Blum launches the digital Interzum platform and reports well in the "challenging" 2020-kbbreview: kbbreview

2021-12-08 08:13:36 By : Mr. Dave Wang

Furniture accessories expert Blum today showcased his digital experience at the Interzum trade fair from May 4th to 7th.

This year's furniture trade show is only held as a digital event, and Blum will showcase its latest innovations to customers on its Blum Connects digital experience platform.

The details of Interzum's new platform were announced today (Wednesday) at a virtual press conference broadcast live in Austria.

Speaking at the conference, Philipp Blum, managing director of the Blum Group, said: “Our trade show format not only provides virtual presentations, but also allows us to have active dialogues with customers and partners. In this case, personal dialogue plays play a key role in."

This special, interrelated format will contain 130 videos in 28 languages ​​and will be played in its Feldkirch studio.

Blum added: “We at Blum see challenging times as opportunities, and that’s why we came up with Blum Connects, a platform that allows us to exchange conversations in a virtual world.

"We are in a specially remodeled hall with a 900 square meter booth and six cameras, film directors, sound, lighting and IT experts. I hope we can capture this special atmosphere. If we all do Well, this will be the next good advertisement for Interzum in two years. At that time, we will be able to welcome our customers to our booth in Cologne again."

At the same time, Blum admitted that there is still no substitute for the hands-on experience of the product, and said that this is why they will welcome customers to visit its 65 subsidiaries around the world and visit them in person "when circumstances permit."

Blum also talked about the “challenging period” of the past year, but announced that the “turnover level” for the fiscal year ending June 30 was 1.9 billion euros (1.64 billion pounds). He said that after the blockade of various markets, Blum benefited from the market catch-up effect, and this trend continues.

When talking about maintaining supply in the current climate, he explained how the company took measures to "ensure continuous production for our customers," but admitted that "things are far from easy." He added: "The sharp increase in orders in the summer of 20 years has put tremendous pressure on us and the entire supply chain. In the past few months, we have been able to significantly increase product output, but we still face numerous challenges. Yes. The impact of transportation and international supply chains, bottlenecks and rising prices of raw materials, especially steel prices, are just some of the issues we have to deal with every day. But we have been able to maintain satisfactory delivery times."

At the end of the speech, Blum answered the question whether he thought the delivery situation was satisfactory. He replied: “Since last summer, the increase in demand has put a lot of pressure on us. We are doing our best to increase production. Achieved an increase in production, but at the same time we still have bottlenecks in raw materials. We believe that we have completed satisfactory work so far, but of course, if the supply chain becomes more stable, the situation will be alleviated. It will be much easier."

The press conference also outlined the new products that visitors to Blum Connects at Interzum will see. This includes expanding its Aventos Lift series and adding a new Aventos Top version, including folding, rotating and lifting systems. It is said that this simple design can be subtly integrated into any furniture. It also adds the new Aventos HKi, which is slim enough to be fully integrated into the side of a cabinet with a panel thickness of 16 mm or more.

The new Merivobox platform will also be new, it can create a wide range of drawers with just a few components. It is said that its new L-shaped runner system can also ensure high stability.

Blum also introduced the new Revego pocket system, which uses doors to hide the kitchen unit and even the entire living area. It is said that it opens up new design possibilities for small rooms and large rooms. It comes in two forms, single door or double door, with a width ranging from 450 mm to 750 mm and a height ranging from 1,800 mm to 2,500 mm.

Blum will also open up a dedicated area for smart home solutions, especially two display lighting pull-out devices and a USB-C port. The USB port will allow charging of laptops, tablets and smartphones, as well as battery-powered kitchen appliances and electric shavers.

Blum acknowledges the dark trend and will launch a series of dark accessories. The Aventos lifting system uses a dark gray cap, while the onyx black Clip top Blumotion hinge and the carbon matt black Legrabox pull-out device. The Legrabox product line will also be unveiled. In the MyLegrabox series, manufacturers can use three design levels to meet their needs through a wide range of personalization options.

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