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2021-12-08 08:13:10 By : Ms. Li Yu

No matter what piping work, we have all kinds of copper pipes, including compression fittings and copper flexible faucet connectors. We only stock flexible and reasonably priced copper pipes and end feeding parts.

Use copper end feed fittings to quickly plug copper pipes. Professionals usually prefer brazed ring fittings to better connect pipes. Our copper push-in connectors are the easiest way to install. In addition, these copper push-in pipes are durable and will not leak.

The dimensions of all our accessories are in line with industry standards, such as 15 mm copper pipe fittings. Thanks to our compression connector series, we can easily install tap connectors in hard-to-reach places. When you need to bend rigid pipes, we even have flexible compression fittings. We have garden faucets for outdoor projects and external faucet cocks for preventing external leakage.