss was really painful, but I hope the girls can look back and appreciate the incredible journey this season.

"This team gets along very well and is better than any team I've ever been involved in," Markel said. "There has never been any debate or drama. When I said that this team did some great things this year, they did. They may not know it now, but when they think about it, it might be next month or 10 years from now. , They will realize what they did and how incredible it is."

Markle also expressed his gratitude to the community members who supported the team this year.

"I am very grateful for the support we have received this season. Pilot is not a huge community, but they showed up when supporting high schools. I am grateful for them to support girls like them. It really means a lot."

As Charlotte Hauser of Mount Airy watched Bishop McGuinness volley back the ball from the net, time slowed.

Hauser teamed up with Kancie Tate, who was also a junior player, and saw the doubles sideline return rate soaring and entering the green out-of-bounds area. After realizing what had happened, Hauser turned to face Tate—with tears in his eyes—and hugged her teammate with a bear.

It was at this point that Mount Airy defeated Bishop and brought the 1A Western Regional Championship to Granite City for the first time in five years.

"This is a very exciting victory and I am very proud of our efforts and the way we fight," Granite Bears coach Luke Graham said. "I told our girls before the game,'Our depth has always been our strength throughout the year. I don't know where they will come from, but we have to find a way to get five victories.

"We know that participating in the game will be the toughest game we have ever played in the whole year. We have a lot of respect for the Bishop team and coach (Patrick) Sturgeon."

Alison defeated Bishop McGuinness 5-2. The Bears won four of the six singles matches and then won the championship in the second-ranked doubles match.

Graham said: "We are fortunate to be able to stand out from the singles with a 4-2 lead." "This is just a great collective effort that has contributed to the entire lineup and found a way to end in doubles. This way, we have the opportunity to go one step further towards Saturday’s ultimate goal."

Thanks to the victory of Tate and Lily Morris, the Lady Bears led 2-0 in the singles. Tate defeated Bishop’s Alison Dannen 6-0, 6-1 in the 3rd squad, and Morris defeated Caroline Greg 6-0, 6-2 in the 6th squad. inside.

The No. 4 and No. 5 singles matches are the next matches. Bishop's Nina Holton beat Audrey Marion 6-0, 6-2 and ranked fourth, while the villain's Adelaide Jernigan beat Hauser 6-2, 6-0 and ranked fifth.

The first and second singles matches are left. If both teams win, this will give both teams a huge motivation. It seems that the two teams will split the remaining singles matches because Mount Airy's Carrie Marion won the first set of the first game 6-2, and Bishop's Lindsey Bergelin defeated Ella 6-3 to take the second. Brandt in the first set of the game.

Lourdes Lopez of McGuinness Cardinals fought back after falling 5-0 in the second set to win four consecutive games, but Marion eliminated her and won 6-4. This gave Mount Airy a 3-2 overall lead.

Before the bishop's sophomore won the back-to-back game, Brandt led Belgreen 2-1 in the second set. Bergelin kept the lead until 4-3 Brandt won two consecutive victories and took over 5-4. Bergerin fought back two victories with a score of 6-5, and then Brandt won in the next game, forcing them to equalize.

Brandt won the tiebreaker with a score of 8-6. Both girls were tired, thinking that the game was over and shook hands, but they didn't finish there. The two are now tied in a group.

The two decided the winner in the third set of the tiebreaker. Brandt took the lead early, but Bergerin fought back to tie the score to 3-3. Brandt won the next six points after the exchange. Bergelin tried to make a comeback, but failed to reach and lost the tiebreaker 10-4.

The Bears only need a doubles victory to advance to the 1A State Championship.

The recently crowned 1A doubles state champions Brandt and Kelly Marion played against Lopez and Bergerin in the first game. Tate and Hauser played against Holden and Dannen in the second game, and Audrey Marion and Morris played against Jernigan and Gregory in the third game.

All three Bishop teams started doubles with a 2-1 lead. Mount Airy's No. 1 and No. 3 teams continued to lead 3-2, and then the No. 2 duo was not far behind. The three Bears once led 4-3.

Tate and Hauser won the next two games, leading 6-3. Dennen and Holton won the final game 7-4, but then Tate and Hauser won the next game.

When Tate and Hauser's victory officially ended, the No. 1 and No. 3 doubles matches were suspended. At the end of the game: Brandt and Kylie Marion led 7-4, Morris and Audrey Marion led 6-5.

Sportsmanship won the victory on Wednesday night. At the end of the game, the members of each team hugged each other and cheered each other when they were recognized.

"I think the sportsmanship between our two teams today is top-notch," Graham said. "It was a wonderful atmosphere, and the crowd was full of electricity."

This is the view expressed by Mount Airy High School principal Jason Dorsett at the award ceremony.

Mount Airy will participate in the 1A Two-Team State Championship for the sixth time on Saturday, November 6. The Bears are now tied with North Stokes and Raleigh Charter, becoming the team with the most appearances in the 1A State Championship since it went from 1A/2A in 1997.

Since 2008, no other 1A team has played more games in the duo championship than Mount Airy.

Mount Airy (21-0) will compete with the Eastern Regional Champion Chatham Charter for the state championship. Chatham Charter (14-7) is the No. 5 seed in the Eastern Conference and won the state championship with the following playoff wins: 9-0 against No. 12 Gates County, 9-0 against 4 Old Jones, 6-3 against No. 1 Chatham Center, 6-3 against No. 3 Voyager Academy.

The 1A Double Team State Championship will be held at the Burlington Tennis Center. A coaching meeting will be held at 9:00 am before the game starts at 9:30 am

The Surrey County Department of Parks and Recreation and the Surrey County Hall of Fame Committee have selected the 2021 Surrey County Sports Hall of Fame and Honor Ring candidates, who will be awarded on Saturday.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame are Donald Gray Bean, Rick Callaway, James "Bart" Cox, Sarah Ann Knott, Cary Carnes Palin and Kenneth Shelton. All selected candidates have performed well in their sports, whether it is competition or coaching.

The honor ring winners are Dobson Lions and Darren Lewis. These selected candidates are managers, teams or organizations that have made significant contributions to the sports field in North Carolina.

"Surrey County Sports Hall of Fame and Medal of Honor Committee is made up of members from across the county," said Bradley Key, Projects, Special Events, and Volunteering Coordinator for the Surrey County Parks and Recreation Department.

"The committee has 15 members. One from each region, there are several large places."

The initiation ceremony for the Surrey County Hall of Fame is an annual event.

"Due to COVID, we cannot hold this event in 2020," Key said.

This year's ceremony will begin again. The event will be held at Fisher River Park in Dobson on Saturday, November 6. This includes the initiation ceremony and the unveiling ceremony of the monument.

The Department of Parks and Recreation in Surrey County facilitates committees and voting.

Dobson-Fisher River Park hosted the 2A Midwest Cross Country Championships on the weekend.

North Surry, East Surry and Surry Central all represent the boys and girls of the Foothills 2A regional competition. Each school also has contestants eligible to participate in the state championship.

The boys and girls of Surry Central have qualified for the state championships as a team. Lady Eagles won the regional runner-up trophy and the boys finished fourth.

The 2A State Championship will be held on November 6th at the Ivey Redmon Sports Complex in Kernersville.

Yeira Munoz, a second-year student at Central University of Surrey, ranked third among 93 runners in the 5,000-meter race, leading all local runners in the women's race. Munoz's time was 21:28.26, which set the standard for Central to enter the states as a team.

Central also scored points: Abigail Hernandez (Abigail Hernandez) 22:07.46 ranked 9th, Lanie Fitzgerald (Lanie Fitzgerald) 23:08.79 ranked 16th, Andre Gonzal Andrea Gonzalez ranked 20th at 23:17.96, and Ella Priddy ranked 28th at 23:45.51.

Behind Munoz is North Surrey high school student Kylie Allen. Allen, who won the FH2A conference championship, won her first state championship with a score of 21:33.17.

Also eligible to participate in Lady Greyhounds is Advanced Weatherly Reeves. Reeves ranked 13th at the regional conference with a score of 22.49.71. The duo led the Greyhounds to sixth place as a team.

North Surrey also scored: Isabel Delfin 26:33.02 ranked 57th, Nydia Cabrera 27:09.51 ranked 64th, Anna Whitaker 27:36.62 ranked 69th.

East Surrey freshman Addison Goins ranked eighth with a score of 21.56.30, leading the Cardinals. Goins' score is the highest among all freshmen girls and will participate in the state championship.

Also scored for the Cardinals, they finished eighth as a team: Joanna Parker ranked 38th with 24:42.35, Camlin Talton ranked 59th with 26:43.48, Morgan Bryant ranked 26:50.98 At 86th, Lily Brinkley ranked 86th with 30:21.41.

The Golden Eagle Boys as a whole finished fourth. Central is led by sophomore Ignacio Morales, who ranked second among 97 players with a score of 17:14.16. Only three players have scores below 18 minutes.

Freshman Brangly Mazariegos also entered the top 10 men's competition. Mazariegos ranked 10th with a score of 18:32.96.

The Golden Eagle Boy's score is also: Sebastian Sanchez (Sebastian Sanchez) 19:04.35 ranked 19th, Charlie Hernandez (Charlie Hernandez) 20:34.37 ranked 50th, Alexis Pedder Lhasa (Alexis Pedraza) 21:04.23 ranked 61st.

East Surrey is second only to Surrey Central in fifth place overall. The Cardinal Boy was led by Cooper Motsinger in fourth place. Motsinger recorded the time of 5,000 meters at 18:12.11.

The East also scored: Charles Talton ranked 29th at 19:51.06, Dylan Myers ranked 41st at 20:14.25, Nicholas Boggs ranked 48th at 20:31.02, Brandon Denton ranked 75th at 22:02.55.

No boy in North Surrey is eligible for the state championship, but there are two freshmen participating in the regional competition. Miguel Vega finished 52nd with a score of 20:39.90, and Stephen Mojica finished 58th with a score of 20:52.16.

Registration for the 8th Jacob Petit Memorial 5K walking/running event is now open.

The event is a fundraiser for the Jacob Daniel Petit Memorial Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to East Surrey High School graduates every year.

The 2021 edition will be divided into two parts to accommodate all interested parties.

The first is a 5K walk/run scheduled for Saturday, November 6th at Fairview United Methodist Church in Shoals. Event planners stated that this game will be a high-quality face-to-face 5K event to accommodate serious contestants and participants of all levels.

The one who joined Jacob Pettitt Memorial 5K last year was Cardinal Strut Virtual Run/Walk. This is for individuals who want to participate but need to race on their own time and choice of course or treadmill.

All proceeds from the two activities will be used for the Jacob Daniel Pettit Scholarship Fund.

The event and scholarship are in memory of Jacob Pettit, who died in a car accident on September 3, 2013 at the age of 15. As a second-year student at the University of East Surrey, Pettit, as a classmate, friend and community, remained in a coma for 19 days. Residents prayed and extended a helping hand to support the Pettit family.

He died on September 22 of that year.

"Jacob left us too early," it wrote on the contest registration website. "His death brought a revival in the Shoals community and Surrey County. Jacob has high standards and always strives to be his best. Through this event, our goal is to meet these standards by raising funds together. In order to award scholarships to people who have the same criteria as these."

A sentence shared by Jacob on Twitter emphasized these standards.

"One day, I want to look directly into God's eyes and tell him that I have used every talent he gave me," he wrote.

The first Jacob Daniel Pettit Scholarship was awarded to a member of the 2016 graduating class of Jacobs High School.

The registration price for anyone under the age of 18 is $25. Standard registration, including race day registration, is $35 for adults 18 years and older. Online registration for In-Person 5K will end on Thursday, November 4th at 6 pm, and Virtual 5K registration will be open online until November 5.

Runners can register online at

Race day registration will begin at 7 am. 5K is scheduled to start at 8:30. A limited number of additional shirts will be provided on the day of the game, but this cannot be guaranteed.

The awards will be awarded to the top three male and female contestants in each age group, and an overall award will be provided for the live competition. The age groups are as follows: 14 years old and below, 15-19 years old, 20-29 years old, 30-39 years old, 40-49 years old, 50-59 years old, 60-69 years old and 70 years old and above.

The event data package can be picked up at Fairview UMC from 5-7 pm on Friday, November 5th, or 7-8:15 am on November 6th. The game is scheduled to start at 8:30 am

Fairview United Methodist Church is located at 3692 Quaker Church Road, in the Shoals community of Pinnacle.

Sponsors of Jacob Pettitt Memorial 5K and Cardinal Strut Virtual Run/Walk include: Carson Industries, Chilton Train, Country Road Strawberries, Dinner Dash, Foothills Hardware and Builders Supply, Grace and Sparrow Boutique, Hayco Construction, Indulge Soapery, Northedge Interiors, Pilot Knob Outfitters, Pilot Mountain Flower Shop, Pilot Mountain Rapid Lube, Pruitt Insurance and Triad Builders of King.

On Monday, Mount Airy defeated Christ the King Catholic High School 6-0, extending its dominance in the playoffs.

Lady Bears only lost six single games and swept the Crusaders. None of the Mount Airy players have lost more than two games, and the five Bears won the second set 6-0. Neither team played doubles, and after the singles, the game was confirmed.

Carrie Marion def. Nicole Castillo 6-1, 6-1

Ella Brant ranked second. Grace side 6-1, 6-0

3rd Kancie Tate def. Sofia Fosco 6-2, 6-0

No. 4 Audrey Marion (Audrey Marion). Caroline Clark 6-1, 6-0

No. 5 Charlotte Hauser def. Sarah Jones 6-0, 6-0

No. 6 Lily Morris (Lily Morris). Ava Caveli 6-0, 6-0

Mount Airy (20-0) will host the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday, November 3rd at 4:00 pm. The Bears welcome a familiar opponent to Granite City to participate in the Final Four: Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School villain.

The Bears and the villains are no strangers to each other or the regional championships. Throughout the 2020-21 school year, both teams have participated in the Northwest 1A League, and each season has played two to three games. From 2010 to 2018, a team from the NW1A conference won the double team state championship every year.

Mount Airy entered the semi-finals eight times in a row from 2009 to 2016. The Bears continued to win the 1A state championship in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Bishop McGuinness won the state championship in 2014 and 2015.

This year's Western Conference Finals marked the fourth encounter between Mount Airy and Bishop in the Final Four. Bishop leads the series 2-1.

The villain entered the regional championship with a 17-2 record. Northwest Piedmont League champion Bishop lost to Mountain Heritage in the first round of the playoffs, defeated North Stokes 6-0 in the second round, and Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy 6-2 in the third round.

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