Plastic pipe fittings | Plastic pipe water wiping fittings

2021-12-08 08:13:16 By : Mr. Allen Gao

We stock a variety of plastic pipe fittings to build durable pipes and waste disposal systems. Traditional pipe fittings are only made of metal; nowadays, plastic pipe connectors are considered to be equally reliable for specific pipe work.

You can safely use plastic push-in fittings with plastic pipes and copper pipes. However, they should not be used with chrome-plated pipes because they are not strong enough to hold chrome. When plastic pipes are exposed or are at risk of freezing, they must be insulated like copper pipes, because they tend to burst under icing conditions.

Plastic push-in pipes will connect two pipelines to create a functional waste disposal system, rather than costly installation time welding. In addition to plastic connectors, we also stock isolators, plug valves, ball valves and many other types of plastic accessories.